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I have problem with sound system iPhone 4

I have a problem with the sound system has become a little bit lower than before, which is the iPhone 4 running IOS 7.1 Please help me in solving this problem where I can not hear the voice of the device in the crowded places Thank you

I cannot receive calls though I am able to send them. I see similar questions but no solutions have worked. If Apple monitored this community and provided answers it would be helpful. My next phone WILL NOT be an Apple product. iPhone

I cannot receive coming calls. Calls do not go into voice mail and the greeting is not my voice or the default greeting.  This appears to be a common problem, regardless of carrier.  If Apple cared, they would monitor the forums and provide answers when possible.  Several people I know are replacing their iPhones with other devices.  My next phone WILL NOT be an iPhone.  iPhones are not worth the price.

iphone shuts down panic.ips very difficult to restart using home and power buttons iPhone 5

My iPhone 5 is about 1-1/2 years old. Yesterday the phone shut down during a voice call and would not restart even when pressing and holding down the power buttons simultaneously for an extended period of time (+ 10 seconds).  After about 30 minutes I tried the dual button reset and was able to get the phone to restart.  I plugged it into my MacBook and got an error saying the phone was in recovery mode.  Since the first shutdown event I have had 6 more shutdowns, I have been able to reset with varying amounts of wait time and attempts.  This morning the phone was dead again, I reset and checked the diagnostic & usage data.  There are 9 panic.ips crash logs beginning on 6-04-2014 at 4:44pm. The preceding error code to the .panic.ips codes was:  awdd_2013-05-15-1.consolidate It appears that something is wrong and that a simple reset is not able to clear.   What if anything can I do short of taking the phone to the Apple store? Thank you, Rick

Sended iphone 5s for repair and problem description about my phone wrong

Hi, so I shipped in my iphone 5s for repair under the 1 year warranty plan and just recieved my confirmation mail and it states that Problem Description: Power - Will not power off  I did not state the the power will not power off when I was submiting a repair request, I wrote the problem was that when i sometimes call someone the ringing and the other person on the line sounds different and the other person on the line say my voice sound different and sometime they can barely hear me, and i even restore my phone... Is there anyway of contacting apple about this??, my call phone support and chat support expire already

iphone 4/4s iPod/iPod2 unlock and jailbreak

I am prompted to change my voice mail password but I don t what my original voice mail password . iPhone

I am prompted to change my voice mail password, but I don't know what my original voice mail password is.  Not getting any voice mails right nowl

how I get my visual voice mail back iPhone

I updated to the most recent software update 7.1.1(11D201) & my visual voicemail option disappeared. I want it back. how do i go about that?

My 5s keeps randomly dialling contacts turning on voice control iPhone 5s

Iphone 5s - voice control turning on by itself and calling random contacts.  Switching from screens.  Have erased & restored twice.  Still crazy.

My iPhone 5 outer camera microphone mute

please help. I talk on the phone, make voice memos, but when I go to make any kind of regular video on the external video camera it doesnt work. I just got the phone 3 days ago on verizon

What happening iPhone 4S

I recently dropped my iPhone 4s the other day and it broke so I took it to the local iPhone repair shop, when I got it back everything was fine expect my iPhone thought it was an older model of iPhone, instead of Siri it had changed back to voice control and it won't pick up any SIM cards plus it thinks it has no back camera and the screen will not rotate, is there a way to fix this without wiping my phone and why has this happened?

After 7.1.1 update my 5s not play music through earbuds iPhone 5s

The strangest thing occured on my iPhone after updating to 7.1.1, I can listen to music from the speaker and I can have voice conversations using my earbuds, but I can't listen to music through the earbuds. I took it into the Apple Store who said it is a hardware problem so I received a replacement. I now just got home with the replacement and plugged in my earbuds to listen to some music and again, no sound. Is there a hidden setting that might be muting the music when headphones are plugged in?

