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Like countless other iPhone users I dropped my beloved iPhone 4S into river.

Like countless other iPhone users, I dropped my beloved iPhone 4S into a river while I was kayaking. It was in a plastic bag and when I managed to find it at the bottom of the river I pulled it out and checked to see if it worked. The screen still powered on, and was working fine before I got the chance to power it off my girlfriend took it and began shaking it to get all the water out. After that the Flash on the Phone remained on and the screen went black.  Now it's been 4 days since then and my phone has been sitting in a bag of rice up until about 30 minutes ago. I took it out of the rice and plugged it in and the same things were happening. LED light came on and screen remained off. It still vibrates and is still working but obviously the screen is black and you can't see anything. When I pressed the home button and lock buttons at the same time the apple logo came on for a second and vanished.  So as of now, I'm under the impression that my phone is basically gone but I'm ordering a Pentalobe screwdriver so I can take it apart. If anyone has any suggestions or have experienced something similar I would love some input, Thank you!

Apple Faulty Warranty iPhone 4S

Recently we returned our brand new Iphone 4s to Apple, issue being that is wasn't charging properly & had sound error.  Long story short the unit came back as "liquid" damage. because there was corrosion in the charging port. However LCI(Liquid Contact Indicators) were not activated. Which means that the phone did not come into contact with liquid.   Apple have insisted that the unit has liquid damage, therefore insinuating that I am a liar and refuse to honor their warranty of the unit.    Apple have no understanding of basic science. In humid climates corrosion can form on external parts of a metal, especially a charging port.   Surely if LCI are installed in a unit to determine if it comes into contact with liquid those should be the key indicators weather the unit has indeed come into contact with liquid?   I suggest apple changes their policy on these warranty items, because Samsung now offers 2 free Accidental water damage exchanges on the new Galaxy S5.

when i plug i my headphones phone continues to play music over speakers iPhone 5s

I got a life case for my phone and after I put it on the phone it stopped playing any sounds or music or anything out of the headphones and is playing it through the speaker instead. Yes I used the screw in AUX attatchment that came witht the case as well as taking the phone completely out of the case and trying the headphones but still nothing. I do not believe it is the headphones because they work when I plug them into my computer. Has anyone has this issue before? or have any advice?

Where to see for what I have been charged money for iPhone 3G

I downloaded yesterday some new apps, but those were all free. Today I see from my bank account that I have been charged for something few EUR. Where to see why and for what I'm charged for.

iphone 4/4s iPod/iPod2 unlock and jailbreak

Clash of Clans Restore iPhone 3G

I just replaced my old iphone five with a new iphone 5 yesterday due to ringer issues and restored this morning. Everything seems to be back to normal execpt for a game i play and have spent a lot of time on (clash of clans) has started over. Is ther any way to restore to my last position?

Can I switch game data to new Game Center account iPhone 3G

Hi everyone I have a problem with syncing a game called Clash of Clans to Game center. My brother was playing a clash of clans game on my iPhone and got considerably far, but I was signed into Game Center and the game data synced to my account. Now he has his own device to play it on but wants to be signed into his own Game Center account. By signing into my account and then signing out once the game data had been saved on his device, I managed to get his game onto his device and I was told in a forum that if he then signed in as himself the game data would then sync to his Game Center account, but this seems to be wrong as he is still plagued with alerts asking if he wishes to switch to a low level world he started briefly on his account.Is it truly on his Game Center account? The whole thing is complicated by the fact that I would also like to start a clash of clans game in my own account that he was signed into and I keep getting asked if I want to play his game (still on my account). Thanks for all your help,  Reuben

Speakers Making High Pitched Noises iPhone 5

Hey guys so I have my iPhone 5 for about 2 years in like 40 days (So I am still under warranty) Anyway I noticed when I play music, anything that is high pitched, it makes like a screeching or high pitched noise, I noticed my speakers were kind of dirty, so I took a fine tooth brush and got them squeaky clean and they still make the noise any reason why?  It's kind of frustrating, as when I play music it sounds like junk.    

