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How can I disable update notification on games or apps iPhone 3G

So every time i open clash of clans i get this update notification it reads   Update is avalible!Good news! An new version of the game is availible.I know obyostly the answer is to update but i want to keep this version is there anyway to bypass this

Why Apple Store telling me to update billing info for free app iPhone 3G

Recently I changed my apple id AND password, now when I try to download free apps (and I tried with multiple apps) it says I need to update my payment method. On iTunes for windows my payment method is Paypal and on my account settings on my iPhone that it isn't supported for the device. And under it in red it says "There's a billing problem with a previous purchase. Please update your payment method." Why is it saying that when i'm trying to download a free app? Should I go ahead and change my payment method, when really Paypal is my only method I use for iTunes on the computer?

Iphone 5 Broken Pins

I had the same issue. My iphone five pins had broken. 2 pins. I went into the store and they wouldn't replace the phone. I had to pay $320 dollars for a new one which I went through with because I require a phone straight away for work purpose. I bought the phone in October 2012. In September 2013 in was replaced for free due to a fault with the power button. I was told the warranty is from October 2012 even though my phone was replaced with a new unit. I don't know how the pins broke? The only thing put in the socket was genuine Apple cables. So now I am down $320 dollars with no warranty on the phone I just purchased. Can Apple OR anyone explain or justify this to me? The phone was well looked after. Incased in an Apple cover. The original plastic still on the phone (only the top corner cut out for the camera). Can Apple really stand by their 'quality' product? I'm nervous to charge the phone now knowing that at anytime, these pins could break? Had I known this would be an issue, I would of reconsidered buying an Iphone. I will take this up with consumer affairs and see what they have to say about this situation as it seems misleading & me the consumer no rights or reassurance I am getting what I paid for. Is there another form of contact to apple rather than some store person dismissing my case?

How to check my previous paid apps How to check my previous paid apps iPhone 3G

I have brought a new iphone, but i had paid for a few apps that i want to get back but i dont know how to do this, im not bothered about the free ones its just the paid ones

iphone 4/4s iPod/iPod2 unlock and jailbreak

iPhone 4 game center won t load

Hi, Im using iphone 4 and my GC wont load. I have tried reset network settings and hard reset however still the same. I also tried it to other devices and my gc is working fine. Any help would be appreciated.

Nerd Emoji iPhone 3G

Dear Apple,      The other day, I was having a casual conversation with my significant other. He was slightly mocking my nerdiness and I wanted to take pride in it by sending multiple "nerd" emojis. To my utter disappointment, there was none. I think I speak for all book worms, geeks, and nerds out there by writing this message. There should be, nay... NEEDS to be an emoji that embraces our knowledge seeking minds. You would think, of all businesses, Apple could not come up with a nerd emoji. As I wait for a new emoji to pop up on my toolbar, I will continue to be offended at the lack of appreciation of nerds.    Apple, let me ask you this.. What would the world be without nerds?  Ps. Feel free to get rid of the phases of the moon and multitude of unecessary coloured notebooks.

why won't my phone connect to my pc when another iphone will iPhone 4S

my wife has an Iphone 4s as do Imy phone will connect to our ASUS laptop pc and itunes without any problems.my wifes phone will not.The pc returns connection errors sometimes other times there are driver installation errors.and other times it just doesn't do anything any suggestions as to cause and resolution are much appreciated. specsasus laptop running windows 7 home premium with service pak 1iTunes ver. phone is a 4s running iOs 7.1my wifes phone is a 4s running iOs 7.0.4 and will not install iOs 7.1 due to lack of available free space on the devicei am trying to free up space by removing photos and videos

Will apple change iPhone 5 to 5s

Hello, i have iPhone 5 sim-free. It has little bit scratches on the back. If I want to upgrade my current model to newer what should i do except buying it. If i break my iPhone will apple replace it with 5 or 5s? Or if i want to change 5 to 5s how many dollars i have to pay?Please answer!

