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iPhone 5c voice dial cannot be disabled after software update. way around this

iPhone 5c voice dial cannot be disabled after software update. Is there any way around this?

Home button broke and Apple wont fix it iPhone 4

I became a first time iphone user a little over a year ago through Verizon.  I have an iphone 4.  About 3 weeks ago (50 days after my one year warranty ran out, the home button on my phone broke.  Sometimes it flat out doesnt respond, other times it acts as if it is pressed in and constantly flips between the desktop and open apps and also activates voice command and randomly dials people.  Essentially it has become unusable. I've gone through the list of common fixes for this problem and tried them all.  I've tried calibrating the home button,  using the charging adapter to unstick the button, ive tried the isopropyl alcohol in the button, nothimg fixed it. I even did a full format and restoring of the phone.  I finally took it to my local Apple store.  They looked at it, determined it was indeed a hardware issue with the button and told me they will not repair it and that my only option is to buy a new 4 for $200.  I was willing to pay to have this issue fixed as I am out if warranty and do not have any coverage plan but they wont do that.  Im pretty unsatisfied with this answer as you would expect.   As a first time Apple customer I dont have a good first impression.  Im realistic and understand that im out of warranty and thats why im willing to pay to have it repaired, but when im told my only option is to buy a new phone...wrong answer.  I now just feel as if its a tactic to increase revenue.  Not surprising, I know.   Anyone ever experienced this before and have any suggestions?  Unless it fixes itself or I get a satisfactory resolution from Apple, I'll probably activate an old phone, wait a year for my verizon contract to renew and get an android. 

my iphone 5c wouldnt ring i turned it off back on and even reset it now it goes straight to voice mail

does anybody know why a iphone 5c would quit ringing i turned it off and back on even reset it now it just goes to voicemail

I dropped my iPhone in toilet iPhone 4S

In january, I dropped my iPhone 4S in the toilet. It was in water for about 15 seconds. I took it out and turned on the screen multiple times and it was still working and then it stopped. I put it in rice for a week and it didn't work. Recently, I found out it was able to bibrate. I charged it and triple tapped the home buttona nd voice over started to talk, but my screen remained black. I was able to find out the touchs creen works, but the screen is still black. I was able to slide to unlock and type in my camera. I was able to locate the camera and take pictures as well. Everything works but my screen is fried. I can sync it to iTunesa nd I even found the pictures I took. What should I do? I called it and it rang as well. What should I do? Can I replace the screen? Please help.

iphone 4/4s iPod/iPod2 unlock and jailbreak

my iPhone 4s locked and its running on male voice.its running on command mode.i am not accessing my iPhone

my i phone 4s is locked and its running on male voice.its running on command mode.i am not accessing my i phone

unable to verify whatsapp iPhone

Hi there,anyone get this problem when trying to verify whatsapp ?"you have reached SMS verification limit.please tap ' call me' to try voice verification" and"STATE:fail-too-many RESULT:(null)

My iPhone 4S screen black only siri works. What's with What can I

Hey,  I have an iphone 4S. Like a billion years ago the power button stopped working. Havent had problems with it until now, where it suddenly went black while I was using it. Siri still works when I hold down the home button but listening to siri's voice is just not enough for me. Apparently holding the power and home buttons at the same time for 30 seconds an unresponsive iphone back on, but I can't do that with my power button being broken. What should I do? I really would like to avoid going to the apple store.

iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1 self-launches applications

Since upgrading my iPhone 5 to iOS 7.1 I have been experiencing 2 strange issues:1 - When plugged into a charger (a genuine Apple charger, not a knock-off) the touch screen is intermittently responsive.  Usually I can't do anything, but on occasion I can move the slider or launch an app.2 - And while the phone is in the charger, it self-launches applications.  I can watch it as apps open and then more apps open.  A little earlier today my iPhone made a phone call all by itself.  When I put it on the charger all of the apps were closed, so the phone apparently has a mind of its own.  I was doing some work at my desk when I heard a voice talking and couldn't figure out where it was coming from until I looked at my phone and realized that it had dialed a family member and I was hearing his voicemail recording. I know a lot of people have had weird issues with iOS 7.1, but I have heard nothing about these 2 issues that present only when plugged into a charger. I get the quicker battery drain like everyone else, but I'm curious if anyone else is having the same charging-related issues as me.

