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initializesystemsoundports posting message to kill mediaserverd

Show name on text message I send iPhone

Is there a way to show my name when I send a text message?  As it is now, my cell phone number shows, and I see nothing in Settings that gives me the option of using my name.  Of course I can sign the message, but I prefer having my name appear—as it did on my earlier iPhones.  Help, please! 

Flew out of state iPhone 5 will not connect to wifi or 3G

Phone was working fine, got on the plane, put it in airplane mode then once I got off the plane and tuned airplane mode off my phone would not connect to 3G or wifi! I got some message saying my phone rejected California's service. It will send messages (not iMessage) and will make calls, but my twitter, group me and safari (as well as everything else) do not work

Iphone 5c won t send picture messages

My wife and I have exact Iphone 5c's, I can send picture text messages but she cannot. This feature worked at one time on her phone but it seemed to have suddenly stopped working. She has troubleshooted by attempting to send a picture with imessage turned on and with imessage turned off. Also she has tried sending when using wifi and with wifi off and also with cellular data on and wifi off. I compared her settings with mine and see nothing different. Attempts to send a picture in a text message do not result in a Failure to send notification.  The pictures just never appear in the texting screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Iphone 4s will not restore message 4013 saying fault occurred

Trying to restore after phone would not boot but now stuck

iphone 4/4s iPod/iPod2 unlock and jailbreak

ýesterday my iphone 5c screen suddendly shows connect to itune and i try to restore it using itune but halfway i got message error occured 14 . please help me in solving this problem.

ýesterday  my iphone 5c screen  suddendly  shows connect to itune and i try to restore it using itune but halfway i got a message error occured (14). please help me in solving this problem.

ýesterday my iphone 5c screen suddendly shows connect to itune and i try to restore it using itune but halfway i got message error occured 14 . please help me in solving this problem.

ýesterday  my iphone 5c screen  suddendly  shows connect to itune and i try to restore it using itune but halfway i got a message error occured (14). please help me in solving this problem.

iPhone 5 failure to boot or restore

Hey Guys! I am posting on behalf of my mate as this is his phone. Unfortunatly his iPhone 5 (purchased under contract from Vodafone Australia) has stopped working in a way that I have never seen. Upon booting with the Apple logo appearing, white text appears in the top left of the screen.  This is the following text: [NAND] _FindflashMediaAndKeepout:601 physical nand block offset1[NAND] start:356 this 0x89ba1400 PROVIDER=0x89b380 flashmedia=0x89b3b380[NAND] WMR_Start:149 Apple PPN NAND Drive, Read/Write[NAND] WMR_Start:174 FIL_Init  [OK][NAND] s_cxt_boot:80 sftl: error, unclean shutdown; adopted 92 spans[NAND] WMR_Open:420 FTL_Open  [OK][NAND] _publishServices:642 FTL capabilities: 0x00000001[NAND] _ppnvfGetStruct:3469 Checking borrowed blocks - count: 23 max_count: 23[NAND] _fetchBorrowedList:881 number of borrowed blocks 16   I am unable to restore it as this keeps appearing on the screen as it restarts the device upon completetion of the extraction. I have tried restore mode and DFU mode with the same issue. Any help would be gladly accepted!  Thanks, Goddo

Appstore and cookies iPhone 3G

When i try to download a app i log in and get a message that i need to activate cookies in safari, i set my settings to never block cookies and retry but i get the same message.

I have black screen on my 5S. iPhone 5s

I have a black screen on my 5S. I tried to renew the software, but every time tha message fault 40 appaers. What is that and how can I repair it.

Please help iPhone 4S

I got a message saying Straight Talk Msg: Your allotted high speed data limit has been reached. Your data speed will be ror the remainder of your plan's 30 day cycle! What does this mean?

Storage full iPhone

My iPhone shows a message that there's no enough storage! I need some space for the camera roll what can i do to increase my storage?cause i don't wanna delete Anything.. my phone is  ''iPhone 5'' '16G'

iPhone 4 don't alrm me on calltext

I am using iphone 4. When someone call/text me, my phone's screen didn't alrm me about this. But on next call/text message, my screen viberate so I can see someone is calling me and I also can see there were some miss calls and text messages being delivered to my phone. Can someone tell me what could be the reason?