Okay so I have done everything I can including adding money to my debit card I can t get anything from app store EVEN IF IT S free Please help me figure this out it just keeps asking me to redo my billing infor iPhone 3G

Okay so I have done everything I can including adding money to my debit card... I can't get anything from the app store... EVEN IF IT'S free, Please help me figure this out, it just keeps asking me to redo my billing info

Problems with iCloud iPhone 3G

good night, maybe it is not the first time someone asked this question, I recently received a gift from my brother, who previously had a iPhone 4 16gb, he was using the phone about 1 year ... until he recently acquired an 32gb iPhone 5 phone and his old iPhone he give it to me and now I am having problems using the iPhone... it does not let me create an new account on iCloud (from phone) and when I try to use my "apple id" tells me I that "the maximum number of free accounts Have Been activated on this iPhone" and I can not do anything at all ... In this case what can I do? the truth this really disappointed me and I wish you could help me ... thanks, hope your prompt response

how can I free up space on my iphone to gbs I´ve purchased in icloud

i bought 50 Gb, now I don´t know how to use it. i would like to leave free space n´my mobile, like photos, etc.

My iPhone 5s charger stopped working

I haven't even had the phone for a year .. will Apple replace this for free, I've heard this has been a major issue and Apple is aware and will replace them?

If someone logs into their Apple ID on my phone and downloads an app would anything happen to my phone If someone logs into their Apple ID on my phone and downloads an app would anything happen to my phone iPhone 3G

If someone logs into their Apple ID on my phone and downloads an app would anything happen to my phone?, If someone logs into their Apple ID on my phone and downloads an app would anything happen to my phone?

Apple Interest free Payments iPhone 5s

Hey, sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm planning on buying an iPhone 6 in Sept and I would prefer to get the interest free payment plan going. From what I understand you have to pay it back over 10 months to get the interest free. So, if I wanted to pay £200 up front would that mean I could pay less monthly? Or is it a fixed thing? I plan to sell my iPhone 5 for £200 to a friend.

what best way to unlock an iPhone 4s so it can be used in uk and abroad s free

I have a secondhand iphone 4s locked to the EE network in the uk  I live in the UK 6 months of the year and Thailand the other 6 so I want to be able to use my phone in both Countries with different monthly pay sims. I also want the phone to be able to itune update when needed , so I dont just want it jailbroken , any ideas please

I have three i devices and I play one game on all devices by one account and all scores not updated on last two devices and last score earn date 2013 even though I am playing almost daily until now. How to make to get scores and update as daily. iPhone 3G

I played Indestructible since I bought iphone 4s, then I bought iphone 5 and now I have 5s. I continue to play this game on all devices by my own account and scores are not updated and latest score earned date is 12 Sept 2013. How to solve my latest score to be shown on my all devices and updated?

help iPhone 5s

my phone (32g; 5s) got struck, while it was sitting in my pocket, by a foul ball at a baseball game.  screen shattered but still intact.  it's only two weeks old.  i don't have apple care but i do have device protection through my carrier.  it'll cost me $200 to have it fixed/replaced.  don't really want to go that route unless i get some advice from the experts.  i was told by people apple will do it.  i was told by others they will not.  i don't want to go third party to get the screen repaired and void the full warranty so please help.  will apple fix/replace the phone for free (or at least cheaper)?  thanks...

How I free up already empty space on my iphone 4s

It says I have 1.1GB of space used, but I don't play games, have no photos, no music, deleted all my emails, have 5 saved text messages (total messages, not even conversations and it says 853 KB used.  My mail and trash are empty, it says 5.3 MB used, photos empty, 2.7MB used, nothing on my calendars or reminders, 560 KB used, safari 357 KB used.  There is nothing there, is there a way to reclaim this space?

Change from paid account to free account iPhone 3G

Hi there . Recently i cant update apps or download any because it ask me to verify my apple id and ask me to put in my credit security number for verification and it however decline . So what am i going to do now? I cant update or nothing. Please help !

How to accept friend request in game center iPhone 3G

I am trying to add a friend in game center. I can see the request but when I hit the request the screen goes to my friend list and there is no request present. Alternatively when I try to find him I get the message "Friend request failed. Unable to send friend request". I know he does not have any problem adding friends and this is the first time I have seen this message. Funny thing is it happened right after I did the update to iOS7.1. Notifications are allowed for game center on my phone, parental settings are off, and I have allowed people to request to be my friend in settings.  Any suggestions??