Can I change navigation voice iPhone 5s

Change navigation voice? I don't want a female voice

Delete part of an iCloud backup iPhone

I have an iCloud backup, that has specific text messages, as well as a google voice app restore, with lots of texts messages that I DONT WANT ANYONE SEEING.I believe I am currently being investigated, for complicated reasons by a significant other, and if they had the ability to have access to my icloud backups somehow, I do NOT want those to be seen.  However, I dont want to lose the iCloud backup either or delete it entirely. Is this possible?

my cousin enabled voice over mode on my iphone 5s and my screen went blank and i cant disable it because it wont offer me general settings

Someone help

Hey need some help and am scared i am getting hacked. Hey need some help and am scared i am getting hacked. iPhone 4

I have emailed a itunes support guy named noel ask a question about buying add-on content. . I was stupid enough to go to  a link off the internet to the apple website not knowing if i could been fake. so later on that day the guy replied back with, im going to copy and paste the following :Dear Nick, Thank you for contacting iTunes Store Support. My name is Noel and I'll be handling your request today. I understand that you were not able to purchase in-app items from the game "Clash of Clans" when you clearly have enough store credit. I can certainly feel how important it is for you to have this issue resolved. Don't worry, I will be happy to help you get this matter sorted out. Nick, I've checked your account and I can confirm that you do have $50.91 of store credit on account. For me to further investigate on the issue, I would like to kindly ask you to reply to this email with a screen shot of the Apple ID that is currently signed in on your iOS device and also the message that you are receiving when trying to purchase in-app items. Try these steps to see the Apple ID that is currently on your iOS device:  1) Verify that you have access to the internet from your iOS device via Wi-Fi or a cellular network. 2) Tap the Settings icon on your Home screen. 3) Scroll down and tap iTunes & App Stores. The Apple ID that you're signed in with will appear. To take a screen shot on your iOS device, just follow these steps: 1) Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button at the top of your device, then quickly press the Home button right afterward while still holding the Sleep/Wake button. Your screen flashes and the picture will be added to your Camera Roll. 2) To locate the screen shot, tap Photos and then Camera Roll. 3) Tap on the picture you just took. 4) Tap and hold your finger on the picture. 5) When the Copy button appears, take your finger off the picture and tap the Copy button. The screen shot will be copied to your clipboard. 6) Press the Home button, and then go to Mail and reply to this message. 7) In your reply, tap and hold until the Paste button appears, and then tap the Paste button. 8) Send the message. Do let me know if there is anything else I can do for you Nick, as I want to ensure that this matter has been resolved. Thank you for being a valued customer of iTunes. You have a good one! Sincerely, NoeliTunes Store Customer Supporthttp://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ww/ Please Note: I work Monday to Friday 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you.   Thats what the email that replied to me... now me being stupid i wasnt thinking and thought this guy was trying to help me out and hope he actually was... now later on yesterday my friend called me saying "hey whats up , why you call me... i said " i didnt call you.. and he said i left him a voicemail about watching *********** which was pretty freaky.. because i never called him or left him a voice mail. So at school i listiend to the voicemail and scared the heck out of me!! then it hit me !! Could it have been that email ??! then i went back to the email and re-read it Steps 1-8  made me think!! omg help thanks , nick.

my iphone stopped giving ring tone on receiving in coming calls. callers tell me my phone goes immediately to voicemail. i cannot figure out how to rectify this problem. HELP

my iphone suddenly stopped making ring tone on in coming calls.  callers tell me that my phone goes immediately to voice mail when they call.  how can I rectify this please?

