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My mlb at bat app blacks out wrong games I need help please. iPhone 5s

My mlb at bat app blacks out atl braves games no matter where they are playing, but doesn't black out the teams in my area. Anyone have any suggestions, it only does that when I'm connected to att network. When I'm on wifi I get braves games and the local games get blacked out like they are suppose too. I've contacted MLB and they say their end is good. Thanks!

Sold an iPhone 5s on eBay and am getting conned iPhone 5

To make a long story short, I used eBay's Global shipping program to sell an iPhone 5s to a buyer who happens to live in Russia. No I didn't know that was where he lived, my only worry was supposed to be getting the phone to the eBay domestic shipping center in Kentucky. From there eBay supposedly takes responsibility for the package. Anyway my package arrives in Kentucky safely and they ship it overseas. It goes through Russian customs and then to the buyer. He decides to take a video while opening the package and lo and behold when he opens up the phone case I had inside the box there is a black iPhone 5 and not the 5s I sent him. Now he is demanding his money back. I asked him for the IMEI of the iPhone 5 he says ended up in the package and he gave it to me. Is there a way I can tell where that phone has been using that IMEI, if it was ever in NY at all where I live? Something to prove I never had my hands on that iPhone? I don't think I will lose the case, but I would love a little more ammo.

airplane mode iPhone 5s

after my last iphone was stolen i wasnt able to track it becauae it never showed up online because of the airplane mode . it could have been wiped cleen and soldon the street .. ahgghhhha. i am not buy another 600$ phone i have no more funds .

No more IPod now Music iPhone 5s

They don't even give the consumer the option of having iPod or their advertisement hungry music app i will never buy another apple product again not only because of the iPod but my dashboard looks like an android dashboard now i liked the way the old dashboard was before this dumb update..... 699 dollars on my phone and i am super NOT happy!!!

iphone 4/4s iPod/iPod2 unlock and jailbreak

Cannot Delete Videos From Videos Album iPhone 3G

On my iPhone in Photos I have albums of  - Camera Roll, My Photo Stream, Videos, Events, Faces and iPhone. While I can watch any video in the Videos album, I cannot see them on my Mac nor can I delete them. If I do a select, the trash can icon is grayed out. These are taking up a lot of space - how do I get rid of them? Thanks.

Game Center issue iPhone 4

I recently got the iPhone 4 and every app the requires Game Center (which is most games) is inaccesible to me becuz when It switches to the Game Center screen and I try to sign in it just loops (meaning it acts like its loading and actually doing nothin) or when I try to cancel it acts like I never pushed the cancel button, any ideas? also it refuses to update or restore to iOS 7.

When my phone on speaker other person can't hear me speak iPhone 5C

When my phone is regular they can hear me but if it's on speaker they can't hear me. If I make a video when I play it back I can't hear it

How I change my apple ID email address on my phone iPhone

I recently changed my email address and password on my apple ID. I can access my Apple ID online but I am now unable to use iMessage and any other features that require my Apple ID on my phone.  When I go to change it in iCloud and in FaceTime it asks for the password to my old email address (which is now an alternative email address on my Apple ID but doesn't accept any password I have previously used. Any help would be greatly apprecieated.  Thank you

How can I disable update notification on games or apps iPhone 3G

So every time i open clash of clans i get this update notification it reads   Update is avalible!Good news! An new version of the game is availible.I know obyostly the answer is to update but i want to keep this version is there anyway to bypass this

Nike fuelband SE App statistics vs Nike online profile iPhone 3G

My Nike FuelBand SE syncs via bluetooth to my iPhone Nike FuelBand App.It also (on occassion) syncs via my MAC Nike+ Connect Appliation when its plugged in charging.Both of which sync fully to my Nike+ online profile. What I have noticed is some of the statistics are not matching up between my iPhone Nike FuelBand App and Nike+ online profile.My Nike+ online profile thankfully has the correct fully updated statictics, but my iPhone Nike FuelBand app does not. For example SESSIONS:  I have 2 sessions logged/tagged on my iPhone Nike FuelBand App, but I should have 4.  However, my Nike+ online profiles shows the correct 4 sessions. Any ideas?I use an iPhone5. Thanks in advance,