How can I track my stolen covered iPhone

I had recently had my iPhone 5s 32GB stolen right out of my bag. Luckily, because I have the tendancy to lose or break things, I had backed up my phone to the Find My iPhone application.  I tracked my phone minutes until the person who stole it powered down the device and the location has since not changed. I later called my carrier and requested to have the phone classified as a "dead phone" and order a replacement. I filed a report with the police and has charged the crime as Grand Larceny off person. Is there any possible way with my phone with no service being recovered? Is it possible for the theif to reset or wipe my phone? Can the person still receive the messages that I had sent through my Find My iPhone Lost Mode function? Please Help !!

I powered down my Iphone 4s and now it doesn't want to open

The battery was practically full and when i connect it to a charger it keeps beeping. When connected to a computer, it opens in itunes. I tried holding down the lock botton and home botton but it doesn't seem to work. What should i do?

My Battery iPhone 5S

Hi guys! I've my iPhone 5s since November last year and I really love that Phone, there is something strange that started since 2 weeks ago,I played 40 minutes Real Racing 3 my brightness is 3/4 full and my battery was 95 procent. After that 45 minutes my battery was only 35 procent more. also when I play Real Racing 3 my Phone is getting hot and that's the first time i saw that. It's also with Facebook app and Snapchat that the battery is running out very quickly. What should I do? Please help me, Thank youQuentin

iphone 5 will not charge

I've had my iPhone 5 for a little less than a year. Up until last night the device has been working as expected. Last night the phone decided to refuse taking a charge. The symptoms: the battery icon color remains white/black with the cable plugged in fully; in other words , the icon does not turn green upon connecting the lightning power cable. The first discovery of this problem, the phone was connected through an AC adapter.  In order to determine if the problem was due to the AC adapter, I connected the USB/Lightning cable into the USB jack of a laptop (powered on, connected to AC). Upon connecting the cable from Laptop to iPhone, the computer recognized a new connection (event sound audible), which implies that the cable is good. The phone itself still fails to indicate charging status. Other things I tried to remedy the problem: I tried a power-down of the phone (i.e. press & hold the sleep/wake button >3sec., then swipe to power off), and allow time for shut-down. Upon powering back up, no change in charging status.  I also tried a restart (press & hold the home & sleep/wake button >3sec.); no change in charging status. I left the phone connected to the laptop overnight, in the hopes that the phone would take a charge anyway.  This morning the battery icon showed no improvement in charge status. I don't know what else to try... I'm afraid that this is a hardware fault that can only be corrected by unit replacement.   Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

My iPhone 5 doing crazy things all by itself. For example Siri comes on automatically without me saying anything phone dials contacts or tries to FaceTime my contacts without me doing anything when I click top button to turn it off phone

My iphone 5 is doing crazy things.  I have had it for 18 months.  For example: Siri comes on automatically and tries to connect me to contacts thru facetime or just by dialing a number, or just starts to play music randomly.  When I try to turn the phone off it takes a picture of the screen that was just displayed.  This can happen several times a day..  Does anyone know what is going on.  The apple store has advised me to buy a new phone.  Has anyone else had a problem like this with your phone?

iPhone Unknown Error Occured-54 iPhone 4S

Hello. I'm new here so my apologies if I posted this issue into the wrong area of the support discussion. My issue is this: Whenever I now try to sync my phone into iTunes, I'm receiving a new kind of error. Its an error that I cannot find online. It appears that no one has received this error but me, so I've decided to ask this question myself to see if anyone can offer solutions to this issue. I am getting the following error as shown: It appears to be an error code "-54", and I could not find this error code anywhere online. This issue is preventing me from syncing my photos, my recordings or anything that I have created on my phone into my iTunes. If it helps, I am using an iPhone 4S with the current version of 7.1.1. If anyone has any solutions or any assistance to help me with this issue, that will be very grateful.

i have iphone 5c friend gave me and i need it unlocked

i have a iphone 5c that a friend was using on us cellular and i want to use it on straight talk is there a free unlock i can do or can someone at apple sim unlock it for me or tell me how to

I have new iPhone and have kept my old one to play music in another room when i recently updated my new iPhone it has backed up to my old iPhone and I have therefore lost pictures messages etc from my new phone how can I get it all back iPhone 5C

I have a new iPhone and have kept my old one to play music in another room.  I have recently updated my software on the new iPhone and when it backed up it backed up to the old iPhone, I have therefore lost pictures, messages and apps from my new iPhone as it has backed up to the last session of the old phone, how can I get all my new stuff back and stop it from happening again?

