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toyota tns510 usb to charge iphone 4

My Phone Won t Turn on or charge. iphone 3G

My iphone 4s will not turn on or charge, i have tried everything on this site and absolutly nothing works.

Apple charge for appointments with genius iphone 4S

I've booked to see a genius but was just wondering if there was a fee ?

Which charger can charge my iphone faster iphone 5s

Hey guys, I had a concern and a confession to make. What I want to confess is that I have been an android user for all my life and with iphone 5s this is my very first step into Apple. Got to say so far my experience has been amazing, except for slightly higher restrictions, but thats not much of a concern for me as I am 'just' a heavy gamer. My concern is related to charging of the device. Its charging incredibly fast, like taking just about 1.5-1.5 hours to go from 18% to 90%. Its really phenomenal, almost bordering on being ridiculous. I wanted to know if its really that fast or is there something wrong with my device? Also, somewhere I have read that using faster chargers with more Amps can make charging even faster. So I would be grateful if someone knowledgeble in electrical stuff could guide me in the right direction. Mostly I am just requesting for some explanation to my questions and while answering, try to be as simple as possible as someone in the field of law won't be able to understand too technical terms.  1) Will using a high power charger with more amps going to degrade the battery? This question should be answered only by someone who knows his stuff. Not looking for 'maybe or maybe not'. Prividing concrete reasoning for it would be much appreciated. 2) Charging overnight won't quite harm the device, huh? Or being on the safe side just to be sure is better? 3) How fast exactly is the supplied charger by apple? With my experience, got to say its quite fast. 4) Are there any even faster alternatives? Faster is always better for a gamer, aye?  This is my very first step into Apple so I am hoping the community to be friendly and co-operative. Thank you in advance.

hi my charer blew up and my iphone was connected. it worked fine but now it wont charge for mea anywhere with different charger help iphone 5C

Hi guys. i had my iphone5 32gb plugged into a car socket. it wasnt an apple car charger but the usb wire was. next thing i no is there is smoke coming off the charge. my phone was fine and in working orer until it ran out of battery. please tell me its going to be ok

iphone 4/4s iPod/iPod2 unlock and jailbreak

Inconsistant Battery Life iphone 5

My battery looses charge very quickly and inconsistently. It sometimes goes from 80% to 20% in a few minutes. And on other ocasions my phone turns of when i still have enough charge on it. recently it turned off when battery was at 30%? Any ideas on why this might hapen and how to fix?Thanks

my iphone 4s has been on charge since last night i have tried hard reset apple logo appears but phone doesnt start

hi  my iphone 4s just switched off yesterday i put it on charge but it did not start i left it over night in the wall charger but still nothing...i did the hard reset this mornig and the apple sign comes for a few minutes then disapperas and the battery sign withred bar comes and phone doesnt start.... what do i do?? the laptop is reading that an iphoenis attached but to open the files it sayd nothing exists??

iphone 5s stuck on red battery connect charger screen iphone 5s stuck on red battery connect charger screen iphone 5

have iphone 5s on charger for what it seems like an eternity and it wont charge. when its unplugged it shows the thunderbolt and connect charger on the screen but when i plug it into the charger it says its charging. i cannot bypass this screen using DFU or home or sleep buttons. when i do press them the thunderbolt and connect charger symbols pop up. any answers???

iphone 5s wont charge

My phone went dead yesterday so when i got home i plugged it in to charge it, it charged for like 2 min then went dead it keeps giving me two pictures on screen a battery and a picture of the cord with the charge sign on top.  I've tried looking for lint and anything that may be stoping it frm charging and i cant find anything. please help.

