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toyota tns510 usb to charge iphone 4

iphone 4 charging but doesn't show signs of charging and wont connect to windows pc

Hi. I tried to charge my iphone 4 today however it didn't appear to be charging. I tried different cables, chargers, computers, turning the phone on and off - including holding the home button and lock button down simulationsly, but still wouldn't work.  I later realized that the phone was in fact charging as when I went to check it later the battery percentage had increased. However there is no evidence of charging when it is plugged in i.e: there is no charging icon in the battery bar at the top. Furthermore, the phone won't connect to itunes and isn't even recognised by my laptop. It just acts like it's not even plugged in (when charging and when plugged into my laptop). Any ideas of what might be the problem?  Many thanks  Harry

iphone 5 Screen shows its charging but it isn't. Its been connected for last few hours and hasn't turned on

So this happened suddenly out of the blue last night, I've had the iphone for a while now and have never had any issues with it till now. Am attaching a picture to show you what screen I get. Its been like this for the past 5-6 hours. It just doesn't charge, but it thinks it is charging. Also before the battery fully ran out, when I had plugged it in, it showed the charging symbol next to the battery symbol, but again it wasn't charging at that time. Not sure what to do as I'm currently out of the country (UK) and there isn't any Apple stores where Im right now. I wont be back to the UK for another 2-3 weeks. 

my iphone 5s friend bought for my birthday gift and I drop it and phone never turn on again I can read imdi number from back but how can i find out which shop or carrier cover this iphone for swap and pay exchange charge imei 013885005567747

my iphone5s friend bought for my birthday gift and I drop it and phone never turn on again I can read imdi number from the back but how can i find out which shop or carrier cover this iphone for swap and pay the exchange charge imei 013885005567747

i cant access my passcode on iphone 4

all i get when i turn my iphone 4 on is a apple logo and then it reloads again after a beep when i have phone on charge etc is there a way to do this on itunes store at all to fix my phone to factory settings or somthing

iphone 4/4s iPod/iPod2 unlock and jailbreak

else get mad when you purchase an app iphone 5

And that app does nothing like it says it does in its description?! I'm so tired of this! For example I buy this particular app that boasts about all the features it does, THEN when you buy it, those features either don't exist, or so minimal, it wasted your time and money getting it. Does apple even care? Anyone can create an app (apple charges fee for it) in the App Store, talk about all it does and how easy to use it is. Than you decide to purchase it and it does nothing it's described to do! This happened to me recently where I paid $2 for an app. Didn't work so I emailed the developer and he gave me a link to another app he created costing almost $5 talking about how many more features it does than the one I already paid for! This is a disgusting way to do business and I heard apple doesn't offer refunds. So in theory anyone can create an app, make outlandish statements about its features, charge $ and rip off people $2-3+ at a time! Does apple even care?

flat battery blackout iphone 5

My phone died out at night and when i attempted to charge it it would respond not even by displaying the empty battery, what's the solution please

I have purchased an iphone one week ago but battery life short I needto charge twice day . I not what can I . iphone 4S

I think my battery life is not healthy. I need to charge my phone twice a day. I do not know what can I do

My iphone won't charge past 2 it's an iphone 5s ideas

My iphone 5s won't charge past 2% any ideas what's wrong with it?

my iphone 4s will not connect with my mac pro

hey, so i have an iphone 4s with the latest update iOS7.1 and a macbok pro which is also up to date with itunes 11.1.5. The entire time ive had this computer and this phone all i had to do was connect the two via USB and my computer recognized my phone as well as itunes and proceeded to sync all my things automattically sometimes it would do it even if the devices werent connected but even if they were close in proximity they would connect, no problem. BUT now it will not do that when i connect it via usb neither one recognized that they are connected my phone will charge but thats about it, every once and a blue moon my phone will recognize the computer and ask if the computer is trusted to which i select "trust" and then it tells me its unable to connect but that barely happens most of the time nothing. Ive tried the typical restarting my computer, restarting itunes, searching for updates but its not just itunes that doesnt recognize my phone its my whole computer it seems, what could have happened to make these two devices unable to connect? how do i fix it?

my iphone 5 all of suddon had white and black lines on screen and now wont turn on or charge can help

can anyone help with this issue?

