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your sim played a tone iphone 4

My iphone 5C dropped and screen black but sound still works

My iphone 5C was charging until someone accidentally knocked it over and once it hit the ground, the screen was black. The light was still on in the background but it was black and then eventually the light went out too. I tried doing the resetting trick and even plugged it into the charger. The trick didn't work and when plugged in to the charger, it either plays the charging tone or charging vibration repeatedly. I tried plugging into my mac and it still recognizes my phone, but only tries to back it up (yet it fails to do that because it keeps telling me it cannot back up until phone is unlocked). I do admit, there has been some water damage to the phone in the past, but it had been working perfectly fine since then. At this point, I don't know what to do.

iphone syncing of music from MBA working only on home network

Can anyone tell me why when I sync my personal CDs from my MBA to my iphone via iTunes the songs are visible but cannot be played unless I am on my home network?  I am able to see all the songs but they are all grayed out and cannot be played when using AT&T (cell/data) network.  Again, I can play the songs when I am connected to my home wi-fi but that's it.  It is my understanding I should be able to play the songs synced to iphone from anywhere - home network and wireless cell/data network.  Should it work without internet connectivity as well?  Thanks...I am new to iPhones (only a couple months) and love it, but I need a bit of help.  I appreciate it!

sms alarm be continuous until msg read iphone

Hi,  I am on-call and the sms ring tone is max 40 secs. notification doesn't seem to work though I pick 10. Is there any sms on-call software out there. I switch off all sounds at night, with that apps running, I can still receive continues alarms until I read the message? or is there an alternative way, so alarm can be continuous until I read the message? thanks Andrew

I have three i devices and I play one game on all devices by one account and all scores not updated on last two devices and last score earn date 2013 even though I am playing almost daily until now. How to make to get scores and update as daily. iphone 3G

I played Indestructible since I bought iphone 4s, then I bought iphone 5 and now I have 5s. I continue to play this game on all devices by my own account and scores are not updated and latest score earned date is 12 Sept 2013. How to solve my latest score to be shown on my all devices and updated?

iphone 4/4s iPod/iPod2 unlock and jailbreak

My iphone 5 will not play audio thru my Kia optima radio

I previously had an iphone 4s which paired and played just beautifully with my 13 Kia using the USB cable provided by Kia. WhenI got the iphone 5s, I also purchased a lightning pin so I could use the cable in my car. I use my iphone for not only saved music but navigation and It is important that not only the audio play through the radio, but that the phone charges too.At first, I couldn't get the phone do anything but pair with the contacts so I could at least make calls. I read a post from someone that said turning it(The phone) on and off solved the problem. I did that and now I see on the dash the name of the song that's playing and the controls work but I can'tHear anything. The audio just doesn't come through.I've tried using a seperate USB and and audio plug, no good. It seems that a lot of ppl are having some kind of issue with audio in the car with the ip5.Help... I would have kept the 4 if I would have known!!!

my iphone stopped giving ring tone on receiving in coming calls. callers tell me my phone goes immediately to voicemail. i cannot figure out how to rectify this problem. HELP

my iphone suddenly stopped making ring tone on in coming calls.  callers tell me that my phone goes immediately to voice mail when they call.  how can I rectify this please?

Podcast.app on iphone not Correctly Syncing with iTunes Stops Playback Trys Download via 3G

