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ipod frozen with multi coloured lines

Apple India After sales Disaster iPhone 5

I have been an avid user of Apple products, my first was the 1st generation ipod in 2002 and it still works fine. I have 7 apple products and used to swear by them. Having said that the recent experience with apple after sales service in India has been less than enthralling. My Iphone 5 which is still under warranty cover developed white spots on its display. A trip to Apple service centre Tresor systems in South point mall Gurgaon only made matters worse. After a quick check by the engineer I was advised that the phone had suffered water damage to which I objected as the phone never encountered water except for maybe a few phone calls in light rain, furthermore the phone was working absolutely fabulously and I don’t see how it would do that with so called water damage. i was told that there were gaps in the panel which allowed the water through, i dont know how these gaps emerged suddenly unless it was a manufacturing fault. After a brief argument the phone was again dismantled by the engineer and the put back together only this time the problem became worse than before. In addition to the white spots there where black dust like particles all over my display. I appealed to the engineer to give me a solution but he insisted on implying that even the black particles where because of the water damage. I was finally told to wait as they would discuss the matter further. As I was waiting in the lobby at least 3 women had been in constant argument with the representatives with issues which could be easily resolved. It was heart breaking for me to see that Apple the leader in consumer electronics products manufacturing and research were dealing with their customers in such manner. While other companies our offering much better representation towards its users, Apple should be striving to make an example by leading. Anyways, I am back home now and stuck with a phone which is now worse than it was before I tried to get it fixed. I am compelled to reach out to Apple here so that I can find a solution to my problem and provide valuable feedback to the company.

what would cause battery to drain quickly on Iphone 4S

I am having problems with my iphone 4s and ipod touch, during non use draing battery. what could cause this and how can I solve this issue

iphone 5 multi touch spoiled

Hi,I recently updated my iphone 5 (approx 2 yrs old) from ios 7.1 to 7.1.1Post this, the iphone display is going nuts. Most of the time it will not recognise the touch.I have to lock and unlock the phone to get the touch work (still it will work only for 4-5 seconds and becomes unresponsive again). I restored but to no help. I contacted the apple service centre and they told me that due to the update multi touch is spoiled.They checked that it is not due to any liquid spillage or any other thing. But they cannot help me as the warranty is expired and quoting huge amount to get the phone replaced. Anybody else faced similar issue after softwares update?If yes, how can I get this fixed TIA

How to activate iMessage with phone number only iPhone

Hey, I've been using iMessage ever since I got my phone a few months back and I accidentally turned it off in the Settings. I turned it back on, and everything looked fine, so I went back to messages to continue a conversation with a friend. When I texted her, she then texted back that my text had come to her ipod as if it were from my email address, instead of my phone number. I had a feeling this was attributed to my turning off/on, so I went back to the settings and found Send & Receive. When I went in, I found that my email address had been checked, and my phone number was left unchecked. The phone number was also greyed out, so I can't toggle it to use my phone number.  When I try toggling my email address so that it is off, then every address is off (and my phone number is off). I then cannot text my friend (who uses an ipod). If I ext her without checking my email or phone number, the text immediately becomes an MMS, even with iMessage flipped on in the settings. So what I am trying to do is toggle my phone number to be enabled, and activate and use iMessage with ONLY my phone number, not my email addresses.Here's a photo of what the settings look like. Is it normal for my phone number to always be off? If so, can I still use iMessage with only my phone number?I use an iPhone 4 on 7.1.1.  Thanks,iJN4 Note: My phone number DOES show up in the Send & Receive options, it just isn't checked, so I can't use it to iMessage. Only my email address is capable of being checked. I edited out pieces of the picture for privacy reasons.

iphone 4/4s iPod/iPod2 unlock and jailbreak

iPhone 5 touch screen unresponsive

I have an 16 gb black iPhone 5 and the touch screen has stopped responding. After i wake it, it works for a few seconds but then stops. when it stops i can see very thin gray vetical lines in the background. nothing works after this. my lock button has been broken for a few months so i use assistive touch but now i cant so the only thing that works is my home button and any ports on the phone. If anyone can help that would be great!