HELP iphone 5

I Dropped my iphone 5 on the beach and wave raced over it. Everything works except it wont charge and it wont stay charged as long. I put it in race for 3 days and it turned on fine. Just wont charge or stay charged. What can i do to fix this? Is there anychance of it being fixed? Or do i have to replace it?

iphone didn't charge iphone 5

Last night I plugged my iphone 5 into my wall charger as I always do and when. I checked it early in the morning it didn't charge. In fact it had drained to 1%. I was astonished as I've never seem this before. It showed it was charging when I had originally plugged it in. I checked all connections and everything appeared good. After unplugging it I plugged it back in and it charged. When I checked later it was at 100%. I just thought it was strange that it didn't chafed the first time. Never had this issue before and not sure if this would be considered a hardware or software issue. I'm running ios 7.1 on my iphone 5. Has anyone experienced this or know someone with this issue?

My iphone 5 will not start

last night my phone was working fine pluged it into the wall for my over night charge. When i awoke at 5 the phone was black and would not turn on.I tried a hard reset and the apple icon came on but then faded away? then i tried another hard reset and the apple icon came on along with a verbose boot.then it turned off again. I then attemped to plug it into a computre and do a forced restart and still nothing , on futher inspection the computer was reading the device as the device was in DFU mode?  what do i do?

iphone 5 doesn't power on

My phone turned off and when I connected to charge it didn't turn on. It still off. I connect to the computer and nothing happen. I tried to hold the home bottom with the power and nothing happen either. What else can I do? Thank you!

white blue screen iphone 5s

after trying to charge my iphone 5s suddenly it got crashed turnned in to white screen then blue screen and it keeps on repeating and so on untill the battery died and when i try to charge the charging screen keeps on repeating and so on

Phone got really hot on charger and doesn't charge iphone 5s

Last night I was charging my phone with the wall charger. I usually just leave it on the charger at night before I go to bed. A few hours later I woke up and tried to check my phone but it was so hot I couldn't touch it for more than a second. The screen was black and I tried to hit the power button but I couldn't touch it. I took it off of the charger and took the case off. Later this morning I checked it and it was completely dead. I plugged it into the wall charger and there was no overheating, but it seems like it can't charge now. The screen keeps going from the white Apple logo to the red low battery but the phone won't restart. I tried charging it on the computer and the same thing happened. Has anyone had this problem or know what to do?

iphone will not charge unless powered off

My iphone 4 will not charge unless it is turned off all the way, and even then it takes forever to charge. It also will not show up in iTunes or my computer... HELP.

My phone turned off and when I connected to charge it didn't turn on. It still off. I connect to computer and nothing happen. I tried to hold home bottom with power and nothing happen either. What else can I Thank you iphone 5 iOS 7.1

As i said before my phone turned off and when I connected to charge it didn't turn on. It still off. I connect to the computer and nothing happen. I tried to hold the home bottom with the power and nothing happen either. i can see in this forums u got many complaints about it, and i dont see any answer about this problem, it's not fair that we put our trust in this company  that provide "excellent devices" and not have response to solve  this problem. This device is not cheaper at all at least  in this country i had to paid 1,000 dollars and in just 4 months the phone stop working just because, i need your HELP!!  Thank you!iphone 5, iOS 7.1

My iphone dont charge it turned off and dont give an signal iphone 5C

My iphone dont charge it is turned off and dont give any singal can you help me??

my phone won't charge iphone 5

my phone randomly is shutting off and not holding battery any suggestions? apple just wants to have me BUY a new one cause the warranty is up. im up for any ideas. help please!!!

iphone 4 wont charge only white apple logo tried to recover error 21 or 1934

yeah so it wont charge..the white apple logo only comes up when on a charger but it never goes past that screen.. it doesnt connec to my comp.. i tried to recover it on two seperate computers..one gave me error 21 the other 1934..help?

why iphone 5 not charge with its own charger but will with iphone 4 charger

why iphone 5 not charge with its own charger but will with iphone 4 charger. Thanks to the member who posted that fix.