Hey need some help and am scared i am getting hacked. Hey need some help and am scared i am getting hacked. iPhone 4

I have emailed a itunes support guy named noel ask a question about buying add-on content. . I was stupid enough to go to  a link off the internet to the apple website not knowing if i could been fake. so later on that day the guy replied back with, im going to copy and paste the following :Dear Nick, Thank you for contacting iTunes Store Support. My name is Noel and I'll be handling your request today. I understand that you were not able to purchase in-app items from the game "Clash of Clans" when you clearly have enough store credit. I can certainly feel how important it is for you to have this issue resolved. Don't worry, I will be happy to help you get this matter sorted out. Nick, I've checked your account and I can confirm that you do have $50.91 of store credit on account. For me to further investigate on the issue, I would like to kindly ask you to reply to this email with a screen shot of the Apple ID that is currently signed in on your iOS device and also the message that you are receiving when trying to purchase in-app items. Try these steps to see the Apple ID that is currently on your iOS device:  1) Verify that you have access to the internet from your iOS device via Wi-Fi or a cellular network. 2) Tap the Settings icon on your Home screen. 3) Scroll down and tap iTunes & App Stores. The Apple ID that you're signed in with will appear. To take a screen shot on your iOS device, just follow these steps: 1) Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button at the top of your device, then quickly press the Home button right afterward while still holding the Sleep/Wake button. Your screen flashes and the picture will be added to your Camera Roll. 2) To locate the screen shot, tap Photos and then Camera Roll. 3) Tap on the picture you just took. 4) Tap and hold your finger on the picture. 5) When the Copy button appears, take your finger off the picture and tap the Copy button. The screen shot will be copied to your clipboard. 6) Press the Home button, and then go to Mail and reply to this message. 7) In your reply, tap and hold until the Paste button appears, and then tap the Paste button. 8) Send the message. Do let me know if there is anything else I can do for you Nick, as I want to ensure that this matter has been resolved. Thank you for being a valued customer of iTunes. You have a good one! Sincerely, NoeliTunes Store Customer Supporthttp://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ww/ Please Note: I work Monday to Friday 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you.   Thats what the email that replied to me... now me being stupid i wasnt thinking and thought this guy was trying to help me out and hope he actually was... now later on yesterday my friend called me saying "hey whats up , why you call me... i said " i didnt call you.. and he said i left him a voicemail about watching *********** which was pretty freaky.. because i never called him or left him a voice mail. So at school i listiend to the voicemail and scared the heck out of me!! then it hit me !! Could it have been that email ??! then i went back to the email and re-read it Steps 1-8  made me think!! omg help thanks , nick.

Create free viber iPhone

I want to use free viber.

why cant i down load my free apps it says payment method decline iPhone 3G

why cant i down load free apps it says payment method decline

can t sign in to icloud from iPhone 4

Hi there, i'm a new user of iPhone... my brother gave me this iPhone 4.... when i got it i strightly erase all content and data and reset it to factory setting.. i put my new apple ID but when it came ti iCloud i can't sign in with my id and it said "Coannot Sign In... The maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone" is there any one can help me with this problem so i can use iCloud on my iPhone and using Find my iPhone app. thank you so much for your help guys,,,,, warm hug from Indonesi

iphone charger messed up. wat i iPhone 5

so my iphone 5 charger is beginning to get pretty messed up and i put electrical tape on the ends of it to help it a little buts it seems to still not work and is beggingin to say "accessory not supported" at times when i plug it into to charge sometimes. would i just bring  the charger into a apple store and tell them this this and that and they would give me a new one for free or would i have to pay for a new one? and this is the same charger that came with my iphone 5 when i bought it back in august 2013. please get back to me at malackchoucair@icloud.com or on here. thank you

How did my iPhone 4 get additional free space

iPhone 4 on iOS 7.1. I synced my iPhone 4 to iTunes on a laptop by accident.  I told my iPhone that I didn't trust the computer, and then I unhooked the phone.  But before I did, I noticed on iTunes that I had 1.7 gigs of free space.  On the same day, earlier, I noticed I only had 1.5 gigs.  After I unhooked, I noticed it jumped to 1.9 and stayed on 1.8 gigs.  What the **** happened?  I looked at the apps and non of them were erased as to photos and music.  I checked the emails, text, and voice messages saved, and none of them were erase.   What happened? Additional info that may not be related, but... I am using this app, Battery Doctor, and it told me that I had 1.7 gigs of free space, which was not true when I went to settings/general.  It said 1.5 gigs available.I did delete a lot of apps the previous day, but I would assume that my iPhone 4 would have caught up to the extact or general ammount of free space I retained.