Lost Your Notes or Deleted Notes Default Account iPhone 3G

YOU ACCIDENTALLY DELETED 'APPLE NOTES' DEFAULT MAIL ACCOUNT... OR JUST LOST ALL YOUR NOTES? Okay so after an hour on apple support chat and getting no where at all... this is what I did: Firstly... I'm assuming you backed up your iPhone to iTunes... otherwise STOP READING NOW... you're doomed. Secondly... you need your laptop or desktop and I'm talking about a Mac so if you're on a PC... you might still be doomed? Begin... >>>DO NOT CONNECT YOUR iPhone<<< Now launch iTunes. Go to MENU - iTunes - Preferences.Click on Devices. There you will see your latest Device backups. Top of the list will be your most recent backup. This is the one you'll have to back up from... so if there's anything on your phone after this date that you don't want to loose... your doomed.(But you might not be if you can copy it and email it to yourself). Now... tick the box 'Prevent iPods blah, blah... from syncing automatically'... DO THIS!!!! DO THIS BIT NEXT: Get your iPhone. Go to settings - and select Cellular... REMEMBER WHERE THIS IS!Remember also... how to turn off 'Celular Data' and 'Enable 3G'... practise doing this a couple of times!Go back to settings, select 'WiFi'... practise turning that off also. Now then... you can't turn these off now because the RESTORE will turn them back on again! You NEED an internet connection in order to complete the RESTORE FROM BACKUP... so it's no good turning that off either. Basically... you've got to prevent your iPhone from connecting to the Default Account... where all your Notes were... and are no more! If it does connect it will wipe all the notes you just restored from backup off your phone and... you'll be doomed again. THIS WORKED IN MY CASE... but my WiFi signal is not brilliant (and it's a pain trying to turn the router off as it's hidden in the wall behind the telly)! If this doesn't work first time, either you're an OAP with the reactions of a snail with arthritis (I told you to practise that bit didn't I!)... or you'll need a trusty assistant standing by the router ready to turn it off when you shout "NOW!" Okay here goes... Step 1) Connect your iPhone to iTunes, wait for it to show up there. Step 2) Go to the Summary tab - Backups and hit 'Restore Backup'. Step 3) Keep an eye on your phone... it'll say 'restoring'... wait for it... then you'll get a little pop up thing in iTunes, ignore that... then the phone will reboot. Step 4) PAY ATTENTION! The apple logo appears... wait for it... progress bar appears... get ready... phone will buzz (if you've got vibration on)... get ready... home screen appears... SHOUT "NOW"!!! Step 5) QUICKLY!!! Dissconnect your phone from the USB cable or dock... too slow man! Quickly access settings and TURN ALL THOSE THINGS YOU PRACTISED... OFF!!!DO NOT OPEN NOTES before you do this or... you're doomed again. Now we're back in the game... Step 6) Open Notes...  there's all your old notes "I know you"! Step 7) Open the first note (I hope you don't want them all... cos you'll be here for ages) press the little box with an arrow (or forward icon) select 'copy'. Step 8) Open Mail...  write a new email... paste your Note there! Keep doing this untill you've got all your Notes pasted there... thensend the email to yourself. JUST DO THAT NOW... before you do anything else! Clean up your iPhone... Step 9) Go to Settings on your iPhone, go to Mail, Contacts, Calenders... select iCloud and turn Notes ON. Yeah get an iCloud account, it's free. Forget gmail.com man! Step 10) Go Back to Settings, select Notes... make Default Account... iCloud. 'It'll say 'delete all notes?' Well they aren't there anyway fool... so **** yeah! Step 11) Now you can turn all those WiFi and Cellular things back on again. Get on your desktop/laptop... Step 12) Go to Finder - Apple Logo - System Preferences... hit the iCloud icon. Tick Notes ON. Step 13) Open Notes, open you're email that you sent yourself... copy and make lots of new Notes! Get yer iPhone... Step 14) ... there's all your Notes synced to your iPhone by those nice people at Apple iCloud! Then ask yourself this question... why does it have to be this complicated? Good luck! If not... you're doomed.