Hi all, Need your help: I am having a set of podcasts in iTunes that I would like to listen to when jogging. Before the introduction of the Podcast.app this was working seamlessly via iTunes Mac<>iphone synce (i.e., I created a iTunes smart playlist that pulled together these podcast based on type of podcast, date of postcast, and played statef of the podcast). The podcasts were synced to my iphone as soon as I connected the iphone, and I could start his playlist When Podcast.app was introduced, this system broke. Apparently, Apple had decided (rather oddly) to keep Podcasts and Music on Mac in one app (iTunes), but split them up on the iphone into two separate apps (Music.app and Podcast.app). While this is a surpising design decision, I would not really mind that unless is severly negatively impacts on my ability to just go running and listed to my podcasts. Unfortunately, it does just that: Giving me breaks in playback and other issues all the time... In the beginnig iphone sync did not work at all, so basically you could not listed to podcasts in any meaningful way (see this forum and people complaing). I thought this had been fixed with an update of Podcast.app. While somewhat better, I, at least, still do not get my Podcast.app to just play my podcast from the beginning of the playlist ("station") to the end. OK, so this is the current issue: I have set up iTunes to sync (all) podcasts with my iphone automatically (I basically have the iphone on the USB cable all the time when at home, syncing immediately before going jogging, there is ample space on the iphone)... I have a station called "Jogging" which essentially does the same as the former smart playlist, pulling unplayed podcasts/ Still, for reasons that I do not understand and hence do not know how to prevent the iphone still attempts to load podcasts episodes. Leading to the playback stopping while jogging... I made screenshots of what comes up at this point: First this:Then that:   I really do not understand this, as my iTunes is fully updated and synced with the iphone and iTunes shows "62 unplayed podcasts" for itself as well as for the iphone. (1) Why is the darn machine trying to load from 3G when the podcasts are physically on the phone (and why is it asking me and not just doing it, I have told it to use 3G like 100 times to "turn mobile data on", in fact I never restricted mobile data in any way, it is always on) (2) Or, alternative explanation, why the darn podcast not on the iphone if iTunes shows it at being there, and should be there by setup? Regardless if it is (1) or (2), how can I prevent Podcast.app from stopping playback?  The Podcast.app will get me killed, as I have to fiddle with my iphone more while jogging then actually looking out for cars, very dangerous in the city. If I am actually getting killed, I will sue Apple for sure... Happy for any solution to this! (including what I might do wrong) Appreciate your ideas!

Can you take song and make ring tone iphone

Does anyone know if you can turn a song into a ringtone for the iphone?

why text tone keep playing after opening text iphone 5

Why does test tone keep playing after opening text?

iphone 5 Stuck in Headphone Mode Tried Everything

So yeah as the title says.  I was on the bus listening to some music and calling friends, then my stop came so i got off the bus and took out my headphones. I got home and went to make a call to realise the proximity sensor at first, then i couldnt hear anyone. I played with the volume and realised it was stuck in headphone mode and i cant fix it.  Iv tried blowing into it, sucking it, cleaning it out with toothpicks etc.  Any other ideas before i take it the apple store? Cheers,Dylan

Podcasts not syncing correctly w iTunes iphone 3G

Despite my settings to just sync unplayed episodes of selected podcasts, my iphone shows ALL podcasts and includes episodes that have been marked as played already, even after syncing. Any solutions on getting the iphone to work properly? I don't have this issue with my iPod.

Has come across what I call phantom memory syndrome iphone 5s

Device 16 GB 5S  My phone was showing that I only had 76 MB of space left on it, so deleted a bunch of stuff thinking that it was full.  After doing so I still gained no additional free space. So I began by looking at the usage information, I added up what was actually used to get a total of almost 7GB yet the other 5 GB was gone. Did a restore and updated to iOS 7.1 by doing that I gained the space back. Still curious to see what happened I deleted all the music from my phone all 491 songs.  So now it shows all the songs are in the cloud beside each song.  So I played a few songs and later checked the amount of usage by the music app, it was showing 18 songs and 132 MB of space in use.  Yet all the songs were showing in the cloud still.  Went to the apple store and they wiped it as there usual solution and they told me my backup was bad and to set it up as new.  Did that and it showed no data under the usage for the music app.  Sat down ate and played two songs and it did the same thing, went back to the store this time they gave me new phone.  This time the cloud wouldn't even give me my old backup, so I set it up as new again.  No problem left thinking it was the phone, well it's not. Got home started setting it up like before and I played a song and there it was again showing in the cloud yet it's deducting free space from the phone itself.  Anyone have any ideas what going on?

my iphone has went off but when people still ring it rining tone but my phone has went off iphone 4S

my i phone has went off will not switch on when i ring it the rining tone is there so its still on but theys nothing comeing though to the iphone it is blank

Screen not working iphone 5

My iphone 5 screen isnt working at all but there is a tone coming from the phone and when i put it on silent it vibrates twice every 3 or 4 seconds?