Why won't my iphone 5s charge

Yesterday evening my phone began having problems charging. It would stop, but then start again. I waved it off as nothing, thinking maybe the charger came out of the wall socket. I plugged my phone into my computer and it kept doing it again. Finally, it wouldn't charge in the car, but my car charger has problems so I waited until I went to my friends house. Even then, it wouldn't charge for awhile. We tried different sockets and it finally started charging.     My phone has just died and I have plugged it into different sockets and usb ports but to avail. Why won't my charge phone and how

FaceTime and iMessage wifi only iphone

I have a friend who is in Ecuador and I am in the US. I want to FaceTime her and iMessage her without incurring a charge from my carrier. How do I set my FaceTime and iMessage to use data only? And would that prevent me from getting SMS messages regularly from other contacts that have imessage here in the states?

iphone 5 dead.

I have an outta warranty iphone 5 that will not charge or power on.  So what does everyone usually do, sell it to Gazelle or part it out on ebay? Gazelle offers $80 for a nonworking iphone5.  Or would selling the screen and other parts be better? Or maybe do the replacement program with Apple for $269 then sell it on ebay? It would sell for more than that. Thoughts?

Can tell me what to to charge my iphone 5. I plugged it into my wall charger 3 different ones and it won't charge. Then I plugged it into my laptop and it still won't charge I have itunes

I cannot get my iphone 5 to charge - Tried three different chargers.  Then I plugged it into my laptop and still nothing

Why my 4s which has been reset to new turned off but battery going flat in day

This phone won't hold it's charge. It has been restored, setup as a new phone but not activated and then turned off and yet the battery still dies. When it is setup it wouldn't last a day either that is why I tried the restore and set it up as a new phone. I want to sell it but I can't while it is behaving the way it is. It has a new battery so it isn't the battery. Just don't know why it is doing it when as I said it has been reset to a new phone but left at the 'hello' screen and turned off and it still goes flat.

iphone 5 will not charge

I've had my iphone 5 for a little less than a year. Up until last night the device has been working as expected. Last night the phone decided to refuse taking a charge. The symptoms: the battery icon color remains white/black with the cable plugged in fully; in other words , the icon does not turn green upon connecting the lightning power cable. The first discovery of this problem, the phone was connected through an AC adapter.  In order to determine if the problem was due to the AC adapter, I connected the USB/Lightning cable into the USB jack of a laptop (powered on, connected to AC). Upon connecting the cable from Laptop to iphone, the computer recognized a new connection (event sound audible), which implies that the cable is good. The phone itself still fails to indicate charging status. Other things I tried to remedy the problem: I tried a power-down of the phone (i.e. press & hold the sleep/wake button >3sec., then swipe to power off), and allow time for shut-down. Upon powering back up, no change in charging status.  I also tried a restart (press & hold the home & sleep/wake button >3sec.); no change in charging status. I left the phone connected to the laptop overnight, in the hopes that the phone would take a charge anyway.  This morning the battery icon showed no improvement in charge status. I don't know what else to try... I'm afraid that this is a hardware fault that can only be corrected by unit replacement.   Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

iphone 5s 1 charge

I always leave my iphone 5s plugged in and when I woke the battery says 1%. I turn the phone off and it wont start back up due to drained battery and I plug it in and the phone boots up after a few minutes and operates, but the battery continue to show only 1%. This is more than a bad indicator I think because when I turn the phone off again it wont boot due to low battery, and will take a few minutes of it being plugged in to automatically turn itself back on. I don't know what to do, I haven't dropped this phone once, its pretty new only like 6 months, and I have kept a life proof case on it for added protection. Any advice would be really appreciated because I need my phone. :<

iphone 5c wont charge and dead.

it doesnt even show the little symbol that tells you it needs to be plugged in, i press the lock button and that doesnt work either, the screen is completely black. i cleaned ut the socket with a paper clip and that still didnt work. i left it over night and thought maybe it would charge but no. im using a non apple charger, it was working perfectly fine until last night. i would plug it in and it would say it wasnt certified and would not work reliably.

charge 4S backup phone or not iphone 5C

I have read several places that batteries go bad if they remain discharged for an extented peioid of time. Should I keep a charge on my iphone 4S backup phone when stored or is it ok to store it discharged for 6-12 months?