Frozen on iTune screen with plug and restore isn't working iPhone 5s

My phone is frozen on the iTune and plug screen.  I don't have a way of contacting support via phone.  I've been trying to find online support. Where to I go?

iphone 4 downloaded IOS7.01 update will not turn on now only shows pic of itunes app and USB plug in arrow towards it. I don't have computer with itunes downloaded can I simply log in online and plug it in to work

iphone 4: downloaded IOS7.01 update, will not turn on now, only shows pic of itunes "app" and USB plug in arrow towards it.  I don't have a computer with itunes downloaded, can I simply log in online and plug it in to work??

iPhone 5 LCD Issue

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lJiN3DWV5o&feature=youtu.be Ever since I updated to iOS 7 I've had this issue. The screen has never been replaced, phone has never been out of its case, never had water damage, never had any actual 'harm' did to it. It also sometimes has horizontal colored lines, it's also out of apple warranty, last month... :(

Problem with airplay and apple tv iPhone 5

video takes forever to load over airplay and then drops and need to reload.      Crazy stuff.       Ipad2.   Similar problem and drops airplay

I dont have visa or card to download games updates iPhone 3G

I dont have visa or any card to download games updates

iPhone dent iPhone 5s

Hi there, my only concern is that my iPhone has a dent from falling off a height of a 5'6" person from his knee, since it fell of my couch which its seat is until my knee and that is my height, height aside, it looks really ugly, although it is not noticeable from about 2 meters, but when someone holds my phone it can really be felt. the dent is in the side by the  upper left of my phone. where the earphone jack used to be on previous iPhones. Is there any way I can have this repaired? Or replaced? I'm willing to pay, as from what I have read in other discussions regarding their dents. But I have no luck in finding an online document here on the apple website regarding how much I would pay or anything related to a device replacement. I've had my phone for 29 days and am still eligible for a warranty. Please help, sorry if I am a bit too lazy to look for the document my self as I have tried but all I keep finding is the repair, not the replacement.

IOS 7 Grey Wifi Blue tooth-How to fix iPhone 4S

i would like to share with you how i fixed my iphone 4s after ios 7.0.4 update and lose of wifi, bluetooth greyed out.  Ive resolved the grayed out wifi bluetooth issue, i just wanted to share thia with you and hope it works for you as well. Firstly i was innocently upgrading a fully working Iphone 4s no problems ever, after the ios 7.0.4 update i lost all wifi and bluetooth which was grey out. After having contacted apple they told me like everyone else hardwear issues, i never beleived this from the start as the iphone previously worked fine before the update. Also if you check settings - General - about phone - wifi has no address where as before it was fine.I almost believe in my case the ios 7.0.1 has deactivated the wifi hardware by not re-entering a address upon updating as a issue. As the iphone is out of warrenty apple informed me if the item has a issue we could replace for £166 for out of warrenty, "what for downloading apple software thats prevented a perfect phone from working"! I informed apple this is a common issue and on the apple support communities site many people have this issue, the response was dont believe anything online. Literally i searched the entire internet for solutions, from trying to downgrade software and use tinyumbrellas software to alter the host settings to enable itune to download without a popup message of  'this device isnt eligible for the requested build' basiscally a block download. To more obscure solutions such as placing the iphone in a freezer or using a hair dryer. Please check these online for further reference. I would just like to share the fact if all else fails and you dont believe the obscure solutions work please have another rethinken, as they did in my case as id like to share my resolution with you.Please check online for further references if you prefer, but i to was doubtful about this idea and melting the phone etc. Fix iphone greyed out wifi bluetooth problem - worked on a iphone 4s with recent ios 7.0.4 update worked fine before update on 7.0.3 1.Place a hairdryer 6 inches away, apply heat for 10 sec.  2.Then remove for a few seconds BE CAREFULL KEEP CHECKING. 3.Then repeat, till phone gets hot and upon the screen the iphone will say to hot to use. 4.Switch phone off and let cool down. 5.When you switch on it reactivates the wifi hardware with the software and you can use wifi and bluetooth again.  Im just a normal person thats had apple products for over 15 years due to being a designer, ive been messed about by apple and tried everything on the net and the only reason i post this is to offer a solution that may work for you as it did for me.If any one has another opinion then that is there opinion, but this worked in my case and what i state is my experience and thoughts on this issues.All i intend is to try and help others as other online advice helpped me.