What's normal battery drainage for my 5s iphone 5s

I just got the iphone 5s yesterday. I am very paranoid about my battery life because I am a very heavy userThat being said, I expect my battery to die a bit quicker than your average person.  However,  I felt today's test run wasn't normal. I charged the phone fully overnight. Got up around 630 am. played with it a bit, Facebook and settings and such so nothing major. I used it to stream pandora on my way to work for 30 mins. Got to work at 8 for a meeting and didn't really touch it, yet still it dropped. around 930 it was at like 80% or so. I used it again for pandora for another 30 minutes. By lunch time at like 1130 it was at like 740. I had Bluetooth and my mobile hotspot on for like 10 minute and then I may have forgotten to turn Bluetooth off until a bit later. By around 3 or so it was in the 60% range. I didn't use it at all until about 6 and it dropped down to 55%ish and by 10 when I go home it was at 25% and now at 1130 at 10%. The odd thing is throughout the day I may have picked it up a bunch and unlocked an locked it and got on Facebook but I constantly closed out of apps and didn't really use it that heavily...  Is this usage normal? I felt like at times it was dropping 1% like every few minutes... Please share some insight! Thanks :]

iphone 5s getting hot.

Why is it that the iphone 5s gets hot after a using for a couple of minutes and sometimes its too hot to hold. I have noticed that it generally gets hot when using internet, when I played games like Real Racing its does get hot but is managable but when I start using Facebook, Safari or any app that uses internet it starts heating up.

iphone 4 stuck in headphone mode after using bluetooth headphones

Was listening to bluetooth headphones earlier. Turned them off. Got a phone call, answered and could not hear anything but the caller could hear me. Hit the volume button and it says headphones. played music- no sound. Got another phone call, can hear the caller if I use the speaker. Turned the headphones on and off again, turned bluetooth off on phone, removed the headphones from my bluetooth devices list, closed all previously used apps and re-started phone. Same thing. Doesn't matter if I send or get a call, can't hear them. Anybody else have such a problem? What else can I try? The headphones are Plantronics Beats Go 2. Checked their website, and although there's a ton of issues with Plantronics bluetooth devices (Great!) my issue is unheard of.

Since iOS 7.1 microphone and calls won't work. iphone won't restart reliably-HELP PLEASE iphone 5

Hi everyone- So my iphone 5 had been working perfectly on iOS 7.0. Then I heard all these amazing reviews about iOS 7.1, so I made the upgrade last week. DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE!! I have been having problems with FaceTime, Siri, and basically anything which relies on my microphone. When I make calls it's just complete silence on my end - no ring tone or anything. The person receiving the call will hear the phone ringing but they can't hear any sound from my side. On FaceTime, I can see and hear the other person. They can see me, but they can't hear me. When I talk to Siri, there is no noise being registered by the system - the sound wave doesn't move at all and it keeps prompting me to say something! So here's the kicker too: if I try to reset the iphone it will go into a reboot cycle. I have tried to restore the phone in DFU mode - that helped for maybe half a day and then the microphone went back to not working. I am afraid to reset my phone because it might get stuck in that reboot loop and never turn on again! Some things to mention: 1) Before someone says the microphone is broken.. I don't think that's the problem because rarely (after 20 Facetime tries or so), the calls will go through and everyone can hear me perfectly.2) I have tried toggling noise reduction3) I have tried toggling airplane mode and do not disturb4) I have tried cleaning the microphones (all of them- front back and bottom)5) Checked my Verizon account, no holds on that6) Even if you can't help, thanks for reading. You've helped because I just need to vent. Lol. Any suggestions? I really need to use the phone for - you know - phone calls!! PLEASE HELP!!  It seems like other people have been having problems with iOS 7.1 relating to the microphone but nothing seems to work for me.  Thanks,Chris