My iphone 4s wont charge. It will die then it will let me charge it only to 3 . it battery or it IOS 7

It will die then it will let me charge it only to 3%. Is it the battery or is it the IOS 7? Please help!!! I have already used different cables and outlets. I was able to fully charge it yesterday by completely turning itoff but it wont work like that today.

iphone 4s completely deadwont charge

My iphone 4s will not charge, despite the fact that I've tried 6 chargers. There is no water damage to my phone. It is completetly dead. Any suggestions?

iphone 5s get blue screen crash during restore in both recovery and DFU mode

Recently purchased a damaged iphone 5s and after replacing the screen and battery I turned it on and was stuck on the red charge logo. After a little research saw that I should recover the phone so put it in to recovery mode and tried restore and update. Towards the end of the restore the phone screen flashed blue and I got ERROR 9. I tried again after putting the phone in DFU mode and got the same result.any body got any tips?

iphone blackout iphone 5s

I have an iphone 5s which I bought recently. Suddenly its display is off, like it is turned off. I'm sure that I had enough battery charge and now I can't turn it on.

My iphone 5s stopped charging

My iphone just stopped taking a charge at all, its not even a year old. No matter how i hold the charger or where I plug it in it won't charge.

My iphone 5s won't charge unless I plug into charger and turn it off and back on again How I fix this problem

My iphone 5s won't charge, unless I plug into the charger and turn it off and back on again? How do I fix this problem?

iphone 5 charging problem

I have an iphone 5 and have experinced charging problems with it for almost a yr now, gradually getting worse. Currently I have to hang my phone upside down to charge it or wiggle the cable for ages. I have gone through 3 original apple charger at £30 a time. But when charging my friends phone the cable works fine and straight away. The port looks clean and not blocked with fluff! Any tips anyone? Not due for an upgrade until sep and currently feel like throwing it out of the window!!!

my buttons on my iphone 5 are not working iphone 5s

This morning ny phone was working perfectly fine untill i intended to go to my home screen, so when i pressed the button my phone turned off and my apple loggo appeared. Then i tryed again to turn my phone on and my on and off button did not respond neither did my home button then i plugged it to charge and it sent me to the lock screen... the finger id worked but the home button does not neither my volume buttons or silent switch nothing. The phone itself works fine but not the buttons. And the phone is a few weeks new. Please help.

My 5s batterie only last 30min to 40 min and phone getting quiet hot normal iphone 5C

My 5s batterie only last 30 min to 40 min when is fully charge and phone getting quiet hot?

iphone 5 battery drains within few hours

Okay so I should probably have come here with this question when this problem started a couple of weeks ago but I've been busy with other things...basically my iphone 5 has now reached a point where its battery will drain completely within two, maybe three hours. I will unplug it at full charge, use it for a few minutes and we'll be at 80%...bit more and we're down at 50. It even drains when I'm not using it, by some margin as well...we're talking maybe 20%, surely that can't be normal in itself? I've also SEEN the battery percent count drain itself while I've been using it, i.e. I've watched it go from 18% to about 10% in a few minutes. Not only that but it doesn't seem to count down in full either, like it can be at 50% one minute and the next minute I look we're at 28%. When I plug it back in when the battery dies it turns back on almost immediately and is already at 20%. The whole thing is just bizzare and I'd really appreciate any help trying to resolve this, I'm going to a festival this weekend so it's gonna be important!  Thank you in advance

5c poor battery life iphone 5C

I bought the iphone 5c less than 12 months ago and I charge the phone fully in a morning and by lunchtime without even using it it has already lost 30% then dropped down to 40% by 8 o clock ..... So poor !!!