Can't charge my iphone 5s on my computer

Hello everybody! I need your advice. My father has iphone 5s and I have the same too. The problem is that I can charge my iphone on my computer but I can not do it on father's computer. My father can not charge his iphone on the both computers with the same USB. I really have no idea, what can be the problem , bacause my fatger tried to charge his iphone on his friend's computer and everything was OK. So I think that the problem is not from the iphone. Also I reset all settings on the father's iphone.... Please help me ... What shoud I do and where could be the problem ?

my iphone 5 1 year old and will not hold charge. it shuts down with 75 of its battery left. what should i

what happens when your iphone battery wont hold a charge?

iphone 5 not updating battery percentage and rebooting frequently

iphone 5, frame bent by my son.  lcd cracked. removed hardware and installed entire phone into new frame.(not fun)  New LCD easy.  All functions work fine. phone, camera, mic, controls, etc,etc.  two main problems.  phone reboots frequently and doesn't update battery percentage unless it has rebooted.  I have changed the battery twice with new batteries, hard reset twice, tried to calibrate the battery countless times with no change. I have removed and rehooked the LCD tabs, battery tabs and charge module tabs.   Did the damage to the frame tweak the logic board?  Is the charge module hardware the culprit?  The charge module could easily be exchanged.  What portion of the phone updates the battery percentage?  It is a very common problem with multiple threads posted.  Are frame bends causing this issue with thinner more easily bent iphone 5?

App I paid for won t download iphone 3G

I bought an app and I can't download it. It says "You've already purchased this, so it will be downloaded now at no additional charge." And then it just stops downloading and does nothing. How can I fix this?

My iphone 5 not responding to charger only if i turn power off

Hey .. I just bought an i phone 5 ,, but today i noticed that my i phone is not responding to charger idk why it only charge when i turn the power off pls guys help me :( thanks alot

iphone 5 apple logo flashing when on charge.

My iphone 5 randomly turned off last night and I was unable to turn it on. I then plugged it into a charger and the apple logo appeared and then went again. This flashing has been happening continuously - black screen for 5 seconds, apple logo for 10 seconds. I found that if I held the power button 3 seconds, then also held the home button at the same time for ten seconds and the released the power button and held just the home button for another 10 seconds, the flashing stops and the screen goes black. However, the flashing only occurrs when my device is plugged in to charge, if it isn't it is just a black screen, no matter what buttons I press. I looked on the internet and they all say hold the power button and home button for 6/10/12/60 seconds, which does not help. Others say I have to restore it, but I havent backed up my phone in a while and all my important photos are on there that I do not want to lose. I then downloaded the software EaseUS MobiSaver which advertises that you can back up your phone even if it doesn't turn on. This also failed to work and the software cannot pick up that my iphone is plugged in. Also iTunes only picks up my device when its in restore mode but says I have to restore it before I can do anything further on iTunes. Is there another way to fix it without restoring? Thank you and sorry for rambling.