Turning off imessage iPhone 5C

Yes I recently switch to galxay phone but my message from any Iphone user does not show. How do i turn this off?

S not allowed on unlocked iPhone

My friends gave me their old iPhone 3gs, and submitted the unlock request to ATT. I was able to reset the phone on my iTunes, and even got the "Congratulations, your phone is unlocked" message. But when I put my SIM in (non-ATT, though it uses their network), I get "No Service" for the signal indication, and when I look at the Network in Settings it says "SIM not allowed." I know the phone reads the SIM, because I could transfer my contacts and it lists my number correctly. The SIM also works for calls in my even older unlocked phone. I've done the reset several times. Taken the SIM out several times. But I'm stumped! Any ideas? Is it Apple? Is it ATT? The SIM is two years old, so I assume it's not out of date. Hope you can help me out!

why my iphone can't start up

hello apple comumunity let me explain the other day i was doing a backup to my iphone to install the new IOS from ituneswhile doing the backup a message appeared , saying me that one of the aplication couldn't copy to the pc and  needed a permission , i clicked noafter that the whole process stop and i had to start it again but the problem this time was that i couldn't , a message told me it was impossible to make the back up again then i disconnected my iphone .the next day it didn't want to start up , now it just turn on when it's charging and don't even start and only show the apple logo , turn off and do the exact thing over and over the main reason of istalling the new IOS was becouse my iphone was freezing to much  if anyone can help me with this issue i will so glad PD:while on i cant reboot it (pressing the HOME and POWER button)   thanks by the way

Can I purchase new S card iPhone 5

My phone has a message that says "Invalid SIM" and I can't receive or make phone calls.

can tell me how to stop this message to be able to download apps from store i don t have enough money now on my card can i by means cancel my last purchase request to be able to proceed with downloading free apps iPhone 3G

can anyone tell me how to stop this message to be able to download apps from the store i don't have enough money now on my card can i by any means cancel my last purchase request to be able to proceed with downloading free apps 

iPhone 5 Virgin Mobile S Card Failure

I have an iPhone 5 model ND097LL/A on Virgin Mobile. I updated Apple OS to 7.1.1 and within 5 minutes the SIM card locked. Now message in top left corner is invalid SIM card. I've had VM replace the SIM card and Apple replace the iPhone. Suggestions?

searching message was appearing in status bar iPhone

searching message was appering in the status bar even if the network signal was available, Can anyone tell me how to rectify it ?

Comment transfrer message de iPhone au PC

Bonjour à tous, J'ai une question de iPhone. Je ne sais pas comment transférer message de iPhone au PC. Parceque je veux transférer des messages de iPhone au pc pour sauvegarder. Mon son aimez jeur mon iPhone, et il aime supprimé mes message. Il y a quelque message très important pour moi, c'est mon client envoyer les information pour moi. Donc je veux savoir est-ce que'il y a quelque moyen pour transférer des messages de iPhone au ordinadeur pour sauvegarder? Merci bien. Bonne journée!

Sound will not work to indicate new text iPhone

Intermittent problem!!! I often do not get sound warning to indicate a new text message has arrived. Anyone else experienced this and if so how did you solve it please?

having problem with iphone getting not delivered message after sending picture and it really getting delivered to recipient. iPhone 5

Anyone having problem with iphone getting a not delivered message after sending pic and it really is getting delivered to recipient.

how can i find out which of my contacts not use whatsapp iPhone 3G

I am using iPhone 5S on iOs 7.0.2 I am conducting an event where I want to send invitations to almost all my contacts. Since there is daily limit on the number of Text Messages I can send out in a single day in my country, I want to segregate my contacts into people who use whatsapp and people who dont. So, for whoever possible, I can send the invite via Whatsapp, and for the rest, I can send across a text message. Any insights on how to do that..? Thanks in advance.