Thank you iPhone 5C

Thanks you for the game I wonted it all the time but can not get it because it cast money but now I can get it

Hello . how I can have an account for free and without credit card iPhone

Hello . How can I have an account for free and without credit card?Last year my friends created accounts without credit card , but now I can't creat in that way , please help me to register my apple ID in itunes with none credit.I want to install free app from itunes store.

in UK could I use an iPhone 5s bought in Japan

Hi guys, I'm hopeless with iPhones/Macs and your tips will be really appreciated. I am thinking of buying a sim-free iPhone5S from Apple Store in Japan, and using it in UK. For my personal reasons,I have to use 3's Pay-As-You-Go plan in UK. I first thought I could simply order one from Apple Store, bring it to UK, order a simfrom 3 network, and use it, but after reading Apple pages on different models (A1532/1533), different systems (GSM/CDMA), I realised it may not be that simple.  Could anybody tell me 1) whether it is, first of all, possible to use 3's PAYG network by a Japanese sim-free iPhone,2) and if so, which model I should buy? Many thanks for your attention. Regards, Shin

Iphone 3Gs 4.1 major update issues to 5.1.1

The short version- I have a SIM free 3GS phone running on 4.1. I tried to update to 5.1.1 and it crashed completely and i had to take it to a store to repair it back to 4.1 which is fine but now several of the apps that i had dont work, such as ibooks, google earth, IMBD and hipstamatic. Because their new versions require 4.2 or 4.3 etc...  The Question: can I safely update my iphone to at least 4.3 or preferably 5.1?if not can I find old versions of these apps that will work on 4.1? The detailed version:I have an iphone 3GS that has been running wonderfully on 4.1 for a long time. I had the phone unlocked to make it SIM free.. I dont think it was 'jailbreak' just unlocked.. I do have Cydia app though?Anyway i never updated the phone from 4.1 because I was worried it would lose the unlock. I was told by my phone company that i could update without this problem, so I synced and backup up my phone and the pressed 'udpate to 5.1.1' in itunes. It went through the motions. It backuped fine, downloaded software fine, installed software .. then it popped up a message saying the iphone 'cant be updated' and just quit the installation-  leaving the iphone completely wiped! The iphone only showed a symbol saying connect to itunes although it was connected. Itunes said there is no sim in the phone- but there was. The only option it gave me was to restore to factory setting, so i tried to restore, it reset everything but then when I went through the settings on the iphone- language settings etc, it tried to activate settings/software.. and it said 'this may take up to 3 mins' and then it just stopped and said 'software server is temporarily unavailable please try again later".  I tried several times, eventually I took it to a mobile repair shop and $30 they reinstalled back to 4.1 still SIM free, but without any data on it.. so then I restored/synced with my itunes using 'restore from previous phone settings/backup' and its all fine with all my data exactly as it was except that ibooks and other apps wont upload on to the iphone... I have tried to delete ibooks app from itunes and from itunes media/mobile applications folder, then copy an old backup version of the app back into itunes, resync with iphone:  but it still wont sync to the iphone. Also when i try to upload videos to the iphone it wont let me saying they are in the wrong format- is this a different issues? I REALLY need itunesU and iBooks and would love to have the other apps back too!  how can I get around this issue? I am scared to try and update the iphone again but if i dont then I cant use these and many other apps that are now only for 4.3 and above..  someone please help!! Thanks!

I have dropped my iPhone 5c and not only did it make slight crack but screen stopped working. Apple fix it for free

I dropped my phone and these lines appeared and my screen turns green and different colors. Does Apple fix this for free??

Can I get free apps made by Apple on iPhone 4 if I restored my phone

I have my iPhone 4 and then I saw on Apple's website that they will make their apps they made free (some of it may include iPhoto, iMovie, Notes,Garage Band, Pages and Numbers) . But then I found out that only Phones purchased on September 1st 2013 are the ones who can get the free apps. I purchased my phone on January 2013, And I want those apps greatly BADLY but I don't have credit card to purchase it. You think If I restore my phone, I can get those apps for free?