can tell me how to stop this message to be able to download apps from store i don t have enough money now on my card can i by means cancel my last purchase request to be able to proceed with downloading free apps iPhone 3G

can anyone tell me how to stop this message to be able to download apps from the store i don't have enough money now on my card can i by any means cancel my last purchase request to be able to proceed with downloading free apps 

way I can view received messages online iPhone

My phones not turning on so I've been using imessage on my mac, i usually sign out of it so no peeping could happen but I'm afraid I'm missing some messages being sent to me. Is there any way I can view the messages that have already been sent and not read ?

How to delete content from old iPhone

Hi. My problem is a bit complex, I would say. I have just bought a new iPhone and sold my old iPhone. When I was about to delete and reset all the stuff on my old, i couldn't because i couldn't remember my password for the restrictions in settings (english is not my primary language, so sorry if some of the words are not completely correct in the context of iPhone). I ended up restoring the old iPhone and leave it as it was when restored (no content and with the itunes logo on the screen) and afterwards gave the new owner the iPhone. But on my mac and new iPhone it is still possible for me to see the icloud tabs on my old iPhone (even though the new owner has restored his iPhone and logged in with his own apple id. After realizing this, he installed the find my iphone app and logged in with my account. This was something I saw on an apple article about resetting your old iPhone. By doing this I could erease my data from his iPhone from my mac. But when he did that, his iPhone didn't appear on my screen, as I thought it would. Now, is there anything, anything at all, I can do to delete my old iPhone from my account? Or do i really have to get my old iPhone back and set it up with my own account, for therefore at reset the iPhone using the find my iPhone app? Please help I hope all this makes just a little sense.  Thanks!

No sound from iPhone 4S

My iPhone will not ring out loud or play sound but if I put in earbuds, it plays through them- help?!

Recovery and restoration problems iPhone 5

I recently bought an iphone 5 online and I am having to restore it so that I am able to switch carriers. Im have been seeing where it should only take 30 mins. to a hour, but mine has been going for like 8 or 9 hours! Any help?

iPhone 5s having intermittently unresponsive touch screen

Recently, I accidently dropped my iPhone 5s on concrete and the glass screen got cracked/broken.  The phone had a cover protector, but somehow the glass still got broken.  Instead of taking it to the Apple store, I had one of the repair shops in local mall to replace the broken screen with a new one.  The guy at the shop also replaced the LCD.  However, I keep having intermitten issues with screen being unresponsive to my touches.  Things either do not react to my touch or sometimes when I hit particular letter while typing, a different letter is actually selected.  This does not happen every time, but when it does, it is really annoying.  I took it back to the shop a few times and the repair guy has even put a new screen, but I am still having the issue with unresponsive screen.  I also tried restoring the iPhone from backup and also to factory settings (wiping it completely clean), but still no luck. I read some things online that calibration might be at fault, but it is all inconclusive. Anyone has any idea what can be done to fix it?  Since the phone was opened by non-Apple repair shop, the warranty is voided (I did not know this at a time).  Please help.

i have new iphone 4s but it not giving me all available memory. its 16GB. only 11.9 used and its telling me i have 1.7 free

i have a new iphone 4s but it is not giving me all available memory. its a 16GB. only 11.9 used and telling me i have 1.7 free???