My phone just popped up saying I have virus on it how I remove this virus iPhone 5

A message popped up on my phone saying I have a virus and when I go on my usage it says virus, how do I remove this, also I do not have a jealbreaked phone

When I get text message it shows up at top of my screen and shows I have one on my my home screen but when I go into my messages nothing .iPhone 4s

I'll get a text and see the banner at the top of the screen, then it also has the notification next to the messages app itself, but when I go to it there's no new messages there. so I'm not getting texts that are sent to me. as when I send messages sometimes it says the last 1 or 2 is still sending even though the other person responds as of they received it, and it will do that indefinitely until I send a new one, which the old one will "send" and the new one will be "sending" and when I delete some conversations they come back when I text that person again. and I'm not getting some peoples texts please help this is causing a lot of problems I'm not getting texts and some of mine aren't receiving and i can't see them.

Hey Guys i hope someone can help me. iPhone 5C

So about 7 hours ago my iPhone 5S fell on a wooden floor and now it won't turn on ATALL. I really need my phone working right now sigh. I tried the hard reset (home button lock Button) multiple times and nothing. It hasnt even been a month since i got this phone. Anyone know whats up?? Did i kill my Phone?

APPLE iPHONE UK MOBILE PROMO 2014 legit or scam

Okay. It's 2014 already. I received a message regarding IPHONE-UK PROMO saying that my number won a million pounds. What the heck?!? I'm from Asia and why would they know my number in the first place. Is this legit or just the same SCAM flying around? Please someone help me confirm this. Who wouldn't want to be a millionaire eh? Thanks!! God bless y'll!

Replacement Needed iPhone 4S

When setting up refurbished iPhone a message came up reading "Replacement Needed, This iPhone is not able to complete the activation process and needs to be replaced" I just paid $450 for this phone, what do I do??

blurred locked screen when notifications received iPhone 5

I am wondering if there is a way to change settings so that my wallpaper for the locked screen doesn't go blurry when I receive a message or phone call The blurry screen defeats the purpose of having a wallpaper for your locked screen

Why message get sent as text message when it to an iphone

I am sending a iMessage to an iPhone from an iPhone and it gets sent as a text message. How do I reset iMessage to send the message to this recipient as an iMessage?

iMessage not working only green sms balloons iPhone

I've been having this problem for a few weeks now: 99% of my text are going to other iPhones as sms texts (the green balloons). For a split second it is blue, then I get a quick Not Delivered note, followed by Sent as Text message. In text to me and in group text send to me, the sender(s) will be notified it was not delivered. I will get their messages twice. After my phone got completely wiped (twice!) at the Genius bar, it briefly worked normal for a few days and then it went back to green balloons 24/7. I am not looking forward to have my phone wiped again, it takes a lot of time to put your phone back together again (all those apps and all those passwords). Is there an obvious problem with iOs 7 and are we praying that iPs will fix it all? Any suggestions? I've tried everything.

Can t send links eBay autotrader gumtree etc iPhone

Hi, When I use the above apps eBay, gumtree autotrader and probably more I've not noticed, they have share this item buttons that always used to work. Recently when I press the share this Item to send a link to friends etc and it opens the "how do you want to share" pop up and upon tapping message or email the pop up closes and nothing happens.   Any help will be greatly appreciated ;-)

My IMessage will not send to one specific person. How I fix this iPhone 3G

The other person has an Iphone 4s and I message is on.

Restore error 3 iPhone 5s. Now phone won't work at all.

iphone when into "searching" while using global service in Italy.  Contacted Verizon and was told to restore.  Did that and it worked.  Then it went back to searching, restored again while talking with Apple (from Italy), it worked a day and restored again now have error 3 message when firmware is almost installed.   Help. New phone is 2 weeks out of the box.