Others can't hear me when I speak my voice sounds muffled iPhone 5C

Hello everybody! Recently I've been having a problem with my iphone 5c because when I speak my voice sounds very muffled on the other end of the line. I tried cleaning the microphones, I removed my case and tried speaking without it, but none of that worked. It turned out that people only hear me well when I turn my loudspeaker on while talking or when I speak with my earphones plugged in. I started having this issue a few weeks after I installed the 7.1.1 update so I guess it is not a software problem. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

iPhone 5s Recent call history

Hi in my iPhone 5s call history i could see that only the current week voice calls are listed out. Rest all is only for facetime calls. Is there a way by which you can make appear all the  type of calls made/received in  recent calls list for more than a month

Why don't you get quick access to voice memos on calling application thus would not have to run to get pen and paper when we say phone number of another person or an appointment. iPhone 5s

Why don't you get a quick access to voice memos on the calling application? thus would not have to run to get a pen and paper when we say a phone number of another person, or an appointment.

iPhone 5 home button problems

Hi all,          I've got an iPhone 5 and have had it since they were first released and up until a few days ago it's been working fine but all of a sudden it's as if the home button is stuck down (not physically) or pressing itself as apps keep minimising or closing and Siri keeps activating all without me touching it. I've turned off Siri as it was getting really annoying but the voice control then kicks in and it occasionally rings random people or numbers. It's got to the stage where I have to keep my phone switched off and only turn it on briefly so that I can try and check if I've got any messages or missed calls, etc. I've tried cleaning round the home button but nothing is working. The phone isn't really damaged and has never been dropped in water or anything like that. I don't have insurance on the phone and I'm guessing its out of warranty but any help you folks can offer would be greatly appreciated as it's passed a joke now.  Thanks

How i find my voice mail password for New iphone 5s

I never had a VM password to listen to my messages on iphone 4, now new iphone5s is asking for a password for VM messages. How do i find out what it is? I dont recall ever setting this up. I can not listen to my messages.

Inappropriate Response iPhone 5

I am using iphone 5 since aug 2013 with one year warranty ie upto aug 2014. My iphone is getting heated up and so i visited the authorised apple care in ahmedabad gujarat. First they checked out my phone and found that there was some software issue due to which my phone was getting heated up. I requested them also to check for the hardware issue but they denied, that there is no issue found. Despite that i am facing the same problem. I want to request for replacement because now, at some times i am also unable to hear the voice from incomming call. It seems as if its on mute, and aftersome time i am able to hear the voice @ very low volume. These are the hardware issue i am facing. Please guide me what to represent against the Apple Authorised care for replacement.  With the cause of heating, sometimes heating sensation is felt on my skin. Please on a serious note reply asap

Volkswagen 2014 Tiguan pairing and voice dial with iPhone 5 problem

I just bought a 2014 VW Tiguan.  My iPhone 5, running the latest update, will Pair with the car, will load my contacts, but will not function correctly on "voice dial" commands.  It only "hears" names in my contacts whose first names begin with "A".  It won't "hear" any other names in my contacts!  VW dealership has updated the car's software.  The car's mic is working correctly, as are all other aspects of the pairing with my iPhone.  But it won't "hear" all of the names in my contacts.  My salesman's phone will work--eventually--after a brief delay, but eventually was able to work correctly on voice dial.  But my phone still won't.  Has Apple encountered this?  I had the same trouble with a 2014 Passat, so it is not limited to the Tiguan. Any thoughts?  Is it a Bluetooth problem?  VW's problem?  A setting on my phone that I'm not thinking of?

My 5s keeps loosing signal 02 say it latest update on ios 7 causing this this true and what's happening about it plz iPhone 5s

My iPhone 5s keeps loosing signal , I have contacted 02 , and they say it's to do with the latest ios 7 update , my messages and voice mail doesn't come through for a day or two after they are sent or left , this shouldn't be happening to a phone that is only a few months old !

iPhone 4 no sound or mic during calls

Hi all well as the title says I have an iPhone 4 that has no sound or microphone when making phone calls. To start off I should say I have a very small phone repair shop but this one has got me stumped. The phones bottom speaker works you can listen to music and the microphone works you can use voice control, the problem is only using the phone app! skype works. What has been done to date. * Phone was brought in with this problem.* The phone was first factory reset as it had other problems too like not getting 3G coverage (that was resolved with a restore)* New ear speaker was installed.* New Charging port flex with microphone installed.* New Headphone jack flex installed (Thought it might have headphone problems causing it to lose sound but not even they work in a call !)* New bottom speaker installed.* With all new hardware we reset the phone to ios 7.0.6  I have tried several times to reset and I have changed the parts a few times still no luck not with normal phone function speaker phone or headphones plugged in do I get sound or microphone working during a call..... but skype and viber work! anyways any ideas,fresh input or help is more than welcome. Kind Regards Patrick

iPhone 5 won't make outgoing receive incoming calls.