I dropped my phone in toilet today and iphone 5

I played around afterwards (on and off, home button, I didn't know I was supposed to turn it off. also, the home button doesn't work) so I'm pretty sure rice won't get it working again. I downloaded a Notes application because the one built in app kept deleting my notes. I have important notes in that application and it never required a login so it's not saved in their system either, so I'm guessing I can never get those notes back via my phone's memory card?

iphone 5 no audio unless on call . Says headphones connected

I have an iphone 5, tonight listening to radio online, audio just stopped (was still streaming). Tried resetting, then played around with volume button which told me it was connected to headphones (but it's not). Plugged in headphones &amp; it works fine. Called my phone from my wife's &amp; audio is fine &amp; it rings. Need to say I purchased in December 2012 so not sure if in warranty still (I live in Australia &amp; think it is)? Also I dropped 3 months ago &amp; cracked screen (def my fault) but it been working fine until,few hours ago Will apple repair since I dropped &amp; cracked screen?

Text ring tone not working iphone

I have an iphone 5s. I set the ringtone for incoming text messages, but when a message arrives the phone only vibrates. Am I missing a step?

text tone not working iphone 5

When i am using my phone the texttone will sound when i have a text message.  When i am not on my phone it will not make any sounds that i just received a message.  I have played with the settings and havent gotten anywhere with it.

iphone 5s speaker

Hi guys, so I've noticed this problem with my iphone 5s (iOS 7.0.4) speaker. Everytime I played something on the speaker (a song, or played game with theme music. I always turn my speaker up to max volume) right after I turn the sound off and text my friends or search sth on my phone (using spotlight search) the keyboard click souds inconsistent. The first click would sounded louder, and every keyboard click after that would souned normal (sound softer, smaller than the first click). I've tried to restore my iphone but the problem is still there. Is sth wrong with my speaker? Can you guys help me please? Do you guys have any suggestion or solution to fix this problem? I'm a bit worry. If sth is wrong I guess I have to take it to the nearest Apple Store. Please help me. Thanks in advance!

Why iOS 7 keeping going into dock mode iphone 4S

My iphone 4s is not playing any music or text tone (just vibrates) but it will ring if I get a call. If I plug my cable into phone and play music (threw my car) then remove cable it works like normal. This last a couple of hours but when I go to play music again my phone is back in dock mode even though I haven't connected any cable to it. What I call dock mode is when you can tell the music is playing but you hear no sound and also the volume control is not visible.  I have tried doing a soft reset (holding power and home button until apple logo appears), turning silent mode "OFF" and "ON", turned wifi "OFF" and "ON", and turned bluetooth "OFF" and "ON". It started this with iOS 7.0.1 I upgraded to iOS 7.0.2 thinking it would help with no luck.

hi iphone 4S

I have an iphone 4s in that i can't able to play the music but the music can be played using my headseat can anyone solve this

phone was switched off suddenly and its not getting on but if i dial call form another phone i can hear tone iphone 4

hi Friends,  My phone got swithced off suddenly and its not geeting on, & i have tried a call form anohter phone to my number, I can hear the tone, but my phone is dumb

I have iphone 5 screen black

I have iphone 5 the screen is black and thers no apple logo and i put it in the charger and thers all the time the sharging tone what can i do whats the problim and also my home button not working

keypad tone heard during phone call iphone

Recently when placing or receing calls on my iphone 5 (running iOS7 and previous version) I hear what sounds like someone hitting a number button coming across my speaker.  The other caller cannot hear this, but I can.  It's not me accidentially hitting it, it's like a phantom tone somehow making it's way through my call. I have recently swapped out my old iphone 5 due to an issue and apple replaced it with a new one... It never did this before.   Does anyone have a simple fix for this?  Otherwise I may have to go in again...

iphone vibrates during iMessages conversation even though vibrate disabled in sounds iphone 5s

Hello,I have the following problem.  During a conversation in iMessages my phone will shake non stop with each reply. I have turned off vibrations in Settings->Sounds->Text tone->Vibration->NONE However during a chat the phone will shake continuously during a conversation.  Each and every reply will make the phone vibrate which is very annoying.  The only way to make my phone stop vibrating is if I turn off "Vibrate on Ring" under Sounds.  This isn't practical because in reality I would like my phone to vibrate when I receive a text message or a phone call.  But I don't need it to vibrate during a conversation. Not sure if this is a bug in iOS 7 but my iphone 4S never did this on iOS 6. iphone 5SiOS 7.0.4 Best Regards.