How to remove en completely newly install game app iPhone 3G

Hi, I was playing a game, but i want to delete it and reinstall to start all over again from the start.I did al the things on this site discussions (hiding, removing etc.), but to no avail.In the store to download the app there's allways the 'cloud' icon, and then the game starts were I left off.But I want to start all over again... Anyway this can be done? Thanks!Lex

Now I updated my phone App Store wants to charge me for all free apps iPhone

Now that I updated my 4s I can't use the App Store it what's to charge me for all the apps I tunes wants to charge me for stuff I allready bout

Can I change s on iPhone 4s to use on different carrier

They told me I had to get a different phone because mine was a verizon phone. I went to Straight Talks shop page and saw they are selling some iphone 4s there. Can't I just unlock mine and change out the sim and keep it? The free Samsung I'm currently using doesn't work, and if I have to shell out money anyway I'd rather use the cash to "fix" the iphone to work. TIA

This not about article I guess but how can I open my IApple ID iPhone

Hi people you should try asking questions it really works thanks guys

Iphone 5 memory

I have an Iphone 5 16gb and it is continuously running out of memory. It have 18 apps, 30 songs, 500 pics and 150 videos and I have to delete them constantly to make room for new ones. I previously had an Iphone 4 with the same memory which held twice as much data as this one. My partner also has an Iphone 5 with the same storage with 2 or 3 times as much data on it and it still says that he has 2gb of storage left. Is there a problem with my Iphone or is there anything I can do to free up more storage. Thanks!!

I wanted to if I could purchase iPhone 5s s free on online apple store in USA and still be able to use it in Australia

Hi Apple, I was just wondering if I could purchase an iphone 5s (sim free)  from the Apple store online in the USA and still be able to use it in Australia? (:

How to check if IPHONE 5S not fake using Serial No. or IMEI No.

Can you please share any free method to check if IPHONE 5S is real, using serial or Imei Numbers? Thanks to all. Abid

Automatic downloads won t work on iPhone 4

I can't figure out how to get the automatic downloads to turn on for apps. Whenever I click to turn it on it asks for my Apple ID password, but when I put it in the same window pops back up over and over no matter how many times I type my password in. And it's not that the password is wrong because it'll turn on for about 5 seconds and then will pop back asking for it again. It also does this anytime I try and buy a song or any type of $ or free app. I've tried resetting and restarting my phone, switching wifi, and creating a new Apple ID but nothing worked. Somebody help please!

Updated App won t load-X-Men BotA iPhone 3G

Hello, I installed a mandatory update for the X-Men: Battle of the Atom game last friday, and since then the app won't load.  It starts up, thinks for a second, then closes. So far I have tried: Uninstall and reinstall app on my old iOSUnpdate iOS to most recent version, then uninstall/reinstall the appForce close the appHard/soft shutdownsUninstalled the app, restarted phone, reinstalled the app, restarted phoneInstalled a new appLogged out of iTunes app store, logged back inUninstalled app, downloaded on my computer, syncedChanged Apple ID password to force authenticationReset all settings on my phone ...I think that's everything, though I may be forgetting a few. Device: iPhone 4SiOS: 7.1Connection: 3G network I'm trying to find out if there are any other troubleshooting steps I can take, as the game support is horrendous and up to now has been completely useless.  I really don't want to reset my entire phone if it can be helped.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

i cant download free apps iPhone 3G

for some reason i am not able to download free apps. it says my billing information is incorrect.

iPhone 5C 'no service'-it worth taking it in for repair

I made the mistake of getting an iPhone 5C in February, mistake because this phone is obviously a lemon based on the amount of people who are having the "no service" problem with it. Even though I am in a strong signal area, I cannot reliably connect to the cellular network. The problem started about two weeks after I did all the troubleshooting and suggested fixes as per the Apple website. I called Apple and they told me to restore the phone to factory settings. I did and the phone worked for about two weeks before it started to get flaky again. Now, I'm lucky to get two minutes of connectivity a day. Yanking the SIM card is a pain (I have an Otterbox case that isn't easy to get into) and not worth the effort. I called back Apple and they said I need to have the phone serviced. The nearest Apple store is eight hours away (yes, 16 hours round trip). So they said they can ship me another phone for $29 and a $500 deposit, mail in my phone, and they will fix it if it's broken, return it to me, and then I have to send the loaner phone back. I have an issue with the deposit thing (but, yes, I do see Apple's POV); once Apple has that money, they have it. I have no guarantee of ever seeing my deposit again and I'll effectively be paying twice for the phone since as I got my phone free on a two-year contract. Has anyone actually jumped through these hoops to get a month-old phone fixed? Does Apple honour the return of the deposit? Should I just take a long weekend and go on a road trip to an Apple store? My provider has done what they can, BTW. I had paid $100 for the phone and they reimbursed me that because of the issues I'm having with it and they also replaced the SIM card. At this point, the best they can do is send it back to Apple for evaluation, but there's the pesky deposit thing again. I am so frustrated with this phone as I need it for internet (I have an amazing truly unlimited data plan) as we only have cellular internet in my area. Thanks for any thoughts, Rae