iPhone 5 64gb on AT&T is out of warranty (barely) and it has lost the ability to connect a voice call. ALL other features/funtions of the phone work as designed, with the exception of voice calling. It has some slight cosmetic blemishes even though I have kept it in an otter box since it was new. The blemish in the case is a small crack in front of the "volume down" button on the side of the chassis as well as a slight curve to the back. the LCD and digitizer are in near perfect condition and work without flaw. I've restored the phone as "new" as per instructions on this forum and problem persists. I also had my carrier try to troubleshoot my connection to their network, to no avail. I guess my question is has anyone seen this type of damage before? Or experienced this type of failure in their iphone 5? It's worth mentioning that this problem DID NOT start when I noticed the damage (which would've been in the warrantry period, but since it did not affect function of the phone I decided just to put it back in the case and live with it.) I DID however, start having issues with making and reciving calls and "dead air" soon after updating to iOS 7.1.1.

My iphone 4 unresponsive iPhone 4S

Not all of the buttons are responding when I press them. It keeps activating things without me touching it. The camera light is permanently on even when I switch it off, voice control keeps coming on and it's dialing people without me even touching it.  I haven't dropped it or exposed it to water, so really not sure why this is happening. Should I try and take the battery out?  Any advice would be incredible welcome.   Thank you

recover my voice memos after accidentally format my iPhone 4s

I accidently format my Iphone  4s and forget to back up my voice memos... i never back up the file in itunes can someone please tell me what to do to get them back?? thank you

iPhone 5 has bad voice clarity quality

Hey roypt2008! Please see the following article for troubleshooting steps regarding this issue: iPhone: Hardware troubleshootinghttp://support.apple.com/kb/ts2802Acoustic-speaker/microphone/receiverFind troubleshooting steps for:No sound or distorted sound from speakerMicrophone issuesReceiver issuesThanks for coming to the Apple Support Communities! Regards,Braden

I buy second hand iPhone but it not acitivate and need owner Apple ID but I don t have

I buy iphone4 s 2 nd hand. When I trying to start it it show you need to fill Apple ID . When I fill my Apple ID it's not activated and it's show you need to  previous owners I'd . I am trying to contact with the person where I get this iPhone but her is on voice mail . Please help me to activated it

Visual voice Mail iPhone

I have problem to get visual voice mail.  I didn't receive carrier settings update after downloading ios 7.1.1, can you please advise?

iPhone 5s issues on Verizon network

does anyone have the iPhone 5s on Verizon? I've had issues with voice echo back and calls breaking up and they can't seem to fix it.. it's been 4 mos now?

how to delete wats app voice message from internal storage iPhone 3G

How to delete the wats app voice message from internal storage. Whether the incoming audio message will store in any form of data or not?

Why will Siri not work on my iPhone 4s

I've had my iPhone 4s for a while now, actually, it used to be my Dad's, but I just realized hoe useful Siri was and I help down the Home button for a while and voice Control came up, so I went to enable Siri, and there's wasn't even a Siri tab to enable her. Can I have some help?

My mic not working when my earphone connected to my iphone iPhone 4S

When someone phone me when I am using earphone, I can hear their voice on my earphone but they can't hear me. It used to work, but it just stopped working few weeks ago.How can I fix this?Thx.

video record voice problem and hissing sound iPhone 5C

every time i record a video on my iphone 4s, my voice is very low and there's a hissing sound but the sound trouble didn't occured when calling, voice note or using my earpod. please help me

Why this new upgrade taking longer to load. I like last upgrade better iPhone 5s

My voice to text on internet does not work properly!Things take twice as long to load. Can some explain that?  I tried to shut down and reload. Same result I get !  It was fine before upgrade . Why not good now.

Sir Good morning. I own an iphone 4S and i accidentally drop it. My problem when i use phone to call other cannot hear my voice clearly its scratchy but i transfer to louder speaker mode my voice quality very clear. Please help.