iPhone stuck in recovery mode after failed update. iPhone 5

Hi, I have a bad situation here... My iPhone 5 got stuck in recovery mode after I tried to update to iOS 7.1.1 from 7.0.4 and it failed (error code 6). If this was my ipod touch I would just restore it because all I have is music, but this iPhone has all my sisters graduation photos, important photos, important school documents, contacts, app data, videos from concerts. Etc. I was wondering if I could get the photos off the phone before restoring it, because they are important. I know I should've backed up my photos and made a backup of the phone, but I've been really busy with a lot of stuff. So I was just wondering if there is any way to get the photos and app data back. The app data doesn't really matter but the photos do. The device was not jailbroken or hacked in any way. If you could help, tell me ASAP. -JP

IPhone got repaired by apple but when it came from repair same problem was still iPhone 5C

So yesterday i found out that my iPhone's screen is making a creepy sound when i push the upper right corner of the screen (loud and cracky) so i immediately took it to apple, the genius told me she can definitely hear the sound, she opened the iPhone and took a look at the parts (in case theres something broken) she explained me that theres some glue or some sort of detached component so they have to replace the phone screen. I agreed and later i came to pick my phone up, the exact same thing was still happening so i talked to another genius since the one serving me was already gone, this new guy told me he can definitely hear the thing but won't be taking it any further, said he's phone is doing the same, now trust me, non of iPhone's is doing the same, i owned every iPhone from 3g to 5, 3 iPad's and 2 ipod touch's but non of them did this thing. I came home and i talked to apple support, they apologised and sent me to another store to ask for a phone replacement, we did choose the store together and they helped me to make an appointment, however I'm still afraid since I'm not sure the store will exchange the phone and the noise just freaks me out whenever i touch the screen. What should i do when I'm in store or is there anyone with a similar case? My appointment is booked for today at 1:20, Covent garden.

Anything I Can About Bad ESN iPhone 5C

Hi everyone, Knowingly, I recently purchased an iPhone with bad ESN off of eBay. The seller and I talked about it, and she told me I should be able to just use it as an ipod (which I was planning on doing). When I got the phone, though, it would not let me avtivate it because there wasn't a SIM card in it. I use T-Mobile, so I decided to get a T-Mobile SIM card for it to plan ahead in case I ever do want to activate it. But when I finally got the SIM card, it said "SIM card is invalid". I talked to the T-Mobile support team, and they said I had to put it on service for 7 days in order to activate it with T-Mobile. So I added the phone to my plan, but it never showed up with having service and NOTHING HAS CHANGED. I think this is because of the bad ESN or that the phone is wired for Sprint. How can I change this? Is there anything I can do about it, anything AT ALL? I'm desperate here. All I need to do is set up the iPhone, becuase I want to just use it as an ipod... I've been through the communities in Apple and T-Mobile, plus searched the Internet. Should I flash the phone? I'm going to a T-Mobile store today to see if I can get it fixed. Please don't say it's hopeless, I've also contacted the seller, hoping she can help me, becuase I feel sort of cheated as she told me I should be able to use it as an ipod with no problem whatsoever. And now I can't even get into the phone  Thank you for any help you can give.

when I was texting suddenly screen went crazy colored lines appeared and locked in screen had hard time getting it back iPhone 4

While texting my  screen when to straight color  lines across,and semed to lock in there.I had been having problems. with the phone shutting down.completely and when to verizon store they did a soft reset .and got me back on line.by closeing some app I was not useingAnd Battirie gose down fast...This is my second phone whats can I do to get this fixed once and for all.