how i get video saved in videos off my iphone 5 onto my mac

how do i get a video saved in videos off my iphone 5 anto my mac

During video call in skype iphone 5s gold front camera sometimes blink once or twice. why

During video call in skype, the iphone 5s gold front camera sometimes blink once or twice, Just a second maybe or faster.What it was doing?  Is it normal?   or is it hacking sign?   somone taking pictures?   please reply

transfer photo and videos iPhone

Why I can't download/transfer any photos and video from my iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1) to my MacBookPro 15" (OSX 10.9.2)?Before the upgrade it was all ok. Please let me know if I have to able something. Thanks, Fibragi.

4s volume not working

Volume on my 4s just quit working. No sound from online videos, downloaded video, or songs. For songs, the volume bar shows up, but it's grayed out; not functional

May I ask it iTunes got problem Why I always can t purchase item in games iPhone 3G

Hello ?

How I free up already empty space on my iphone 4s

It says I have 1.1GB of space used, but I don't play games, have no photos, no music, deleted all my emails, have 5 saved text messages (total messages, not even conversations and it says 853 KB used.  My mail and trash are empty, it says 5.3 MB used, photos empty, 2.7MB used, nothing on my calendars or reminders, 560 KB used, safari 357 KB used.  There is nothing there, is there a way to reclaim this space?

Why isn't my cellular service working iPhone 5s

So, my iPad is not working.  I recently had to change the credit card for my month to month cellular service for my iPad, and now it is in a perpetual state of "Searching" for cellular service.  I have tried soooo many fixes from restarting, to spending 45 minutes with online Verizon tech support, to spending 1.5 hours at the Verizon store.  The Verizon store even replaced my SIM.  The next step in troubleshooting this, according to Verizon, is to take it into the Apple Store, and since I'm not close to an Apple Store, I'm posting here to see if anyone has any helpful ideas.

How I access an iPhone 5 with locked screen on desktop

The touch screen on my iPhone 5 is damanged and now unresponsive so I cannot unlock the device.  I wanted to transfer some video & pics onto my desktop before replacing the iPhone.  Can this be done?

marks on photosvideo iPhone 5

I've justrecently noticed marks on my photos & videos - I've attached a photo example (looks like tiny water marks and a hair?), and you can really see the "hair" here:http://youtu.be/myM2PPK8MQs I've cleaned the outside of the lens as best I can - any suggestions?  The rear of the phone hasn't been wet, the front was in light rain Friday evening for less than a minute, but the video was shot on Friday afternoon so whatever it is has been there since at least then (I hadn't noticed the marks before then).thanks in advance

Hi way to check if an iPhone 5s carrier locked or unlocked

Hi i am about buy a used iphone 5s and the seller claims that it is carrier unlocked. Is there a way to check if this is true, apart from the conventional method of inserting different sim cards and checking the status. I would like to use the phone overseas. Buying it from canada if that helps. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Can t use Face Time or iMessage on Wifi with my iPhone 4S

I'm overseas, and have suspended my AT&T cell service. I'm using a strong wifi connection for everything from email, Skype, radio streaming, downloading files etc. However, using my iPhone (with iOS 7.1) I'm unable to log into my Apple ID to use Face Time or iMessage. I keep getting the message "iMessage Activation - Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again." I know my network connection is strong. I was able to download the last episode of the Walking Dead in 5min, Skype, and stream radio and an hour long You Tube yoga video.  I was also able to log into my Apple account thru the apple store and this web site to submit this question.  Any ideas?!?! I really want to Face time an iMessage with my iPhone over wifi!Thanks!

Iphone black screen now wont turn on

Hello all.           LAst night my phone went "black" i have no idea. I tried rebooting it which didnt work. Now i cant see the screen but i managed to turn it off. I waited all day today and i let my battery die. Now my battery is dead and i can't see if that, being one of the solutions to the problem i read online, worked. I'm gonna take it to Apple tomorrow i guess.  Anyone know why it wouldnt be charging? As of right now its been plugged in for 30 minutes and nothing. Anyone with the same problem know how long it took the Apple store to fix? I dont want my phone back in a week, ya know.