Question to Allan Sampson re harassing call blocking app iphone 3G

Hi Alan,in a response in this forum you wrote:Allan Sampson Central Texas This solved my questionRe: Harassing phone calls/text messages Jan 4, 2010 9:08 AM (in response to ToxicShockTaco) The iphone does not include an option to block receiving texts and phone calls from a designated number, which must be done at the server level where texts/calls originate. There is no 3rd party app that provides for this either, and there won't be.  1) WHY "there won't be" ?2) If for some reason "there won't be" harassing call blocking 3rd party app, there might be an app that mute those unwanted calls by using silent ring tone. So this way calls are not blocked, they just don't bother you anymore... does it violate amy Apple rule? Please comment.Thanks

why did my iphone 5s screen crack when music was played

When playing music at full volume, for roughly an hour, my month old iphone 5s's screen cracked. Is this normal? what can i do to fix it?

No Volume when increasing in Vibrate Only Mode iphone 4S

In 'Vibrate Only' mode switched on the iphone 4s (iOS7), whenever I play videos on (ex. Vine), no sound is played even if i try increasing the volume. Sound does play when I flick the switch to 'Vibrate on Ring' mode though. Is there a way to fix this? I didn't have this problem before iCloud had synced my settings and everything onto the phone. (P.S this has been happening before iOS7 for me, I just never found a way to fix it)

My iphone 4 has lost all sound except ringer iphone 4S

My phone has lost all sound except the ringer. Initially it was telling me I had headphones in when I didn't and now the volume control is either missing or greyed out so I can't use on music and video. Messages have no tone but calls do.

My iphone 's ringer stopped after suddenly yesterday what to iphone 4S

A week back my iphone ringer started buzzing when I played any audio or the ring and then yesterday suddenly the speaker stopped working completely. I shook my phone twice or thrice and it worked but then again it went off and my iphone became dumb now. It doesnt ring or play any sounds. What to do..??Thanks in advance.

Suddenly with iTunes 11.1.4 selecting Trust causes iphone to be disconnected Win7 iphone 5S on latest iOS .

Suddenly, with iTunes 11.1.4, my iphone 5S (iOS 7.0.4) disconnects from my Win7 PC when I select "Trust."  When I plug it in I can hear the tone of a device being plugged in, but when I select "Trust" (haven't seen this dialog box...ever?) I hear the tone of a device being disconnected.  This happens whether iTunes is running or not. Sync is only possible over wi-fi right now, and is not complete.  Has anyone found this same/similar error and have a solution for it?  Resetting settings on the phone does not help (except waste half an hour getting things back the way I had them), all of the services in Win7 are loaded and started as specified. Help greatly appreciated.

Visual Voicemail complaints iphone

I have several complaints about Visual Voicmail since the iOS 7 upgrade. The speaker and delete tabs are less repsonsive to the touch. It was much easier to turn on the speaker and delete the messages on the previous OS. I find it impossible to rewind the message. As soon as I open up message and try to listen by turning on the speaker I keep swiping the speaker tab and nothing happens. By the time I turn the speaker on several seconds have played and I can't rewind to start over. I then have to close the message and start over. You can't put the phone to your ear to listen because the skin contact stops the message. You can't listen to the message while the phone is locked mode. I tried doing this so I could the phone up to my ear and not have the contact stop the message. I have also noticed a much reduced storage since iOS 7. Now this could be because ATT reduce the storage capacity. The new iOS so inferior to the previous version in so many ways too numerous to count. The visual voicemail was once a pleasure to use now it is chore. Literally any touch on the phone will stop the message playback. I am using iphone 5. I am not having problem with screen using any other apps. This is strickly a voicemail issue.