Greenish yellow line around borders of my iphone 5 Screen. iPhone 5s

Hello,I am facing a problem for my iphone 5 screen. There is an greenish yellow line on all the borders of the screen which is visible clearly when there is a white background.As my phone is in warranty period so the apple store can replace my phone.The issue is there is a dent on the top of my iphone which is clearly not the cause of my greenish yellow line on the screen.The Technician of the apple service centre accepted that the lines on the border of the screen is an manufacturing defect, but as there is an dent on the phone the higher authorities of apple has rejected the claim and it cannot be covered under warranty.The technician itself knows that the problem is genuine and there is no connection of the dent with the lines on the screen.please help what can i do?

I NEED HELP iPhone 5

A few months back, I cracked my iPhone 5. Today, I was out throwing around a lacrosse ball, and then the ball hit the back of my phone. I checked my screen to see it if was cracked. It wasnt cracked, but it had lots of colored and black lines running vertically. The screen is unusable. I cant get into my phone to backit up to my computer. I have tried turning it on and off and restarting it, but it doesnt work. How can i back it up to my computer, and save my contacts, pictures, etc.?

I NEED HELP iPhone 5

A few months back, I cracked my iPhone 5. Today, I was out throwing around a lacrosse ball, and then the ball hit the back of my phone. I checked my screen to see it if was cracked. It wasnt cracked, but it had lots of colored and black lines running vertically. The screen is unusable. I cant get into my phone to backit up to my computer. I have tried turning it on and off and restarting it, but it doesnt work. How can i back it up to my computer, and save my contacts, pictures, etc.?

Unconventional smashed screen iPhone 4S

I've had my iPhone 4s for nearly two years. I've always had a case on it but this still doesn't stop me from being clumbsy and dropping it every now and then. This afternoon I dropped it in a rush from about chest height on me (about 4ish foot) and it fell onto a hard wooden floor. When I picked it up, it seemed fine as there was no cracks on it apart from previously existing ones that are barely even noticable. However, when going to use it the screen was damaged. Behind the actual screen must have been damaged from the fall as in the top left hand corner there is a large black blob, and the rest is just lines of white. It still functions as I was able to ring and answer phones calls which leads me to question what it is thats broken and how much it would be to repair? I'm going to assume that it will be more expensive that the hardware repairs that usually take place but as I don't know what is broken I'm not certain how I would go about repairing it. Any feedback as to what needs doing and how much it may cost would be a massive help. Thanks

suggestion for ios iPhone 5C

I work in a school and because im the techie guy whenever an ipod or iphone or ipad get turned in it ends up on my desk... sometimes these kids dont even know they have lost them until they get home.... apple should introduce an automatic owner information button in the ios operating system so that i can see who owns the ipod... just saying... it would really help a ton of kids in the world