IOS7 Forwarding text message to email not work. Only goes to another text. iPhone

I am very disappointed with Apple. I am coming late to IOS 7 and wonder why they removed features we all use. There is this issue of not being able to forward to text, which is very important to business records. And also not being to mass-delete sent emails. Removed??  Forwarding texts as email and bulk delete of the Sent mail folders has never been a feature of any iOS version.   In that 2nd case the method of Touch Edit, Select a message, hold the move button, deselect the message while still holding the move button.A new window appears allowing you to move all messages to the trash  BUT in my IOS7 it all reappears moments later as undeleted.No idea what you're talking about.  Touching a message shows choice of "Copy" or "More" - no "move."  Selecting More gives choice of selecting more messages in the conversation to either delete or forward.   Did you ever jailbreak your phone??? message was edited by: modular747

unable to restore my iphone 5s I am getting an error message of 4013

I have tried to restore my iPhone 5s in iTunes but keep getting a message saying unable to restore, error 4013. I have used different USB ports as other messages have advised but nothing has worked. Can anyone please help ?

Schedule Days for Not Disturb iPhone

Every day, when i go to school, Do not Disturb is set to switch on at 08:00 and switch off at 15:00. But i really dislike the fact that one can not schedule it to switch on and off on certain days of the week. Like the alarm, you can schedule it to work on certain days, but with the Do not Disturb you can't. Every weekend my parents message me in the morning asking for Coffee. I do recieve the message but i don't even feel a vibrate because of the do not disturb. When they eventually phone me, it rings and they are asking me meaningless questions like why is my iphone on Silent again.... And later it will result in me loosing my iphone! Can someone please tell me that there is a way that Apple can make Do Not Distrub a silencer that only works on Certain days on the Next Update? I would really appreciate it!Please reply Soon!!!!

iMessage not working iPhone 4S

My problem started about a week and a half ago and it happens at least once a day. I'll be using imessage on my iphone 4s with no problems at all, then suddenly the message i just sent doesnt send. I exit out of the coversation and i try to go on it again but instead the screen freezes. After that I have to completely shut down my iphone and restart imessage in order for it to work again. Sometimes this works but after I send ONE message the whole thing happens again!!! This is getting very very annoying and I would really appreciate some advice and help.

Using generic lightning cable problem iPhone 5

Good day. I am using a generic lightning data cable to charge for a while now. my problem arose just yesterday after i charged my iphone 5 using the said cable. after charging and disconnecting my phone, this message keeps popping out "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone". it appears everywhere and frequently. it's annoying. really. then this morning, i plugged my phone to my MAcbook Air, for a few minutes it was charging but my Mac suddenly shut down! i disconnected my iphone, powered on my Mac and tried again. same thing. My Mac shut down! Could this be a "virus", malware, worm? whatever it is, please do help me. Thank you

best itunes for iphone 4s windows 7 professional 64 bit

I'm asking for advice, if someone has an idea, or maybe there's a moderator around to tell me~~which version of iTunes and which version of iOS would be best for my iPhone 4S using Windows 7 professional~~with all the current MS updates installed?   I also have an iPhone 3S attached to my iTunes account, not sure which version of iOS I should be using with this phone either, not sure which iPhone 3S is which~~one was a 32G that went in the laundry, got repaired by the local iPhone repair.  The other is an 8G, purchased at the same time as the 4S.   Sorry had to edit the rant.    Home sharing tips appreciated too!  I have a Sony Bravia home theatre system, I understand these things, unfortunately most days I fall into bed, sleep 3-4 hours, get up and do it over again.   message was edited by: Applebottom252

imessage unable to send pictures since 7.1.1 iPhone

since updating 7.1.1 imessage is not able to send  pictures. Text message is not a problem, receiving pictures is working. Checked several hints but nothimg worked. Is this a bug in 7.1.1?

Cannot Get Mail-username or password incorrect iPhone 5s

Hello I randomly got this message when I was in the default mail app and checking my mail. I kept trying to log in and kept getting incorrect password. When I go to safari and navigate to my email provider (AOL) I can log in just fine.  I have tried restarting and deleting/readding my account multiple times.Also changing passwords.Each time I try to readd my account I get this error.

iMessages w pictures failed to send iPhone

I'm using a fully updated 5s and getting a delivery failure message whenever I send pics via iMessage.  The strange thing is that the people I'm messaging are receiving the messgaes and pics despite the error message on my side.  I've talked with some other iPhone users and they are currently having the same issue but I don't see anything online about the problem.  I guess it's not a big deal since the messages are being sent.  Anyone have insight?