How I turn off my text messages notifying me during call iphone

How do I keep my text message tone from notifying during a call? I am sure there is some way to turn that option off but I can not find how.

I don't what's happened but media sound isn't working unless I have headphones in. Games voice notes music radio touch tones and lock tones aren't working and it's also starting to not charge properly as we'll now. What I iphone 4

I've tried resetting all settings and tried to alter the sound in settings. It plays ringtones and alarm works but no message alert tone or touch tone lock tone radio and when I try to turn the volume up by the buttons I just get the bell with no volume bar. I don't know what's going on it's annoying I don't wanna have to wear headphones all the time. How do I fix it ???

low volume during call iphone 5s

I have just finally updated to ios 7.0.4 on my iphone 5 and i cant hear people during a call very well at all... i also can hardly hear the dial tone when i ring someone....? has anyone else had this and fixed it? It is extremely annoying. thanks

Hearing Random Dial Tones During Voice Calls iphone

I have the iphone 5S on the Sprint network that I purchased in December. While on a call, I am hearing random dial tones as if someone is pressing the key pad. The person that I am speaking with does not hear the sound. It happens very random in terms of frequency and the number of times I hear the dial tone on a call.  Also note that I am not accidently pressing the key pad during conversations; this issue happens while using my Apple earbuds as well. Is there a resolution to this issue? It is quite annoying and disruptive during conversations.

App Store asks to verify my personal information For my name state credit card etc. I don t even live in US and I don t have CC nor I want to give away my personal information. I just want to download free apps. work-arounds iphone 3G

Title says it all. I'm really getting sick of websites getting more and more into your business. Google forcing you to get a G+ account and asking for your identifying information, for example (like your phone number). It's extremely irritating, and I'm opting out of everything that enforces the such. If Apple begins pushing like this, I will just close my relationship with the company and obtain apps by using third-party software to force them onto the phone. But before going that far, I'd like to find work arounds.   First of all, I don't even know why it asks me for my "state". I don't even live in the USA anymore, as I moved to China (though I won't use the Chinese store as I don't speak or understand the local language, which is Chinese). All I want... is to continue using the English App Store to get free apps from here in my home in China, without getting stopped by Apple asking for more info on me. I don't want to share my name, I don't want to share my address, and I can't even complete the form as I no longer have a "state" and don't have any credit info.  So that's just that. If there's no way around it I'll find another way to install apps without the App Store.  Sorry for the message tone, I'm just really irritated with the way the internet is getting. Thanks in advance! - Alex

Hi. For some reason my iphone s sound for all ring tone lock music loudspeaker has become very foamy and can hardly hear it. Both speakers are still working however just at low sound. In settings volume turned up and bottons on side are fully up. iphone 5

Hi. For some reason my iPhones sound for all ring tone, lock, music loudspeaker has become very foamy and can hardly hear it. Both speakers are still working however just at low sound. In settings volume is turned up and bottons on the side are fully up.?

Outgoing Message tone on IOS 7 How to disable iphone

It's the same tone/sound that was in the previous iOS.  You can put your phone on vibrate and that will resolve the issue.

iphone 5 won't ring or emit text tones

My iphone 5 purchased in September recently started to not emit any noise when receiving texts/emails/calls or unlock and lock and no keyboard clicks. It will however play these sounds when I click them in settings under the sound column I can hear my ring text tone etc and can even play music over the loud speaker.  Anyone have any suggestions or help

My iphone 5s not ring when receive phone call. Tried setting vibrate on ring ring tone to loudest selected ring tone but not working. Am I missing something or phone defect

My iphone 5s does not ring when receive phone calls.   Tried turned the volume to highest, but still not working.  Is there any button that I am missing? Or there is a problem with my iphone?