voice control starts by it self all time iPhone 4

voice control starts by it self all the time. I have turnd of voice dialin but nothing happened. 

iPhone 5s screen flashes on and off during voice calls

Operation is perfect with every other app except whenever the phone detects I'm making or receiving a voice call. No problem on facetime. The screen will instantly black out and to bring it back I have to press the main button, then screen will reappear but only for an instant before blacking out again. It does not matter if the phone has been in standby or if I've been actively using it as the call comes in.  Its about the most frustrating thing I can imagine.  One clue, while I'm talking the phone will often mute itself as if my cheek activates the mute function. I use no screen protector but I do use a case, it still does it when I take the phone out though. It has done this since new and through at least one software update Any help really appreciated, thanks,

How did my iPhone 4 get additional free space

iPhone 4 on iOS 7.1. I synced my iPhone 4 to iTunes on a laptop by accident.  I told my iPhone that I didn't trust the computer, and then I unhooked the phone.  But before I did, I noticed on iTunes that I had 1.7 gigs of free space.  On the same day, earlier, I noticed I only had 1.5 gigs.  After I unhooked, I noticed it jumped to 1.9 and stayed on 1.8 gigs.  What the **** happened?  I looked at the apps and non of them were erased as to photos and music.  I checked the emails, text, and voice messages saved, and none of them were erase.   What happened? Additional info that may not be related, but... I am using this app, Battery Doctor, and it told me that I had 1.7 gigs of free space, which was not true when I went to settings/general.  It said 1.5 gigs available.I did delete a lot of apps the previous day, but I would assume that my iPhone 4 would have caught up to the extact or general ammount of free space I retained.

iPhone 5-No sound via earpiece or headphones during call

Hello.I've purchased iP5 , with a problem - there was no sound via earpiece during the call. I've thod that if i use headphones problem will be gone - but suprisingly its not. I cant hear anyone nor anyone can hear me via earpiece,speaker,or headphones.. Im sure mic is ok because of fact i can use voice memos. But the weirdest is fact that when screen is off - nothing happens, when i turn on LCD some weird beeping silent noise comes out from speakers.I was told that similar problem allready existed and they changed speaker only. Im thinking about changing flex with sensor and camera,but im wondering about that sound.. Any1 had problem like this ?  I've tried factory reset,but i think its hardware problem.

voice control. iPhone 5C

I have an IPhone 5c and I turned of Siri but voice control and now activated and I need to know to turn it of without turning siri back on.

I suspect spy app on my iphone 4 somebody watching my calls voice conversation. Can somebody help me to identify app and how to remove it

I suspect a spy app on my iphone 4 that somebody watching my calls/ voice conversation. Can somebody help me to identify the app and how to remove it?

can i get my files off my phone if battery faulty and i can't switch on my phone iPhone 4S

Please help! My iphone 4s died today. My network provider has told me the battery is completely broken and i need to claim on my insurance for a new phone. However, I've not backed up my pictures for a month (photo stream does my head in) and I have voice memo files of recordings of both of my babies I can't bear the thought of losing. What can I do????

No sound since ios 7.1 iPhone 4

since i upated my iphone 4 has has no sound on any app but the alarm still goes off (with sound) and the voice memos seem to have sound as well it's not on silent and the when the volume buttons are pressed there is no white bars underneath the bell unless you using the voice memos app but as soon as your off it and try turning volume up or down the bell again has nothing underneath... nothing has sound except for alarms and memos apparently no music, no apps no videos no sound need help

iPhone 4 won't turn on after smashing front screen

Okay, so in my fit of rage this afternoon, I threw my phone at my bed head and both back and front smashed (Front not as bad as back). I had a case like the one below on so it wasn't just surface on surface contact..Anyway, my phone will not turn on at all. When I plug it in to charge it I can hear it make the noise it makes when it starts charging. Also, I was holding the home button down and it made the sound that voice control makes. And it also at one point talked to me in that weird computerized voice just talking about what voice control does.. So I figured it must be alive in there somewhere? I kind of have the idea that the LCD has been disconnected or something but I just want to know for sure (or as much 'for sure' as you can give me). What is my best option? Should I get the screen repaired and will the LCD automatically work or should I get it properly checked out? I don't have the money to spend a lot so the cheapest options would be best please.. Thank you greatly to anyone who answers!!