My iphone 4S keeps turning itself off

I have an iphone 4S, it keeps turning itself of on its own and crashing. I've restated it, reset it and been to an apple shop but the Genius Bar told me that this is a software problem which they can't do anything about. They've offered me a refurbished iphone 4S but I would have to pay £180 for it. Is there anything else I can do? I know they've admitted that it's a software malfunction and I'm really not happy they won't replace the damaged product free of charge. Just wondering if there's anything else I could try. Thanks

how to get refund on an app iphone 3G

How do I go about getting a refund on an app I purchase.  Shop It:  Secondhand Worldwidewas billed as a much more 'indepth' app that would help me locate all kinds of 2nd hand and vintage shopping locations.  But, it literally doesn't even pinpoint any sellers in my state or any state even close to me.  I would like to get my money back.  I think I was charge $2.99 even tough it is show as being $3+ on itunes before purchasng it.  How do I get a refund?  I am uninstalling it.  It is a useless app . . . . and they charged for it!  I've hd plenty of free apps that had the upgrade option and these free apps are worth 100 times more than this one.  Not sure why I was duped. Maria Starkey

phone over heating iphone 4

so anytime I use my phone it over heats, when I plug it in to charge it there cannot be any case and I have to have a fan on my phone to get it to charge and not over heat? I just got this phone. This is the second one ive had and its doing the same thing? why and how do I fix it?

HELP-iphone 5

I dropped my iphone 5 December 2013, managed to deal with it upto the end of January when I went to a party and accidentally knocked it into a drunken friends sick. I dried phone best I could as I had no rice nearby so just was a towel I used. The phone turned on and off okay however was tacky with buttons on the screen, it was bad calibration. The phone worked for 2 weeks then started having bad calibration issues again and then I got lines down the screen multicoloured so by this I'm assuming that it's water damaged. The screen is completely smashed and chipped on the rear corner and front corner. I'm just wondering if anyone knows a price it would be for a replacement at the Genius Bar (Liverpool, UK). All I get on emails, chat and phone is we'll look when you come in and after inspection the most it can be is £209 which I'm hoping I don't have to pay. I'm needing an approximate price not the maximum they charge for any inspection. Does anyone know the criteria for it to ever be £209 or anybody had this experience before? I have no idea what to take in with me money wise and no idea what they will have to do. Also regarding the SIM card, can that get damaged in anyway? And will my contract company (O2) send me a new one for free of charge if it's rusty broke or whatever? My iphone 5 is in warranty, I dropped it last year and paid £170 to get a replacement but apparently prices have changed. My warranty runs out the end of April 2014/beginning of June 2014. Thank you

My 2ND HAND iphone 5c totally DEAD. It wont charge at all. It has guarantee. What shall i

Hi i have recently purchased a iphone 5c of the street. it worked fine. a week later the fone went of on a charge of around 50%. it wudnt charge, it wudnt come on, iv changed battery the cable nd socket nd still no luck. so i now knw the my phone is DEAD. i checked to see if it has got garuntee and it has. the phone came by it self nd no box. what shall i do ? would apple give me a replacement fone ????????? thanks

Charger plugged in but says its not iphone 4

My charger is plugged but icon on screen says its not. My phone will not charge

My iphone 4s will not turn on It was working properly and then I noticed battery was 1 and once i tried charging phone it was unable to turn back on it s been two hours I already tried to reset but nothing works. I tried different chargers .

My iphone 4s will not turn on, It was working properly and then I noticed the battery was at 1% I then proceeded to charge my phone like normal but nothing happened. The phone was unable to turn back on it's been two hours I already, tried to reset but nothing works. I tried different chargers, my ihome nothing is working.

Water damage not covered by warranty iphone 5

Dear Sir, My phone drops into the water. I saw the water in the screen. I çan use until end of battery. I can't charge the battery and I can't use anything. Please advise how to repair. Thank you. Regards,Myint Myint Khaing

iphone 5 Broken Pins

I had the same issue. My iphone five pins had broken. 2 pins. I went into the store and they wouldn't replace the phone. I had to pay $320 dollars for a new one which I went through with because I require a phone straight away for work purpose. I bought the phone in October 2012. In September 2013 in was replaced for free due to a fault with the power button. I was told the warranty is from October 2012 even though my phone was replaced with a new unit. I don't know how the pins broke? The only thing put in the socket was genuine Apple cables. So now I am down $320 dollars with no warranty on the phone I just purchased. Can Apple OR anyone explain or justify this to me? The phone was well looked after. Incased in an Apple cover. The original plastic still on the phone (only the top corner cut out for the camera). Can Apple really stand by their 'quality' product? I'm nervous to charge the phone now knowing that at anytime, these pins could break? Had I known this would be an issue, I would of reconsidered buying an iphone. I will take this up with consumer affairs and see what they have to say about this situation as it seems misleading & me the consumer no rights or reassurance I am getting what I paid for. Is there another form of contact to apple rather than some store person dismissing my case?