Alerts for Apps iPhone 3G

How do I stop receiving loud random alerts for games that I have downloaded??  Thanks

How I transfer my games from itunes to new iphone iPhone 5s

Purchased a new iphone 5s and they turned on without transfering my games or music. I am transferring music but cannot see my Words With Friends to transfer.  I am in the middle of a couple games that I do not want to lose. How do i get my content from itunes since that seems to be the only way to get old content? Or is it? Old phone is iphone 4

iPhone 5 speaker stopped working--no known reason

My iPhone 5 speaker stopped working. Can't hear anything--music, video, person on phone, Siri. But phone functions and can use phone via Bluetooth in my car.


I couldn't charge my phone for a couple of days because my charger was broken and i ordered a new one online. So, when i finally plugged it up it showed that it was charging, then about 30 minutes later it didn't have the icon on the screen anymore. So i kept it plugged in overnight while i slept and it still doesnt have the symbol on the screen and it wont power on.https://www.google.com/search?espv=210&es_sm=122&q=I+couldn%27t+charge+my+phone+ for+a+couple+of+days+because+my+charger+was+broken+and+i+ordered+a+new+one+onlin e.+So,+when+i+finally+plugged+it+up+it+showed+that+it+was+charging,+then+about+3 0+minutes+later+it+didn%27t+have+the+icon+on+the+screen+anymore.+So+i+kept+it+pl ugged+in+overnight+while+i+slept+and+it+still+doesnt+have+the+symbol+on+the+scre en+and+it+wont+power+on.+What+should+I+do?&spell=1&sa=X&ei=RGNBU-TUEpPTsASvr4GgC g&ved=0CCgQBSgA What should I do?

This not about article I guess but how can I open my IApple ID iPhone

Hi people you should try asking questions it really works thanks guys

Cant get my iPhone to come online was taken. iPhone 5

Is their a way to turn your Iphone on from another device so that it will be able to be tracked by the find my ophone?

iPhone 5's screen's left side popping up.

Hi, I bought my iPhone in Singapore, where could I send my iPhone for servicing? (I live in the Philippines and ordered the phone online from Singapore), and its out of warranty. My iPhone 5's screen's left top corner is popping up and I just noticed it a few weeks ago. The gap widens more and more everyday and I have no idea where to send it to or where to bring it in. A possible cause might be battery swelling (from what I've read on the forums) because I always keep it in a hard, charger case with wrap around bumpers (the charger case is always on). 

I wanted to if I could purchase iPhone 5s s free on online apple store in USA and still be able to use it in Australia

Hi Apple, I was just wondering if I could purchase an iphone 5s (sim free)  from the Apple store online in the USA and still be able to use it in Australia? (:

Maps app on iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1 not announcing directions with sound turned on

My Maps app has stopped announcing directions. iPhone 5, iOS 7.1 with latest updates. Location services is turned on. Sounds are turned on. Volume is set to Loud in the Maps app. Cellular Data is turned on for Maps. I tried resetting my phone per the instructions online and nothing has helped so far. Any ideas?

this pissing me off please fix it asap iPhone 4S

http://i.imgur.com/LCO1ZEX.png this is ******* me off, i cant connect my 3ds into my wifi and my only mean to internet to handhelds got taken down. my phone died on its own and after i re-opened it, it had no wi-fi option. i cant play pokemon with my friends, cant go onto PsStore to buy new games for vita or nothing. this is making me feel like i just wasted my money buying this iPhone  i still have ios 7 and not ios 7.0.1.

Iphone 5 keeps switching to silent on its own

My Iphone 5 is stuck on silent mode, or more accurately it keeps switching to silent on its own.The problem started about 2 days ago, after upgrading to iOS 7.1 last week. The phone keeps switching in and out of silent mode (without the button being touched) and mostly stays in silent. It's not a speaker problem, nor a settings problem, as I’ve checked every bit of online advice I could find. I tried restarting, resetting, restoring, cleaning the headphone jack, and nothing helps. An attempt to see if it’s a headphone related issue (by plugging and unplugging while restarting in various combinations) got it working fine for about 5 minutes, then it switched back to silent.Needless to say, the phone did not suffer from any physical damage prior to the problem.