iPhone 5 Screen Jumpy and Scrambled Now Dead iPhone 5s

I have been dealing with a problem where the entire display on my iPhone 5 becomes jumpy and scrambled.  During each event the screen would first start jumping, then start scrambling like a pixel soup, then burst to a white-out at which time the screen would be unresponsive.  The event would take about 10-15 seconds to develop.  Momentarily toggling the power button to reset the display would usually work, but ocasionally I would have to reset the phone using the power button + home button combo move.  I have always been current in upgrading the iPhone's software and the problem persisted through all software iterations.  I also took the time to wipe and reload the phone several times.  I completed this using backups and on one occasion just started from scratch without restoring the backup. This led me to think it was a hardware problem, so I took it to the Apple store in Seattle (where I live) and in Boise (where I visit) to get a replacement.  I could not reproduce the problem in the Apple store on either occasion, especially since it only happened about every 3-7 days.  The Apple employees said they couldn't help me because it was functioning just fine in front of them.  They recommended taking a screen shot of the problem when it is happening, using the momentary power button + home button combo move.  I had already tried this, which led to perfectly normal pictures that didn't show any of the jumpy pixel soup, lines, or white screen.  This led me to think the display processor was working fine, but there was a glitch between the processor and the display itself.  Both stores said without visual evidence, or demonstration, there is nothing they could do other than have me pay for them to reset the software and run diagnostics.  Considering it was just an annoyance, I decided to forget about it and proceed on. Two days ago the scramble and lines came back with a vengeance.  Not only did it affect my display but I now started to lose signal and the screen lost its responsiveness.  It persisted long enough, and was so much of an annoyance, that I got external pictures of the phone acting up (attached below).  Unfortunately, the situation degraded to the point that the white screen couldn't be cleared and eventually went black.  Now there is no more display and the phone doesn't seem to power up any longer.  When I plug my phone in it, gives its etherial 'bong' when you normally plug in the power cord.  The problem is that it continues to 'bong' every 4 seconds without end. I am currently 2 weeks inside my 1 year warranty, it expires on 02/15/2014, so I thought now would be the time with my photographic evidence to get the replacement phone.  I am on business trip approximately 140mi from the nearest Apple store, so I had to call Apple.  Apparently since I have a small chip with a terminating crack in the top corner of my display, the size of this letter 'O', my warranty is void because I obviously dropped the phone which caused this issue.  Since I casually conversed with the Apple employees about my problems, instead of scheduling a Genius appointment or deliberately asking them to log our conversation, there is no historical record of me coming into the Apple store with the problem prior to getting the chip. I've been a loyal customer since the iPhone inception, and it stings that I am now out $650 for a new phone because I'm inside of my 2yr contract.  I understand Apple's position, especially all the exception situations they get, but I would have hoped to get consideration because I've tried to do this all on the level.  Apparently I needed to document these problems more than I did because Apple is trying to cover their own liability. The phone has never been splashed upon, or submerged in water.  I am a fighter pilot, so I keep my phone in my flight suit's chest pocket under my flight gear.  I started to notice my sweat after a physically demanding flight would transpire through my flight suit and coat the phone, so I started keeping it in a waterproof case.  Regardless, I don't think the sweat is a contributing factor because the issue started prior to me flying with the phone.  The phone is in good condition with no screen scratches and only minor dings to the metal case as a result of climbing in and out of a metal cockpit when I kept my phone in my G-suit pocket. What I am look to get out of this discussion is 1) Has anyone else had this hardware malfunction and knows a solution to fix it, 2) Does anyone have any ideas for gaining some grace from the Apple Lords, and 3) Make people aware that there is a hardware malfunction with the iPhone 5 that exists outside of the other software caused screen flickers and lines discussed in these forums. (realize that the pictures below are not constant images.  The lines and scrambles vary at a rate around 10-20Hz, and between a normal display, lines, white, and anything in between)

Hi Guys my iphone 4 showing bad retina display and showing horizontal lines What could be problem

Hi Guys, my iphone 4 showing bad retina display and showing horizontal lines? What could be the problem???

screen frozen and all iphone iPhone 5s

my iphone 5s was purchased in December 2013 after 5 months of use and install the latest upgrade of IOS, presents problems with touc screen, the screen freezes and the iPhone in general, then I have to give the button wake up to that is normal, but only sometimes it does, most of the time thinking remains frozen

How I cancel activation on iPhone 4

I used to use my iPhone 4 as a cell phone but then I got another phone and used this one as an ipod. Now it is trying to activate out of nowhere after using it as an ipod for about a year. I do not want to activate but my entire life is on it and I can't live without it. While it tries to activate I cannot use it. How do I cancel activation and go back to using it like an ipod??? Please help. I don't want to jailbreak it either. I don't know where this came from and it's extremely agrivating.

restoring iphone iPhone 4S

Hello, I have bought a new phone and continue to want to use my iphone as an ipod pretty much.  I am wanting to restore it but unfortunately the wifi button/option is dulled or greyed out.  I cannot restore the device on the computer without turning off find my iphone.  well, i cannot do that without wifi. so i went to icloud.com to turn it off that way, and it still has not worked. i have tried turning it on and off, resetting it by holding the home button and lock button, tried resetting the network settings multiple times. Ive come out of ideas, and no more answers on any other forums.  I cannot go to an apple store considering the closest one to me is about 100 miles away. the wifi button has been greyed out for months now, but when i switched phones i did not think about restoring the phone while it was still activated. can someone please help? it would be greatly appreciated.  thanks guys

iphone frozen iPhone 5s

my iPhone 5s is frozen on a Facebook password page and won't let me shut it down, how do I fix this?