Sir: Good morning. I own an iphone 4S, and i accidentally drop it. My problem is when i use the phone to call the other cannot hear my voice clearly, its scratchy... but i transfer to louder speaker mode my voice quality is very clear. Please help.  Thank you. Kenneth

how I stop my iPhone 4 from going straight to voice mail

My iPhone 4 keeps going straight to voice Mail and then I get a notified of missed calls?  How can I correct this?

I m getting spammed iPhone

Hey ! I keep getting spam text messages from numbers like 901-6 . The messages say random numbers and letters and say that an android has sent me a voice message . I get like 15 of these messages a day. How do I make it stop ?

iPhone 5s Major Issue

I have had my iPhone 5s for around 6 months and have been happy with it and have no issues till now.. All of the sudden, through no perceived fault of my own(I haven't changed anything), tremendous problems have occurred. First off, iPhone 5s running IOS 7.1.1(11D201) 16GB THE ISSUESI first noticed the issues this morning when attempting to use SnapChat, the camera was just not loading and wen it did, it was not responsive with the focus.I closed the app(Through Task Manager) and went to to the Camera app its self ad to which nothing. The camera would open up, show a black screen(With capture button) and then almost immediately close on its own. The camera is not working and shows no sign of changing that. I then went to see if the camera would open from the lock screen(Swipe up) and the phone would just go to black screen, then display the Apple Logo(As on start -up) and then return to the Pre-Swipe-To-Unlock screen. I have tried all the pre-mentioned tricks:Turning it off and on,Adjusting the voice Over to trick the system,Changing the Increased ContrastETC and still no fix, the next step would be taking the device to Apple, thought I'd check here first.Help Please Roderick

iPhone 5s died overnight while charging blue screen and logo loop

I was charging my iPhone overnight and woke up to a dead phone. Tried restoring with iTunes a few times with no luck, it kept giving me the error code 40. Everything on my Mac is up to date and am having no trouble connecting to the iTunes servers even though I'm in Kathmandu, so I assume this is a hardware issue now. Tried to put it into DFU mode without any success, the only thing that it did was give me the blue screen, Apple logo, yellowish screen loop before going off again. Requested a call w/ Apple (Case ID: 608858029), but unsure if they'll have any luck reaching me through my Google voice number on my laptop since I'm in Kathmandu and my phone is now obviously not working. Even though I got the phone in late September last year, according to Apple I'm already out of warranty? Thought they had a one year warranty? In addition I cracked my screen back in March, so does that automatically void my warranty even though this BSOD seems to be an unrelated issue? The phone was working fine with the cracked screen for over a month. If my warranty is void and I'm not going to be getting any help, I might open up my phone and disconnect my battery as mentioned in this thread. All suggestions appreciated. Since I'm going to be in Nepal / Tibet for another month, I might pick up a cheap Android phone if all else fails.

Making calls from my macbook air to real number for free and without other person having to require wifi iPhone

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!I dropped and Shattered my iphone 5c screen today pretty bad most of the top part has fallen out and i had to physically push the screen back in. i can no longer see the screen it just shows up different colors with black lines through it but the phone itself still works i still receive the notification sounds of texts, facebook notifiations etc. my question is if there is anyway to sync my number or use an app that will allow me to make phone calls from my macbook air. I have imessage going already but would like to be able to phone real numbers FOR FREE no skype or anything. a free option would be the best seeing asI CANNOT AFFORD TO FIX MY PHONE at all. My boyfriend goes away for work 3 weeks at a time and has NO WIFI so facetime is out of the question. hearing his voice at the end of the day makes my day so much better and makes the 3 weeks alone alot easier so having a free option to call him without wifi would be amazing! open to any suggestions please and thankyou!SO AGAIN SOMETHING THAT ALLOWS ME TO PHONE ANOTHER REAL IPHONE NUMBER FROM MY MACBOOK, THAT IS FREE AND DOESNT REQUIRE WIFI PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

voice dial when siri not connected to web iPhone

Please tell me Apple was not so stupid to make it impossible to voice dial when Siri is not connected to the web? I don't want to use up my monthly data allotment using Siri to voice dial. I know there was a voice Command option on the pre Siri phones, why did they get rid of it?  My 8 year old Samsung has a button I push and I can tell it who to contact or what number to dial. Was Apple so stupid as to leave this out of the new phones?