can one tell me where i can get free apple app for connecting my iphone 5c to my apple desk top

i know there is apps out there for free from apple to connect my iphone 5c to my apple desk top so i can supervise what my kids are doing on my apple desk top computer at all times from my iphone 5c from any where. could any one tell a good free app and where to go to get it for this

After 7.1.1 update my 5s not play music through earbuds iPhone 5s

The strangest thing occured on my iPhone after updating to 7.1.1, I can listen to music from the speaker and I can have voice conversations using my earbuds, but I can't listen to music through the earbuds. I took it into the Apple Store who said it is a hardware problem so I received a replacement. I now just got home with the replacement and plugged in my earbuds to listen to some music and again, no sound. Is there a hidden setting that might be muting the music when headphones are plugged in?

how i free up space in my icloud and make sure ALL of my photos and contacts are saved to cloud iPhone 3G

how do i free up space in my icloud and make sure ALL of my photos and contacts are saved to the cloud? because my app is running slow and i know I have things saved to my cloud and cant see them from the website

iPhone 4S sound mute even though Silent switch off

My iPhone 4S's sound has been muted and I can't seem to get it un-muted. When I click the + and - Volume buttons the Ringer Volume thing pops up but there's no volume meter. The Silent switch above them is turned off. There are sometimes that the sound is un-muted but then it mutes again. I can't get sounds from games, music, videos, anything. What's wrong with it?

How come left set of speaker stopped working on my iPhone 5

When I play videos or music only the speakers on the bottom right side work.

sleepwake button on my iPhone 5 has stopped working

The on/off button on my iPhone has stopped working on the right side and only about 4/10 timeson the left. If I take it into the Apple store will they replace my phone for free or will I have to pay for a new one?  don't have Apple Care and purchased my phone over 14 months ago.

Found iPhone iPhone 5s

Imagine my surprise as I walked along the (quite deserted) beach this weekend as I uncovered an iPhone half covered with sand.  I actually had no clue it was an iPhone until is pulled off the BodyGlove case.  The phone was entirely dead and unresponsive to any buttons, etc.  It had definitely been around a while.  I didn't have the a charger, so I was unable to even take a glance at the phone until I returned home and got it powered up via a borrowed charger.  When I did, the device was locked.  No carrier, wouldn't attach to wifi.  I tried to get Siri to call a contact (Mom, Dad, Sister, me, etc.) but without any kind of 'Net connection, it wasn't going to happen.  The last events on the phone seemed to indicate that nothing had reached the phone since May 25th.  It's now June 9th. I'm out of the area (back from the beach), so now what do I do?

hotspotbluetoothwifitimeout iPhone

I want to use my iphone's celldata connection to connect Wifi devices to the internet.  The wifi hotspot doesn't work for my application because the feature becomes undetectable if a wifi conneciton isn't made in 90 seconds or if all wifi connections are lost for 90 second.  I believe this is in order to conserve the iphone battery.  I'm trying to think of ways to manage this without having to repeatedly reopen my phones hotspots menu.   I've thought of 3 ways that this theoretically can be done. 1. jail brake the phone and set the phone to constantly broadcast the wifi, I personally don't like this option because if I wated an unrealiable opperating system on my phone I would get an android rather than a jailbroken iphone... 2. Possibly get Apple to modify their software or find an app that gets around this, is there a setting that when the phone is plugged in the hotspot automatically stays detectable? I don't think this is a possibility as I've been searching the web but it seems to me that Apple could impliment something like this as conserving battey life is a non-issue when the phone is plugged in. 3.  Use bluetooth and some sort of a bluetooth to wifi adapter box, this seems the most likely solution that I can think of.  I've been reading online and it appears that iphone bluetooth connection once turned on stays active indefinately unlike the iphone wifi hotspot.  My thought would be to pair that iphone bluetooth to some device that would rebroadcast the signal as wifi.  My biggest/ony problem with this idea is that I can't find anyone selling a device that does this. Adam

iphone speaker issue iPhone 4S

Hi, I have an iphone 4s. I am having a sound issue. It is not playing music out of the speaker. the sound level will not adjust in this mode. with headphones in the sound works intermittently. if i take the headphone jack out and start playing again the phone makes no sound and will not allow me to adjust the volume. it will not play other sounds in this mode either, such as alert tones. And the buttons on the side do not allow me to change volume (and are not saying "headphones").  With headphones in it plays for a few seconds then stops and sometimes starts again but not always (but the display shows that the song is continuing). Firstly, i have tried the steps on other posts i.e. restarting, turning off bluetooth, cleaning the sound port. given it makes sound sometimes i dont think it is a blocked port. Help!

