GPS Kit for iPhone 3G

2008-08-16 07:20:42

Garafa's GPSKit for iPhone provides you with more advanced GPS functionality and tracking for your iPhone.
- Dashboard - see real time information
- Tracks - save your path, view in Google Earth or Maps
- Waypoints - Save points of interest
While GPSKit's solution is $9.99, there are other applications on the App Store that provide portions of similar functionality:
- GPS Tracker - real-time tracking service
- Speed - real time speedometer
- PathTracker - real time stats, save your path, also for runners/bikers
- Speedster GPS - speed and altitude in real time
- gpsCompass - real time stats
- Distance Meter - distance tracker
- iTrail - distance and path tracker for runners/bikers
- RunKeeper - track running/biking paths and stats

All of these applications require an iPhone 3G with GPS for best performance. The makers of GPSKit provided this video demo of their app.

VIA GPSKits Adds Advanced GPS Functions to iPhone

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