Apple iphone 5s screen problem

To Apple officials, I have an Apple iphone 5s and its been 4 months since i bought it. Suddenly its screen is showing grey vertical lines and the display is completely gone.I am hugely dissappointed as i have not expected this type of problem in apple products. This is my 2nd apple product.Earlier i bought Apple iphone 5 and its working fine.May i knw the reason for it and will i get a replacement ?Kindly reply

Control an iOS device s music playback with another iOS device iPhone 3G

I have a ipod Touch 4 full of music docked with an AV device. that AV device only have 30 pin connector.I hope to use my iPhone 5 to control that ipod to play music. is that possible?

I've had iphone 5c for 6 days and I've got ghost lines obstruct screen from top to bottom. I've tried factory reset and don't what to

I've tried a restart as well as a factory reset and I'm getting the same problem with my screen. This is my first i-phone and if this is the quality they're getting from China, then I'm not very impressed. Is Apple doing anything to address this problem?

broken iPhone 4

I dropped my i phone 4 and it busted the back glass but did not affect the front at all, I picked it up and it worked just fine but later that day I was sitting with it in my knee and it fell again , it vibrates and everything but the screen is staticky flickering with vertical and horizontal lines with multiple colors. can you help me fix it?

My iPhone 5 display gone I can see series of white vertical lines on screen Help

Hi all, the display on my iPhone suddenly started showing a series of white lines on all over the screen. They r more in the icon columns. I also can see a bold green line which is approximately 3mm on left side of the screen. I can only see this line not anything else. On the remaining screen I can but with white line over it. I want to get a solution for this

My Iphone 4s was not dropped and when I went to use it screen was completely covered in blue and red lines I can not see anything something I can to fix it

The screen is blue striped and when you try to reset it goes to blue and red.  Can not see anything HELP

I need help I can't send pictures to my wife through iMessage iPhone 4

Hope someone can help me well about a week ago I could not send pics to my wife's iPhone she has an iPhone 4s and I have the iPhone 4 one day last week I tired to send some pics to her through the iMessage and it would not deliver them but we have been sending pics to each before and now she can send me pics but I can't send them to her but I can send pics to my daughters ipod I have done things that I have read to try to fix the problem but nothing has worked help me płease

My iPhone 5C's screen presents fine horizontal blue lines on LCD display.

When I do a reset via on/off and Home button the lines disappear and the LCD has large vertical lines.I try to reset my iPhone 5C to the initial factory settings via iTunes. However the LCD touchscreen doesn't work at all which does not allow me to enter the password. iTunes wants me to disable first the "Find my iPhone" function which I can only do by unlocking the screen. Does anybody know how to reset the iPhone 5C  to the initial factory settings other than by using iTunes ? Maybe this will make disappear the problem. Thanky in advance for your help. Serge

My iphone 5 screen has frozen I have pressed top button and home button together but it's still not working

My iphone 5 has frozen. I have tried pressing the top and home button together but it still doesn't work.Siri works but I can't swipe to unlock or get any further.

Ipad 3 and iphone 5s don't get same wifi strength

I have had my iPad ("The New IPad") since it came out a few years ago. I never had a problem with the far wifi range I have while I am in my living room. I also have an ipod touch which hasn't had a problem either with the range. The only thing that has a problem is my iPhone. I do not know if this is just because the wifi range on iphone could be less or not. Anyone have ideas?