My iphone 5 will not charge

Last night I had about 20%, so I plugged it in to my charger. It said it was charging, so I went to bed. This morning I woke up with 12% battery, so I figured it had not been plugged in. Just to make sure, I plugged it into my dad's charger and left for a few hours. I just came home and my phone is at 8% but, has the charging symbol next to the battery, so it is charging, just not my iphone! I dont know what to do! Help!!!!!!!

My iphone 5s will not restore what should i

one day while i stayed over my friends house i used his laptop to charge my iphone 5s overnight. but when i woke up there was an app called cydia on my iphone which i later discoverd it meant my iphone was jailbroken. now this really upset me beucase i lost my warranty and now my phone it broke because of the jailbreak. it wont turn on, its stuck in recovery mode, and it wont restore because there is always an error. what should i do beucase i know i will get turned down the help from apple?

My iphone 5S taking long time to charge

My iphone 5S is taking an extremely long time to charge. What's wrong?

iphone 5 not switching on

Woke up this morning to find that my iphone 5 won't switch on ! I quickly changed the plug I was using to charge  my phone in the hope that my phone hadn't charged the night before and that it was gone completely dead . I then used the power button and home button together a few times but it still refused to turn on . Eventually I switched the phone on using the power button . The phone seems to be working fine but just wondered from anyone's else's past experience is this a once off or will it happen again ? Do I need to have it repaired in someone ? Or is this the end of the road for my iphone ? Thanks in advance :)

iphone 5 dead and not charging

Earlier today my iphone was charging fine and when I got home the phone worked fine. I plugged it into the wall and let it charge for a bit and then took it back off and continued to text and the such. Well, after I noticed my battery was low again I plugged it into the wall again to find that the charger is not being recognized. I try again with my sisters charger for her Ipad mini and I get the same result. From there I try with both cords on different outlets, tried the car charger again, and the laptop. Now my Phone is dead and I still cannot get it to charge. I've tried cleaning the port of lint and the such but still nothing to report.

If I take my iphone 5c to apple store to be fixed with service charge of 269 if they can't fix it they replace phone Or will I have to pay retail price for new phone

I have a water damaged iphone 5c. I was thinking about taking it to the Apple store and paying the 269 dollar service charge for them to attempt to fix it. My question is: If they can't fix it, will they replace my phone for that $269 dollars, or will I have to pay full retail price for a new phone?

Phones battery won't turn on iphone 4S

So I purchased my iphone 4s about 1 year ago, and its in decent shape. It has a horrible battery though, always dies at 80% or below, and if i charge it to 100% it will last for only about 15-20 min. It always seems to turn on though when i charge it, but today at 3pm it died and its 12:13 am currently and still hasnt turned on. it has been charging for 9 hours, saying that its charging, plugged into the walll. I dont know what to do!! help! thanks -eden

Will my iphone 4S charge in Balkan states and Russia 230 and 240v power from wall using thin 2 prong adapter

Will my iPad (3rd gen) do the same, as well?

my iphone shows it's charging with lightning bolt icon but battery in phone doesn't change iphone 5

I plug the phone into charge and the phone shows it's charging but the battery percentage and battery doesn't increase, which means it isn't charging properly.Any ideas upon how to fix and solve this problem?

My iphone 5c won t charge

I have recently gotten an iphone 5c. It has been working perfectly until I've found problems with charging my phone. I've bought a new cable about 2 days ago and it charged and now today it won't charge at all. I also connected the new cable to a new charger and also on different main sockets, and turned of and turn on again but it still does't charge. PLEASE HELP!

iphone 5s turned off despite having charge now won't charge.

I had my phone beside me it was partly charged, I picked it up to use it & realised it was turned off, I was confused since it had charge, however I went to put it on charge anyway & it won't charge. Does anyone know what may be going on or how I can fix it? Thanks.