After device delete from iCloud account iCloud account still on device iPhone 5s

Hi,      So I wasn't able to find a definitive answer for this. I bought a use Iphone 5. The former owner didn't remove the device from their iCloud, so it was still on the device. I got in touch with the owner, and they removed the device from iCloud. The problem being, the iCloud account on the device is still there and not logged in. Should it have deleted from the device when it was removed from the iCloud? Do I need to take the device to them to have them manually delete the account? Since it's not on their iCloud anymore, is it safe to format the device using DFU mode or will that result in an activation lock? Any help would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I've got the device connected through my wireless network so it is online.

Control an iOS device s music playback with another iOS device iPhone 3G

I have a iPod Touch 4 full of music docked with an AV device. that AV device only have 30 pin connector.I hope to use my iPhone 5 to control that iPod to play music. is that possible?

My iPhone 4S keeps searching even after I took out S card

My iPhone 4S keeps searching for service.I've tried:Taking out SIM card, then powered off my phonePowered off my phoneRestarting network settingsRestarting all settingsAirplane mode off and on    This has been going on for about possibly two months now. What can I do to resolve this problem? After two weeks since this happened, I dropped my phone resulting into the back glass being cracked, and a better quality camera (haha), could this be another cause??

Hello I've got problem when I'm playing game My iphone 5s 32g spacegrey becoming very very hot specially for gameloft games but for another tasks no problem and also no problem with my battery just becoming very hot when I'm playing game ideas

Hello I've got a problem when I'm playing game My iphone 5s 32g(spacegrey) becoming very very hot specially for gameloft games but for another tasks no problem and also no problem with my battery just becoming very hot when I'm playing game any ideas?Hello I've got a problem when I'm playing game My iphone 5s 32g(spacegrey) becoming very very hot specially for gameloft games but for another tasks no problem and also no problem with my battery just becoming very hot when I'm playing game any ideas?

way to Disable Framerate Limiter in GTA games on iOS iPhone 5C

On the PC version, you can enable or disable the framerate limiter.When it's turned on, you get 30fps.When it's off, you get well over 60fps depending on how powerful your PC is. To keep it at 60fps, you just turn off the frame limiter and turn on Vsync in the Nvidia Control Panel.Perfect.  Anyways, I wanted to ask if there's a way to do this for GTA games on iOS? That way we can get 60fps and make the game better overall.I'd love to see a 60fps game on my iPhone 5s. I do not care if 60fps will make the battery drain quicker. Any help &amp; discussion will be appreciated!

config Iphone without S

Can I config a simlock free Iphone 4S without using a SIM, I can use WiFi for internet connection

My iPhone 's speakers don't work iPhone 4S

My iPhone's speakers don't work when I play music or the sounds of apps, but if I get a call they work. What can I do? Some people told me they can change my phone because it's a hardware problem, but I bought at USA, I live Peru. thanks