iphone 5s microphone issue

The microphone on my iphone 5s (ios 7.1) is not working in the folloing apps:  phone and voice note But it is works fine in Siri and if I use a headset (bluetooth or cable) it works fine too.  Reboot does not help.  After connecting the iphone 5s to my MAC with installed "iphone-konfigurationprogramm"and open the konsole there the microphone is working again. Have anyone good a god idee or solution?

Siri only works with headphones iPhone 5

I have tried many times to figure out why siri only works with headphones, till I was driving the other day, I answered the phone laying on the dash, and selected hands-free.The caller couldn't hear me.My voice record and voice  control work fine it's just siri and speak/type-keyboard that don't work.(What I am asking is) *there are 3 speakers in the A1429What microphone dose siri take audio from? Please can you help me with this problemThanks

Iphone 5 internal speaker problem-Please help

My iphone 5 recently had problem with the internal speaker. I can not hear the voice of the call by internal speaker. Some one advice me to turn of cellular data, turn off wifi and make a call. I tried and it and it worked but only for the first some times. Now, that method is no more working. Again, someone told me that I should hold the center of the screen at bottom of the internal speaker while talk, I tried and it worked. However, it not convinient to hold the screen all the time you make a call. I did bring my phone to a phone repair shop, they tried to change the new speaker to my phone but can not fix the problem. If anyone here know what is the reason and how to fix this, please advice. Thanks so much, Hai Phan

how can I forward voice messages iPhone

How can I save voice messages to my computer?

iOS 7.1 update bugs iPhone

The only bug I've come across and the only bug EVER with my iPhone4s,  which is around 2 yrs old, is with text messaging. Ever since I updated  my software to 7.1 (the latest update as of March 31), when I try to  send a picture or a voice recording, imessage freaks out and crashes or  has a ton of glitches and freezes! I've never had problems with any  updates, so hopefully they put out another to fix these. Also my phone  seems to be getting hot quickly, which has also never happened before  and I don't even have the screen brightness turn up very high, not even  have way. Any help or ideas?

I bought and brought an unlocked iPhone 5 to Japan. I live now and would like to get S card with full plan data and voice. What I

I bought an unlocked iPhone 5 on eBay in the United States, and I have it now in Japan. I have a job here now and I'd like to get a voice/data plan with a local carrier and activate the phone. How do I do that? What's the best provider to go with?  Thanks for the help!

iPhone 4S Volume Not Working Tried everything fed up

Okay, so today I went to go take a shower and I had my phone on the counter in the bathroom. As soon as I was out of the shower and back in my room, suddenly the volume buttons weren't working anymore. It will work when I have headphones in, and it'll work for voice memos and when I test my ringtones, but for nothing else. When I try to turn up or down the volume, it shows the ringer symbol but none of the little squares to show how loud or soft it is.  I have an iPhone 4S, all up to date on software, and let me just list the things that I have done to try to solve this problem: - I have cleaned the dock and the headphone jack with a q-tip and alcohol- I have used a hairdryer on both the dock and the headphone jack- I have done a hard reboot of my phone three times- I have synced my phone to make sure it was up to date- I have double and triple checked the side bar on my phone- I have gone to settings to make sure that everything is working correctly and everything is turned to 'ON'- I've turned it to airplane mode and turned it back and that didn't work- Bluetooth is not on- Tried doing a restore on my phone  I'd really prefer to not have to take my phone into the apple store or buy a new one (I'm just a poor college student - not great on money right now) since I've had my phone for almost three years and everything else on my phone works fine... PLEASE somebody help. Save this poor college student some $$$!!