I dropped my phone last night already with little bit of glass missing at top. screen has gone black with blue lines down it and i cant even see my home screen. I've tried holding down power and home button someone please help iPhone 5s

I dropped my phone last night, already with a little glass missing at the top. The screen is black with blue vertical lines, I cant even see my home screen I've tried holding the home and power button. Someome help?

dropped onto table now won't turn back on iPhone 5C

i dropped my iphone 5c on to a table (about 10 inches up from it) and all of a sudden my screen had lines doing down it from top to bottom and then slowly turned off and now it wont turn back on at all. if i just walk into an apple store without an appoitment will they still take me and run a test on it?

my iphone 5s 16G dosnt work properly i bought in IRAN can i replace it in TURKEY

i bought an iphone5s 16G in iran,but it has a problem in the screen,the screen goes off then some white lines appear in the screen,can i replace it in TURKEY?

iphone 5 sprint unlock international

hii have sprint iphone 5 locked sprint carrier i contact with sprint support to unlock but they told me i have to sign in with your phone number i dont have the the number with my iphone i did'nt buy my iphone from sprint in my country we use locked iphone as ipod then if we need we unlocked since 2007 i used many iphones from at&t they unlock for free after 24h after reciving order whay sprint not doing like thisin saudi arabia most of our devices from at&t

backup pics unable to enter passcode. iPhone 5C

My screen is frozen black but i still hear notification sounds and siri still works. its still under warranty but I'd like to back it up, unfortunately it has a passcode (which I cannot enter because the screen is not responding). Is there anyway I can still get my pictures off of it?

I answered yes to update my iPhone 5s but now its frozen on image of iTunes and cable connection. How can I stop this upgrade I need my phone to work

I answered yes to update my iPhone 5s, but now its frozen on the image of iTunes and a cable connection. How can I stop this upgrade? I need my phone to work know...

My iphone quit working even though it was charged. yesterday i had my phone in mypocket it was hot and all I did was send text and play music then it just stopped working it wont come on again.

All I did was text and play music for a little while.  At exactly 3:58 pm I sent a text I checked my  phone later at exactly 4:02 pm and it was black when I call it it wont ring. My ipod did something like this and I didint touch for a very long time and then it turned on. Will I have to wait again and what hapenned to it? I didnt drop or anything. I hit the top an home buttons simultaneously for a minute straight and nothings happening. My phone was bought new and its not even six months old. Please say theres a way to fix it. ps my phone is a 4gxxFaith

Accidentally locked iPhone 4s S card Need PUK code.

The phone was given to me secondhand by a friend. It has no sevice since I cannot use it with my carrier, and I use it kind of like an ipod touch. How can I get the PUK code?

Iphone 5 touchscreen problems.

Hello, My Iphone 5 screen is suddenly not working.  It sometimes has thin red lines down the screen and I can't select/move/swipe accurately.  It also opens apps randomly and starts typing when I'm not doing anything. Any advice (it's out of warranty).  Cheers

i have multible phone lines but not want them th share info iPhone

i have att and have multible lines and do not want the phones to share pics and other info

Phone 5S Restarting While Making Facetime Call iPhone 5s

Standard troubleshooting... 1. Remove apps from the Recently Used (multi-tasking) list...- From any Home Screen, double tap the home button to bring up the Recents List- Swipe up on the app preview card to remove it from the list- Press the home button when done.  2. Restart by pressing the sleep/lock button until you see the slider.  Slide to power off.  Restart by pressing the sleep/lock button until you see the Apple logo. 3. Reset by pressing the home and sleep buttons until you see the Apple logo. Takes about 5-15 secs of button holding and you won't lose any data or settings.  4. Restore with your backup. 5. Restore as new, i.e. without your backup. See how it runs with nothing synced to it.    You may need to try DFU mode (Google for it). 6. If still a problem, it's likely a hardware issue.

black blot on bottom most left corner of screen of about 1.5 cm wide longitudinally and d horizontal lines across screen which has prevailed past four days display hardware probs its an iphone 5.