Using generic lightning cable problem iPhone 5

Good day. I am using a generic lightning data cable to charge for a while now. my problem arose just yesterday after i charged my iphone 5 using the said cable. after charging and disconnecting my phone, this message keeps popping out "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone". it appears everywhere and frequently. it's annoying. really. then this morning, i plugged my phone to my MAcbook Air, for a few minutes it was charging but my Mac suddenly shut down! i disconnected my iphone, powered on my Mac and tried again. same thing. My Mac shut down! Could this be a "virus", malware, worm? whatever it is, please do help me. Thank you

iphone 5 constantly loadingtransferring data

So my iphone constantly seems to be loading/transferring data. (The little wheel in the top left hand corner of the screen is always spinning). I can't work out why and I'm pretty sure it is contributing to some pretty horrific phone bills by going over my cap (last 2 bills I have been way over). I have made sure apps are not running in the background when I am done with them, making sure they are all closed down, but it still continues. The most common suggestion I have seen online is to turn off celular data ... I mean that does work, but it seems like a bandage fix ... I do want to use my data, but when I choose to .. constantly turning it on and off when I want to use anything related to the internet is not ideal. When it is turned off, the moment I connect to wifi somewhere it is back to transferrinf data again. I can't work out what else I should be doing to fix it? edit: I should say that I have had background app refresh turned off, so that isn't the issue. I also just reset the celluar use data for the apps to see if I can find out if a particular app is using more without it really being used. But so far nothing really seems to look odd.

I can get free apps because going to my billing acount and ask me for me credit card how can I iPhone 3G

I can get free apps, because is going to my billing acount and ask me for me credit card, how can I do?

iMessages w pictures failed to send iPhone

I'm using a fully updated 5s and getting a delivery failure message whenever I send pics via iMessage.  The strange thing is that the people I'm messaging are receiving the messgaes and pics despite the error message on my side.  I've talked with some other iPhone users and they are currently having the same issue but I don't see anything online about the problem.  I guess it's not a big deal since the messages are being sent.  Anyone have insight?

I paid for my iphone 5' s replacement because of sleep botton. Will apple refund me

I paid for my iphone 5' s replacement because of the sleep botton. Will apple refund me?According to my serial number my iPhone was entitle for free repair or replacement.Regards

my camera shutter doesn't open iPhone 5

My iPhone camera shutter will not open. Occasionally, the reverse camera shutter will open, but when I hit the button to reverse it back it just blurs out the picture--I don't think it ever switches around. I have powered off the phone using the top button and have done a reset by hitting both the top button and the front button at the same time. What else can I try? I am about 200 miles from the nearest Apple Store.

i have failed payment and now its saying declined and i cant download free apps or anything iPhone 3G

i purchased a app and payment failed. now it keeps asking for account credit card details and keeps saying declining and wont even let me down load free applications

Changed iPhone so changed imei issue-can I retrieve evidence from apple iPhone 4S

I bought my iPhone 4s back in April 2012, then in March 2013 the wifi disabled and the iPhone was replaced free of charge under 12 month warranty for a new phone. Last week I cracked the screen badly on my second phone by dropping it and now need toclaim on my insurance (Protect your Bubble) and they need proof of the imei and other documents. The problem is, the imei number of my current phone is different from the imei of the original phone purchased, so how do I go about contacting apple to see if I can request a document which proves this? Or is this a lost hope? If its a lost hope, do you reccomend going to apple for a replacement (as they cant replace a cracked screen buy exchange the phone for a refurbished alternative for a fee?) or sending it to a company online to replace it for a fraction of the price? Cheers

iPhone 5S gets Extremely hot

Hi guys, I have an iPhone 5S that gets extremely hot, suddenly, while playing games or using personal hotspot or any other basic tasks. Please Help guys!Thanks!

iphone 5 sprint unlock international

hii have sprint iphone 5 locked sprint carrier i contact with sprint support to unlock but they told me i have to sign in with your phone number i dont have the the number with my iphone i did'nt buy my iphone from sprint in my country we use locked iphone as ipod then if we need we unlocked since 2007 i used many iphones from at&amp;t they unlock for free after 24h after reciving order whay sprint not doing like thisin saudi arabia most of our devices from at&amp;t

I am trying to play my songs from iTunes. We stored them on cloud. Now it's telling me additional fees may apply for downloading to cellular. What's up with iPhone 5C

I am trying to play my songs from iTunes. We stored them on the cloud. Now it's telling me additional fees may apply for downloading to cellular. What's up with that? I have a brand new iPhone 5c

iphone unlock jailbreak download