Siri isn t working after updating to iOS 7.1 I-Phone 5 iPhone 3G

After updating my iPhone 5 32 GB GSM (Factory Unlocked) to iOS 7.1, SIRI is no longer working. Siri worked perfectly prior to software update and the phone is in mint condition.   After updating to iOS 7.1, my Siri is no longer working. When I talk to it, the small line which fluxuates only moves slightly and I have to move the phone directly to my mouth for it to hear what I'm saying. To check it was just Siri, I called another phone and created a voice memo and they sounded perfect. I'm not sure if its iOS 7.1, but is anyone else getting this problem? I'm using an iPhone 5 by the way!   I absolutely use Siri all the time.... Apple, you suck! Fix this... And we shouldn't have to wait for another major update either.. Guess that crack group of engineers need to go back to school... They should have left well enough alone on how things worked.... Just unacceptable!     Telephone Technical Support: Expired Repairs and Service Coverage: Expired

iPhone 4s microphone problem

I have an iPhone 4s, and for some reason, only one of the microphones work. The microphone for talking during calls, creating voice memos, and talking to Siri works great, but the mic for speakerphone or video recording doesn't seem to hear anything. Although if I turn the volume all the way up and listen VERY intently, I can very quietly hear the audio that it was supposed to be recording. I'm assuming that either the microphone has something blocking the sound, thus it being unable to get to it, or the microphone is just plain broken.Any thoughts onto getting this issue resolved would be greatly appreciated!

Why can my ear make vm stop screen should go black like when your on call. iPhone

When I ever raise the phone to listen to voice mail my ear stops the voicemail. The screen SHOULD go black like when you listen to a phone call.

my iphone 5s very low and unclear voice to other. i buy 3 day before.and latest ios update please slove my problem

my iphone 5s very low and unclear voice to other. i buy 3 day before.and latest ios update..please slove my problem

my iPhone only rings if called from land line. If from another cell it goes directly to voice mail iPhone 5s

My Iphone goes directly to voice mail if called from another cell. If called from a land line it works

Why doesn't my iPhone 4 external speakers play music

I have an iPhone 4 and when it is called, the ringer works. When I send a Tweet, it tweets, emails notify and everything else, but my external speakers will not play music. The music plays when I plug in my headphones and the speakers work when I'm listening to a call or a voice message, but for some reason the speakers will not play music. How do I fix this issue?

Can I rent S card in UK for my 5s iPhone 5s

i'm traveling to the UK in july. last time i was there, i paid AT&T extra to be able to use my iphone, including voice and data. however, it was quite expensive. it seems since i have a GSM phone, i should be able to simply rent a SIM card from a UK telco (vodafone rents them).  is it as easy as popping the old one out and putting the new one in and then calling a number to activate it? what about reactivating my old SIM when i return? if anyone has successfully done this, i'd love to hear about it. thanks!

why my incoming calls go to voice mail every time I never hear ringtone iPhone

why do my incoming calls go to voicemail every time? I never hear the ringtone?

voice Memo won t play-says its 0 seconds long iPhone 3G

Hi everybody, After reading different suggestions on this forum and trying possibilities for hours,I have still not found a solution to the following problem.  I have made a voice memo recording of an interview that was about 1:20h long.Whenever I try to play it, nothing happens. The date is displayed correctly, but it looks like there is no recording - it says 0:00:00 seconds.Pressing play does nothing. I can not trim or alter the recordig in any way (save for deleting or renaming it).I cannot send it through SMS/MMS or email. Using IExplorer, I can find the file on my phone., along with my other (normal working) memos. It is a *.m4a file of 26.3mb. However, it appears to be 0seconds long here as well. In other threads, I read suggestions about converting a corrupted *.mov file to *.m4a. Since tt already is a *.m4a file, this does not help.Other suggestions were moving the file to my computer and playing it with another application.No application seams to be able to play the file (QuickTime, iTunes, iExplorer, Audacity, VLC). Since there is a 26.3mb file, and it also shows on my iPhone, I feel like there should be a recording...Is my file corrupted? Does anyone have any more suggestions to recover my file? I really hope someone can help me, as I really need this file! Thank you for your time.Jolieke