Iphone mic not working iPhone 4S

My iphone 4s mic is not working. While recording video i am not able to record the audio simultaneously. Playing back the video just gives out an hissing sound from the speaker. But voice memos and siri work fine. Speaker phone dosen't work. Please help me out

When I am sending text message I want to diable voice from spell check on My 5S iPhone

How do I disable the voice spell check correction when I am typing a text message to send.

voice problem in iphone 5

Very slow voice is coming in my iphone 5.. Please help me.

siri doesn't take me home iPhone 5s

I'm so frustrated!  I can't get my brand new iPhone 5s to know where I live. "I don't know your home address. Tap your name if you' dlike to add it." I tap it, then I'm taken to the Contact page... under "Addess" the address is there. I tap it, then I'm taken to a map. I tap where I live and I'm taken to a page that says "Direction to Here" and "Directions from Here" "Transit Directions" "Create New Contact" "Add t Existing Contact"  I add to existing contact and I get two addresses in Contact. Then it's the same thing, I go in circles, back to "Tap your name if you'd like to add it."  What am I doing wrong? I've restarted several times, I've changed "address" to "home" to the left of my address, but still it's the same circle.  I bought iPhone 5s so that I could voice command and have the iphone give me directions back home! Does anybody have any insight?

i am not able hear voice clearly while calling. iPhone 5s

i am not able hear voices clearley while calling through iPhone5s. can anyone help me to solve this issue?

Having audio problems when making calls. My end clear however person I am calling hears repeat of their voice iPhone 4S

I have an iphone 4S.  When making calls, the receiver has an audio repeat of their voice when talking.  I have tried to turn on speaker and turn off, but it does not remove the problem.  How can I correct this issue?

iphone 4s screen goes black after touch

My display is not showing. I have voice over activated where I can hit the home button 3 times and tap something and siri tells me what it is, so I can navigate blindly. But when I turn my phone on, the apple logo shows up, then my lockscreen shows up, but shortly after(3 seconds or something) and when I touch the screen, the display goes black and I can't see anything, but everything works. I've rebooted a million times and it's still not helping.

My iPhone 4's microphone busted when recording video.

It works crystal clear on Skype/voice Recorder and calls, but why not on Camera?Please help me~

What makes my 5s stop service and show invalid sims iPhone

Why does my 5s suddenly quit working and shows invalid sims. It also will loose service and just constantly search no matter where your at even at the store where I bought it. It will not recognize  voice dial of a contact and says there is no home number for example when there is one. I resolve this by hiding all contacts and the putting it back on show all contacts. This is a pain in the butt this phone is less than two months old. Went to Sprint today and only left there madder and frustrated. I wish I would have kept my 4s at this time any answers help. 

Callers can't hear me but I can hear them iPhone 4

Hi all, I've got an iPhone 4 (no longer under warranty as I bought it from a friend.) well before Christmas and it's been working perfectly until last week. When I phone someone, they cannot hear me on the other end of the line. I can hear them though. No, I'm not hitting the mute button with my cheek when I call, nor am I covering up the mic with my finger whilst holding it.Turning it onto to speakerphone or using headphones doesn't work either. However my mic is working for other apps such as Whatsapp, voice memos etc etc.This only really started happening when I updated it last.  Is there any way I can fix it? Please help. -update- I've restored my phone twice with no luck.

Call failure iPhone 5s

I have recently bought 5s factory unloack from Dubai and brought to india, here I am facing the problem of call failed every time whenever i goes out of station, however all other services works efficiently,,,tried all measures..but vein ...can you suggest some action. I have got it reformated from Apple Store hear, but didn't work... 2nd prob is poor voice receiption by at receivers' end. what to do? Can I get it replace here in India else suggest me some measures. Thanks Rajesh Walia

iOS 7.1.1 thanks Apple for nothing. iPhone 4S

Hoped that 7.1.1 would resolve the battery problem on my iPhone 4S, but that didn't happen. Clearly, Apple don't care much about the voice of their customers. My device goes on sale today, simply because I cannot use it anymore the way I prefer, the way I did before the damned 7.1 update. I am very, very disappointed. But Apple don't give a ****. Well done guys, you've just lost a true fan.

iphone unlock jailbreak download