A black blot on the bottom most left corner of the screen of about 1.5 cm wide longitudinally and dim horizontal lines across the screen which has prevailed past four days, any display hardware probs..? its an iphone 5.

Unknown causes but 4s crashed leaving me without my default apps Help

I currently have a 4s, running 7.0.3. This morning my phone crashed, it booted me from the app i was running, flashed a blank screen, and locked. When i unlocked it, i found that nearly all of my default and downloaded apps are gone. I no longer have icons to access standard apps for... App Store, iTunes, email, ipod/music, camera roll, iBooks, TEXT MESSAGES, voicemail, game center, etc. Some downloaded apps are the same way, others are not. I can access about phone and 2 other things only. When i go into settings, everything i can no longer access comes up in my usage list to show that space is being used but it shows no icons for any app that will not run nor will it list exactly what app is occupying said space.* Also, when i updated to the current running version, my wi-fi did gray out, but i never forced the issue, for it hasnt bothered me & since my phone worked without it, i let well enough alone.*Please, Help, Anyone???

My iphone screen has broke and i cant see anything but i can still hear my messages coming through way i can read those messages online

Please help, my iphone screen was repaired with a faulty screen and my screen has went sheet white with all coloured lines so i cannot see anything on the screen at all. My phone is still on and i can still hear all my messages coming through, is there any way i can read those messages before dumping the phone?

My iphone 5 camera has an intermittent fault where pink lines suddenly appear across screen. This captured on photo. advice

My camera intermittently has pink lines over the screen which transmits into the photo.

my iphone has frozen-assistive touch not functioning how i reset

my iphone has frozen - assistive touch not functioning how do i reset. Power button is stuck also.

Facebook Integration Account iPhone 3G

Checked my Facebook security settings, it says Facebook integration account accessed it at 6:29am. Who is that? And why did they access my account?  I did access my Facebook but at 9:45 ish tonight. My ex also had access and has previously synced my apple account to his ipod third gen a long time ago. Not sure if he deleted it or not. Just want to make sure it isn't  him accessing it. I have changed my Apple ID password, but he still gets in there somehow.

iPhone 4S won't turn on

Hi, I bought a second hand iPhone 4S about two weeks ago and I've had no problems with it. However, today the phone seems to have turned itself off and won't turn back on. It was working fine, and then about three hours later, when I took my phone out of my locker at work, it wouldn't turn on. I assumed the battery ran out even though I charged a little this morning, and when I called my number it went straight to voicemail as if the phone is turned off. I've read other threads and have tried holding Home and Sleep buttons together, toggling the Mute button, leaving it to charge (it's been charging for two hours and the charger isn't faulty as I tested it on my ipod, which worked). I don't know how it's happened, before I went to work it was working perfectly well. I've had a brand new iPhone 4S in the past month which I had to return which worked well and this didn't happen then. What can I do? I really don't know why it would be broken since it was only sitting in my locker when it happened!

Old iPhone Stolen-no cellular account can it still be erased iPhone 4S

Old iPhone was just stolen out of my car - is used for ipod and some app functions when in wi-fi range, but still has a lot of various information on it - emails, etc. There is no cellular account as that was switched over to the new phone - I've since gone to Find My iPhone to have the phone erased, but am unlear as to whether this can occur without a cellular plan, or can it erase when connected to a wifi network, or some other connection??? Wondering how much I should worry about the info on the phoneand if I need to start changing passwords, etc....

HELP My iPhone 's 4 screen has vertical and horizontal WHITE lines JUST BOUGHT IT 3 DAYS AGO iPhone 4S

I just started using my iPhone 4s 3 days ago. Today in the morning the screeen just stopped working!!!!! I didnt drop it or anything, it just turned white and slowly dims out making vertical and horizontal black lines!!! I've done some research, and IT IS NOT black screen nor white screen of death, it's like a mix of both. I can even unlock it and it has all the sounds, i can recieve texts, calls, emails... but i just can't see them!!! any clue of what I have to do? or replace??

iphone unlock jailbreak download