iPhone problem with Airtel S

Hello All, I have a wierd issue, which I am not able to get it resolved either by Apple Customer Care or Airtel(my mobile network). Let me explain my problem in detail first. I bought BRAND NEW Apple iPhone 4 in Boise, Idaho, US in Jan-2014. ( This was a exchange offer by giving back my old iPhone 4- which had vibration issue. hence i didnt get 1 year warranty period). New iPhone worked well for 15 days without any problem. After 15 days I see a wierd issue WITH MY SIM on my iPhone 4 Most of calls i receive, I am able to hear clearly on what people speak at the other end, but they DO NOT hear what I speak or they hear lot of disturbance in the cal (through Microphone) , same issue is there with SPEAKER and same issue with Bluetooth too...WITH MY FRIENDS SIM on my iPhone 4 , he talked almost 90 minutes from my mobile without any issues . Everything is well WITH MY SIM on normal mobile(not iPhone- just another phone) - I am able to receive the calls and everything is fine, outgoing- incoming - voice everything is well WITH MY FRIENDS SIM on my iPhone 4 calling to MY SIM(my sim on a normal mobile)  , the voice, clarity everything went well for 1 day - after 1 day, i could see same problems (disturbance- not clear intermittently ) when I was called from my iphone 4 to my SIM (my SIM is on a normal mobile and my friends sim is on my iPhone 4) I am really not able to analyze what , where and why is the issue. I have created a ticket with Apple and they say, since the mobile is purchased in US and I am in INDIA - they cant support My mobile network - Airtel says, Since your SIM works well with normal mobile - we dont see any problem and they suggested for a SIM replacement and I have done that tooo.. but with no luck , same problem still exists . I am really frustated and running out of options on what exactly might be the fix for my problem. Can I get any help or support from the community on how can i proceed with my issue ?  I know its little wierd and believe me I have spent almost 2 weeks with trying all the options - restart mobile, HARD reset and WITH OUT ANY APPS - try calling still same issue. Nothing has helped me .. Every option ended with more disappointment and more frustations.  Any help ?  Thanks,Aravind btw when i say normal phone, its Micromax X287

voice to text and Siri not working iPhone 3G

I just installed the latest iOS 7 update today. Since then my voice to text and Siri will not work. voice to text I get the spinning blue circle and Siri replies that she can't help me at this time. Looked on other discussion threads. I have tried the hard reset, have tried changing the language to English UK and then back . It did not help. Any other suggestions?

iphone 4 issues with IOS 7.1 upgrade spontaneous voice control activation and music play back scrambled

Hi is anyone else having this problem with IOS 7.1 I have an iphone 4  and recently upgraded to 7.1. The problem.Whilst listening to a music playlist the 'voice control app'  just kicks in and the  Music App becomes useless.  Despite reboots and application restarts the voice contol app continues to randomly switch on for 10 or 20 seconds.Following on the music playlists then become jumpy  , play back speeds ups, breaks up and stops.The timing is variable but within 6 to 15 minutes into a playlist the voice control app activates and its down hill from there. I have tried a full restore from itunes back ups but with out any success. Similalry shutdown apps running in the background just in case it was a resident memory. My OS 7 build worked just fine, the issues started immediately follwoing upgradeHave to say I really regret upgrading  to 7.1 as a key part of the iphone functionality is now useless.  Any advice or fixes please ?

iPhone 4 upgrade to iOS 7.1 cannot hear voice during phone call

I recently updated to 7.1 and suddenly I cannot hear voice during the phone call. I can still hear voice using earphone. Has anyone experiencing the same thing? Need help. Thanks.