iPhone 5 battery life deteriorated suddenly

Since last Wednesday my battery life of my iPhone 5 has dropped significantly. This morning, I took it off charge (from 100%) and it dropped straight to 98% Now after not long (20 minutes) I have lost a further 3%  I am running iOS 7.1 on it and I have had it since October 2013.  Here's how I have configured things and what I have tried... - WiFi I use when I am at home, I turn 3G off. - I always leave LTE turned off- I keep brightness approx 50% and leave auto-brightness off. - I don't use Bluetooth for anything so I keep that off- I leave Location Services off. - Safari is DISABLED under Restrictions. - Siri is ENABLED, as is FaceTime. - The only thing sync'ing to my iCloud is my CONTACTS, CALENDAR and NOTES so that they also appear on my MacBook - I don't have many images.- I have about 2GB free space (it is a 16GB model) - PUSH EMAIL is turned off, set to FETCH (Manual).- I regularly close all my opened/recent apps.  We are talking about the 2 or 3% drop happening without me actually having touched the phone, just taking it off charge, sitting idle. It can be a bit better if I do a hard reset (hold lock button + home button) but why should I have to do that after taking it off charge each day?! This doesn't seem right... is it likely to be the battery, the iOS software battery meter not reading it right, or what?

Iphone 5 touch screen works then becomes unresponsive.

The touch screen on my iphone 5 stops working sporadically every time I use it. I will turn it on and start using it, but after about 15 - 30 seconds it will always become unresponsive.What I do to get around this is to touch the power button -> turning the screen black.Turn it on again and resume. But this is extremely inconvenient, to have to do this every time I am typing, playing a game, trying to control my music. In the worst case scenarios I am unable to answer calls! -> As you cannot turn the screen off and back on while it is ringing and if my phone decides to become unresponsive I am unable to do anything! I have noticed a slew of issues that have come since the new IOS has come out and this is the most incovenient of them all. Can anyone help me out here?

iPhone 5S unlocking

Hi, I bought iPhone5S, just now in Duty free shop. When I put my SIM into it, it says "The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activateion server. This is not a hardware issue with the iPhone. Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carrier. Please contact Apple for more information" I am foreign country and my SIM might not be able to connect any network. But according to the message I am getting from the phone, I feel it is more like the activation problem. Can any body help me and point me to where and who should I contact, or what should I do? I dont' want to cut another SIM card into Nano size and the whole thing still doesn't work. Thank you in advance for your suggestion. Bests Suresh

I got charged twice for an in app purchase and i need receipt asap iPhone 3G

Tried purchasing gems for brave frontier and phone lagged out....got back on and it said i made a the purchase but no product from the game was delivered....tried again and the delivery was instant....paid for 2 and i got 1 and brave frontiers support wont help unless i get a receipt

Had to restore phone to factory settings. How I retrieve all my contacts photos etc. iPhone 4S

I lost all my photos, videos, apps, game status  Is there a way to get this back?

iPhone 5 Usage Problem iPhone 5s

I have an iPhone 5s. On my computer it states in the iPhone summary that my usage is over-capacity, but on my iPhone it says that I have over 3GB of free space. I am unable to download music from my computer to my phone but can download them straight from the iTunes app. HELP PLEASE.

Siri only works with headphones iPhone 5

I have tried many times to figure out why siri only works with headphones, till I was driving the other day, I answered the phone laying on the dash, and selected hands-free.The caller couldn't hear me.My voice record and voice  control work fine it's just siri and speak/type-keyboard that don't work.(What I am asking is) *there are 3 speakers in the A1429What microphone dose siri take audio from? Please can you help me with this problemThanks

iphone unlock jailbreak download