My iphone 4s isnt charging

Hi, so recently i got a new iphone charger because the one i was using kept shocking me. It worked fine but i didnt like the shocking part. So i got a new charger, Now my iphone doesnt seem to work. I then got another one and that one also doesnt work. So now im very frustrated. It was working fine before but now its not charging. Also its currently dead meaning doesnt have any charge so i cant turn it on. And another is that my computer AND laptop dont recognize it. Itunes doesnt recognize it either. So basically my phone is just being really crappy. Can someone help me?

iphone 5s charger doesn't click and will not charge. suggestions

Dropped in water briefly, was in a case.  Dried it off, everything working properly.  No water damage indicator has appeared.  Wen to charge and it didn't "click" as usual and thus no charging.

iphone 5s slow tethering when charging or usb plugged in

as the title says I have a iphone 5s on 3 uk network and i use it for tethering, when the phone is not plugged into a usb or charging I am able to pull down 20meg speeds but when the phone is on charge my signal drops from 3 bars to 1 and the speed is really slow just able to pull down 1meg if I am lucky  is this a software or hardware fault  I can not make it out as to why this is happening

I have an iphone 4 not holding charge and heating up. I've been told it problem with processor. iphone 4S

I have an iphone 4 that is not holding charge and is heating up excessively.  I've been told that the iphone 4 is having problems with the processor and that it will soon die and there is no way to repair it.  I got my phone in CR through Kolbi / ICE which guarantees it only for a year.  I would like to know what Apple would like me to do.  i have not taken it in for rapair or anything in hopes that they will acknowledge that the phone is only a year old and would support it.  Appreciate your help, Belkis Young

My iphone 5 constantly has issues picking up chargers.

Hey, I currently own an Energizer charger that has been working for almost a year now. In the past few monthes or so, the phone has been having trouble picking up the charger. I bought a new, highly ranked charger to attempt to charge my iphone 5, but it still had contact issues. I have had this phone for about a year and a half now, so I would like to try and make it work until my new upgrade. Any suggestions? Is this an easy fix at the apple store? Brian1101

iphone 5 won't turn on.

I have an iphone 5 that just won't turn on.It has been on charge over night and this morning, every time you press the home button, it shows up with the symbol to say it's charging. But won't turn on?HELP!!!!

it good for me to drain my battery to 0 every time before I charge iphone 5

From what I've read on apple.com, I understand that it is healthy for the battery if at least once a month I allow the battery to fully drain before recharging it. But does that mean that it is always beneficial to drain the battery completely before charging? Or is doing that before every recharge somehow detrimental? I don't really use my iphone much each day (probably about 25% on days of "heavy" usage) so I'd like to keep it in good condition for a while if possible, since I think it might have more longevity than phones of other users.

iphone 5 overheating when charging whilst in use no signal

Earlier today I noticed I wasn't getting signal anywhere, and then later I tried to charge my phone as it was on 15% battery and running out quickly my phone started overheating and unless it's off or in aeroplane mode it overheats. Is it fixable?

My iphone 4 not charging and it only shows on screen it out of battery when I try to charge it it stays same for long time and my phone still dead whats wrong with phone

what can I do???

I have an iphone 5. Will not charge blank screen.

My phone died last night and this morning when I put it on the charger it wouldn't show it was charging. I took it off the charger pushed the sleep/wake button and it didn't show me it needed to be charged. Still a blank screen. So I plugged it in to the computer and still nothing the computer didn't even recognized I had connected it. I've had it on the charger now for 20 minutes at least and still nothing. Please help!

Using generic lightning cable problem iphone 5

Good day. I am using a generic lightning data cable to charge for a while now. my problem arose just yesterday after i charged my iphone 5 using the said cable. after charging and disconnecting my phone, this message keeps popping out "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iphone". it appears everywhere and frequently. it's annoying. really. then this morning, i plugged my phone to my MAcbook Air, for a few minutes it was charging but my Mac suddenly shut down! i disconnected my iphone, powered on my Mac and tried again. same thing. My Mac shut down! Could this be a "virus", malware, worm? whatever it is, please do help me. Thank you

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