SpeakerphoneCamera mic not working Other mic . iPhone 5s

I have a 32gb iphone 5s. My videos have no sound, others can't hear me on speakerphone and Siri isn't picking up audio neither. When I recorded my first video you can hear audio for 2 seconds then all you get is muffled static, it has been like that ever since. However, normal calls works and voice memos picks up audio. What do you guys recommend. I live in Trinidad & Tobago, so there isn't an Apple store nearby. Should I try replacing the mic. Thanks for your help

Why my microphone not work unless its on speaker My voice memo s can hear me fine. iPhone

A couple weeks ago my phone's microphone began not picking up the sound of my voice during calls.  It still worked on speaker and with a headset.  I brought it to the Apple store and I was told that, since my voice memos were still picking up sound that it must be an issue with the software and to restore my phone, reset network, blah, blah, blah... Made sense to me, so I went home and tried it.  No dice.  Did it again... still nothing.  This was the only option (other than purchasing a new phone) that I was given.  What else could it be or what else can I do that may solve this issue?

How I retrieve lost voice memo WASN'T backed up iPhone 4S

While updating to the new IOS 7.1, my phone froze and went into recovery mode. I had to do a reset and update and then restore from a backup file which took upwards of an hour. Oh joy. I try to back up my Iphone 4s to my Macbook often so I didn't lose too much during the reset except for a very important voice memo. My question is, is there any way to retrieve that voice memo lost during the update if it wasn't backed up? I've tried iExplorer and some other data recovery software but they are only able to extract what is already available on the phone or from a previous back up. I called into my local Apple store and they referred me to a super expensive data recovery specialist. I've heard of USB sticks, Iphone Data Recovery sticks that are supposed to be able to retrieve old data from when you first bought your phone. But they are expensive as well and I'm not entirely sold that it'll work for me. Does anyone know of any alternative methods? Or if it's even possible to retrieve lost data after a reset? I'm desperate to get this voice memo back so thanks for any help!

iphone 5s ios7.1

My voice command and voice to text isnt picking up anything since I switched to ios 7.1 Is there any way to go back to ios7 I just downloaded it yesterday.

iPhone 4 Microphone problem with iOS 7 7.1

After updating my iPhone 4 to ios 7 & 7.1, it's microphone doesn't work well. It is ok with voice Memos or other apps, but during calls, it sometimes stops to work. In some cases you cannot have a call more than a minute or two. Any help?

Can't download enhanced quality voice for Siri iPhone 4S

I am trying to download the enhanced quality for Siri, and I can't. First, I'm having wifi problems. I can't turn it on, it's greyed out. I believe that is why I can't download it. Is there a workaround without needing wifi? I hate this little robotic voice she has. iPhone 4s- Black16 GBiOS 7.1

Text and iMessages delayed Phone going to voice Mail iPhone

Greetings -  I own a Sprint iPhone 4S that I just upgraded to iOS 7.1.  I'm having significant problems.  Texts and iMessages won't reach my phone as they are sent - rather, they come in clusters anywhere 3-15 minutes after they were sent by the sender.  The phone has stopped ringing consistently, too - I get a voicemail notification usually at the same time I get my backlog of texts.  Sporadically, it will ring.  Other times, straight to VM. For a while, iMessages weren't sending correctly, either, but that's not been an issue in the past 36 hours. The best way to describe what's happening is like when I have my phone in airplane mode on a flight, and switch it back on at the gate - everything hits all at once.  Only, I'm not putting the phone into airplane mode, and switching it back on every 3-15 minutes. I have tried turning the phone off and on.  I have tried a hard reset. I have tried turning iMessage off, resetting network settings, resetting the phone and turning iMessage back on.   3/5 bars of reception - this has never been a problem in the past. Has this been a noted problem with any other 4S users?  Is it an iOS glitch?

My S5 will not ring in it goes straight to voicemail iPhone

S5 don't ring most of the time but goes straight to my voice mail.

iphone unlock jailbreak download