My Iphone 4s won't connect to wifi fixes iPhone 5

My Iphone 4s recently stopped connecting to wfi. I have no clue what could have caused it because I haven't done anything different with it from when i got it,except install apps i guess. I looked it up and people are having similar problems, but couldn't find the right solution to fix it. Reset my phone, even restored it and that did nothing. When i have the wifi screen open it's like the option to turn on wifi isn't working it's just grey and cannot be clicked. Also i noticed bigger apps with more memory do not work on my phone its just exits out of the app. I'm saying this because i spent some money on an app and that is no longer working. Also i'm using up my data a lot more frequently. If there is no fix is it possible Apple would compensate for the app i paid for?Please message with any info you may have                                                                                            Thanks

iPhone 5 and rMBP Mavericks won't connect

The iPhone 5 keeps buzzing on and off like the buzzing when you first connect your iPhone to your laptop. But in my case it just repeats this. I also get this message on the iPhone that flashes on and off as well."Trust This Computer?Your settings and data will be accessible from this computer when connected@I also have the this message on my rMBP."iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. This device is no longer connected"Any ideas?The same cable works with my Macbook C2D (10.6) from 2008 and has been fine for over 5months since I had the iPhone5. I tried another cable but that didn't work as that was a cheap non apple cable. I'm pretty sure the cable I'm using is the official apple cable.I'm going to try my dads 5S and his cable to see if that works.I've also had various USB drives and a SSD connected by the USB port on my rMBP as well and they worked fine. I just got the rMBP a few days ago as well  Thanks guys,Koing

text message notification not sound iPhone

Same thing happening to me with my 4s after upgrading to IOS7 - intermittent with texts and phone calls - very frustrating, I keep missing calls and important texts!

iphone 4s error restoring with itunes

Phone just went deactivated.  Tried to update the os but phone wouldn't allow because no internet connection.  Tried  updating through itunes, it went to restore then I got an error message that it couldn't restore.  Now what?  Phone isn't functioning now. It just wants me to plug it in. No Apps, or display now

Unbroken iPhone hackable message

Hi I received this message the other day. Its not a flash message (at least I don't think it is because my background and icons were greyed out). After I clicked dismiss I noticed the data icon on the top going as well. Phone has never been jailbroken so I'm a loss to figure out what happened. Anyone have any ideas please? I've attached a screen shot too. Thanks.

Random No S Error on iPhone 5

I've been getting a random "No Sim" error on my iPhone 5 for quite a while.  If I turn my phone off and back on again (reboot), then the error goes away.  This is happening multiple times a week, and isn't associated with any behavior as far as I can tell.  Just now I was in the middle of typing an IM message and the phone went into the "No Sim" error state.  It never corrects itself once it is in that state, so I rebooted my phone to correct it. I've popped the sim out multiple times, and everything looks good.  I just can't seem to get this error to go away, and it is *really* annoying to have to reboot my phone multiple times a week as well as all of the missed phone calls and messages when this happens when the phone is in my pocket. Is there anything I can do other than take my phone back to the Apple Store?  I can't make the issue happen, but it happens frequently enough to be quite annoying. Thanks,Isaac

I dont why but my phone has some problem. I short circuited 4 chargers already and i dont why. When i charge it would just not charge after while and it not ever again. I used my phone while charging. iPhone 5

I charge my phone and use it at the same time. Apparently, my phone have some problem. It short circuited 4 chargers already and i dont know why. The first one was a official iPhone charger so did the second one. $60-$70 has been wasted so i bought the fake one, but it also break . Like seriously. My father is going to kill me. Any tips on why isit like this . Only my phone doesn't work, but others do. Pls help.

iphone unlock jailbreak download