iphone broken SOS iphone 5

phone turned off and won't turn back on, so i plugged it into iTunes and it told me to restore the phone and when i did it said that i couldn't restore it. now iTunes won't register the phone and it won't charge

can not charge iphone iphone 5s

My iphone can not charge. when I connect to wireless charging it difficult to connect. I think my iphone charger cord that met up I want to reflect this. I want you to correct me or give me a new phone

5c charger overheated. iphone 5C

Refurbished 5c won't charge with factory charger. Only charges for a few minutes with car charger, then the charger overheats and stops charging.

5s battery life iphone 5s

I recently started using the Map My apps on my iphone, and in about one hour they can drain my battery by 40% or more. I know all of the tips say turn off location services, but they are necessary for these apps. Is this normal? Are location based apps just not usable if I don't want to charge my phone every 3 hours? TIA, Donna

My battery barely lasts for 3 hours iphone 5s

My battery barely lasts for 3 hours and won't charge while in use & the phone heats a lot. The phone is only about 6 months old, will the battery be replaced under the apple warrenty?

Battery issue with second hand phone-can someone decode diagnostics iphone 5

I bought a second hand iphone 5 the other day, I checked it out throughly but now I'm getting this issue: Once the battery hits 26% it crashes, black screen with circle and displays "charge battery" symbol. When you plug it into charge it doesn't take time to start back up like normal it starts up immediately and always shows a charge of 32%. I have 3 sets of diagnostics from it as screenshots, can someone who can decipher it take a look and let me know what could be the issue? Appreciated in advance. Dropbox link for screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d0ohaef38we1cmw/kX0ETfWcD-

trouble charging iphone 5s

hay there, i am having trouble getting my phone to charge, the phone seems to recognise that there is a cable inserted as it flashes when you insert/remove it. iv tried another cable and also plugged it into my macbook. is there any other things to try or am i going to have to take it to apple?

My iphone has just stopped working and I only had since August 2013 iphone 5

My iphone 5 has just stopped working it had 70% charge in it and I've tried recharging and nothing it's just dead.

my iphone 5 wont charge

my iphone 5 wont charge. I've pluged it in but the charging symbol wont come up help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

my iphone will not charge iphone 4S

my ihpone will not charge

iphone 4s electric conductor

I iphone 4s users. Yesterday when I want to charge my phone without using a bumper or casing,I can feel my hands like an ant bite feeling when I hold the phone. My doubts and continue to test using the test pen(electric tester),it shows that there is electrical current conductor in the aluminum side of the iphone 4s. I feel suprised and thought it was a big deal. So the experts out there,what should I do? Or it is common place? Please help me in solving this problem.

My office PC's USB port charges android devices but not my iphone Why so

Hi, In order to charge my iphone (4 and 5 both) i am plugging it to my office PC but it's not charging it, at the same time when I am plugging my Samsung S2 mini or any android phone it got charged. Can any one highlight on this? Why that happens as well as what could be the possible solution? 

iphone 5 won't charge no apple store in country

I've tried different cords, and plugging it into the wall and my computer, so it seems like the problem is definitely with the phone.  I tried to clean any lint out but that didn't fix it.  I can't reset it or anything because I turned it off but the battery is too low to turn it back on.  I had the battery replaced about three months ago so I would be surprised if that was the problem.  On top of this, I'm now living in a country with no apple stores.  Soooo do I have any options here?

iphone unlock jailbreak download