my iphone s camera button quit working-can't take videos either iPhone 4S

my shutter button doesn't work for pictures or video on my iphone 4s

My iphone 5 won't turn on after being fully drained

When I tried charging my iphone 5 after being fully drained it won't charge nor fire up. I tried using different OEM charging cables still no go. I am running on iOS 7.1 and the iphone was not jailbroken. I tried holding down the home button and sleep button for 10 seconds still no go. I tried going to another known working electrical outlet and still no go. When I try to hold down the sleep button it goes to a screen which shows 3 red lines meaning that the phone is low on battery with the lightning cable symbol. I have seen a couple of people online saying that they have the same problem and I hope that iOS 7.1 is not the culprit.

Problem with charging iPhone 5 using Digital AV adapter.

When using the Digital AV adapter, my iPhone 5 recognizes the adapter, shows the charging symbol briefly and then it disappears and the phone does not charge.  The video mirror through HDMI works without issue.  Both the charge cable and Digital AV are official apple cables.  The issue occurs whether an HDMI cable is plugged in to the adapter or not. Anybody else have this issue are have suggestions to fix? Thanks, JB

windows 7 wont recognise iphone 5

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista.  I have been online for 5 hours and followed every single suggestion, direction, instruction to get windows 7 to recognise my iphone. It will not recognise it at all. Any suggestions?

How I add divice to find my iphone app

I want yo add my little sisters iPad to the find my iPhone app and she already is using my Apple ID to download games someone please help

iPhone won't connect to PC or laptop iPhone 5s

I have an iPhone 5s, everything works fine and I've only had it a few months. It's always worked on my laptop, but a few days ago I tried plugging it in and it doesn't come up. The laptop is fine because my boyfriends 4s works on it. I've literally tried everything. I had a three hour online chat with Apple and did everything they told me to but still nothing. I even restored my phone today which again did nothing. Does this mean its a hardware issue?Any help/advice will be much appreciated

it okay to scream on Iphone 4S internal mic

After I did a video with a loud scream in the end, I was so paranoid if the mic is still okay, and this is a new phone and I'm paranoid about this. So, is it okay to scream directly to the iPhone 4S internal mic?

Unable to slide to unlock with 'Photo stream' alert stuck on screen-not frozen iPhone 4S

I changed my password yesterday.  It recognized it right away (I downloaded an app just after changing it), but today the phone kept asking for my to enter the password and would not accept it. I kept ignoring because I was at work and decided to deal with it later.  The password was correct - it works online, it works on itunes.  Now I have a 'Photo Stream cannot be accessed' alert on screen that doesn't allow me to click either 'ignore' or 'settings.' When I tap either button it appears to depress, but doesn' t have any other reaction. It doesn't let me slide to unlock. It doesn't let me slide to restart. I cannot access any part of my phone or turn it off. My phone is not up to the latest software, so I have it connected to my laptop thinking I can maybe just update it to solve the problem, or factory reset it if it comes to that. However, I have tried three times to download the newest software through itunes and each time it says it is corrupted and to try again. The factory reset says it will reinstall the latest software, so I don't want to try that until I can acquire the software. Is there any other way to download it? Is there anything else I can do to get this stupid alert off my screen? What do I do? I use my phone for work, I use it to wake up, I pretty much need it all the time. I've never really had problems with it before. Please help! - Katie

My reminders are not working iPhone 3G

I recently bought a 5s, and since I have had it none of my reminders which are set to repeat, work. If I set a one off reminder, it works fine, but not if set to repeat. Before this phone I had a 3GS, and  it had the same problem which started in August. I assumed that because the phone was old it was a fault with the phone and it was one of the reasons I finally decided to upgrade. Only to find I still have the same problem... I depend heavily on repeating reminders to stay organised and the app is really letting me down. I doubt it's an iOS 7 specific problem like some have suggested as my 3GS was iOS 6 and had the same issue. I've also tried testing with iCloud switched on and off. Doesn't make any difference... Any help really appreciated. I've tried looking online for a solution, but only a few people have raised this issue and no solution seems to have been found. Cheers Nathalie

iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s getting overheating while playing games or using apps, for only 5 min use. help me please.

iphone unlock jailbreak download