Push Notifications keep disabling iphone

I've noticed the last few days since I have updated to iOS7 and updated the facebook and twitter apps my push notifications for facebook and twitter seem to keep vanishing overnight. When I wake up in the morning I see I've had no notifications from either app overnight and they are gone from my notification center. I have to launch both apps when I wake up and I will get the pop up asking to authorize the app to send notifications and I click OK. Then I have to go into the notification center in the settings where they will now be back in the list where they always were and change back from banners to alerts.  I go through the day fine and will then get alerts sent to me all day for everyone and everything I have set them up to send to me then overnight the next night I get none again and in the morning I have to go through this all over again. No notifications all night and I have to launch both apps and get the message asking to authorize push notifications which I will OK again then have to go into the notification center to change back to alerts from the banners. At first I thought it was something with the Twitter app but now facebook has started doing it as well so I don't think it's an issue with just the Twitter app. Maybe it's because I'm still on the iphone 4 (thank you contract agreements & not being able to upgrade) and something is glitching with it? I don't know. It's played well with iOS7 otherwise. I depend on the alerts to catch up on what I miss during the day so I really don't want to have to remember to go into these apps every morning to re-authorize the push notifications then go to the notification center to reset them to "alerts" so I don't still miss smething because it then defaults to the useless banners again. Anybody else seeing this issue?

I can t decide whether I should risk updating to iOS 7 iphone

I have done a lot of reading and I have played around with iphone 4's that have iOS 7. They run hot, randomly shut off, wifi chip gets shot, mic issues and slight lag on user interface.   I am not having any harware problems with my iphone 4 yet. It runs perfectly fine on iOS 5. No slowdowns, no lag, no random shut off, no overheating, no wifi issues. But I am running an outdated OS that leaves me vunlerable when I surf the web. I also have an issue with not receiving picture messages ever since T-mobile launched a carrier update for iOS 6 and higher. Typing my MMS settings on iOS 5 does not work like it used to a year ago. I miss it but I have lived without it for awhile. It is 2014 now and I find myself with a smart phone that can't do picture messaging or visual voicemail.  I know all electronic devices can have issues with firmware updates. It is a big gamble even if everything is working fine prior to update. I have never been good at gambling, I bought several lottery tickets and haven't hit the jackpot yet. I don't know whether I should gamble and update my phone just so I can get three things; more up to date version of Safari, visual voicemail and picture messaging. Is it worth the risk?  Buying a new phone is not a good option at the moment I'm kind of broke. If I were to get another one it would have to be a newer model and those are pricy.   Anyone with success stories of iphone 4 and iOS 7 please tell me is it worth the risk? Or do you wish to go back to iOS 5 or iOS6? Stay with older software that is fast but lacks features or go with new software with more features but slow down and possibly brick your phone?

iphone 4 No volume icon unresponsive volume controls no sound in apps

My iphone 4 recently, and suddenly, has sound issues. The volume icon does not appear when the volume buttons or slide bar are pushed. As well, the volume buttons do not increase or decrease the sound. There is no sound when my text tone should be played. My volume bar still appears in Music and Youtube, but I do not have sound from any other apps. My speakers are functional. My ringer and alarm still sound.I did not drop it in water.I have blown into the headphone and charger port.I have cleaned both the ports with a clean toothbrush. I recently updated my software to iOS 7.0.4 and bought/used a non-Apple brand iphone charger. I am technologically challenged and would very much appreciate help!

My iphone 5 not charging my nice played games on my iphone 5 it drain up to 20 of battery so i recharge it but all of sudden it wont charge i already restart my phone but still not charging i hope you can help me

My iPhone5 is not charging, my nice played games on my iPhone5 it drain up to 20% of the battery so i recharge it, but all of a sudden it wont charge... i already restart my phone but still not charging... i hope you can help me

My brand new 5c doesn't vibrate. iphone 5s

I just got this phone last week. Since I've had it, it hasn't vibrated at all. I've tried everything - vibration is turned on for Silent and Ring, all of the individual things are set to various vibration patterns, etc. It also does not vibrate when I select different vibration patterns in order to choose one for a tone. I'm on iOS 7 and the phone is totally new. Any suggestions?

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